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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘What We Do In The Shadows’ trailer
Ha! Vampire housemates. Ha!

Best Line:
“I’m supposed to pay rent but I don’t.”

‘Stage Fright’ trailer

‘The Battery’ trailer

‘The X Files’ trailer

Lindt nocciolatte - not memorable.

P - please go back home, you’re missed.

A ‘Bones/Sleepy Hollow’ crossover? How?

Read ‘Arrow’ season 4 info - they really don’t want people watching it do they?

No read ‘Tracer’ or ‘Crash & Burn’.

I will review ‘Underground’.

I am reading ‘The Birthgrave’.

Where is the new Esther Diamond novel?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Said something about penis size.”

“It wasn’t murder.”

“Who wants to be the wife who wasn’t enough?”

“He wasn’t yours.”

“He died fighting for her.”

“Doesn’t expire until the year 2026.”

“Sitting there giggling.”

“Worlds were destroyed.”

“His wife was awful towards him.”

“Didn’t know how to change it.”

“He ruined the family years ago.”

“Cheap, slutty, no good for nothing, inconsiderate whore.”

“I have been sorry since day 1.”

“Be their everything.”

“You wanted them to fight.”

“He was destructive.”

“You’re not sorry that he’s gone?”

“Whatever it was.”

“He was mine!”

“You seem highly offended by this whole thing.”

“The biggest liar.”

“High trauma situation.”

“We took the wrong road.”

“Nobody gave a damn who I was.”

“You do yourself no service.”

‘The Robber Bride’ Quote:
“Bread knives are not a viable solution.”

‘Cat’s Eye’ Quotes:
“She isn’t much liked by the other girls.”

“He gets the strap for other things too. This is admired.”

“She’s been expelled from St. Sebastian’s for drawing a penis on a bat.”

“I began to wonder if I’ll end up the same way she has, drawing penises on bats, failing my year.”

“None of that is allowed in beer parlours. They are for drinking beer, period. If you laugh too much you can be asked to leave.”

“Carolyn makes a bright yellow banner with the words “abrasive,” “aggressive” and “shrill” on it in red, and hangs it outside the door. A great many people come.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“The poor: look at the cut of them.”

“There’s a girl that is five year old, and she can do an axel!”

“Obliged to pull somebody out of a bog.”

‘Glee’ Quote:
“Wheel the hell away.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“This sounds terrible. Tell us more about it.”

“Need to find an answer to violent seagulls.”

“The urine chucking incident.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Sinead looks up Esther’s crotch as she is in labour. Nobody stops s to help them. Didn’t Esther deliver baby Katy? Nico is awful and she and Dylan are irrational morons. Frankie and Jack yell. Esther gives birth to a boy. Nana McQueen supports Reenie. Sienna resurfaces. Trevor roars at Dylan and slaps him. Esther has the neatest haemorrhage during the birth and has a flashback to falcon punching Maddie. Sinead somehow gets an ambulance. The baby is a month premature.

Sinead wears a tiny dress. Last time Esther was in the hospital Sinead and Ruby put her there. Nana dumps water on Reenie’s tit. Reenie has something on Nana. Reenie is Myra’s sister? Sinead recalls baby Hannah and toddles off. Grace and Trevor meet their baby. Kim stews. Dylan cries. Dr S’avage bores. Dirk does a wonderful spit take when he hears the word threesome. The Dog gets raucous to Blondie. Reenie falls over drunk again. Esther decides to keep the baby.

Sinead has been fired! Seriously they fire Sinead and keep bloody Hypnotoad?!? Porsche is back in the McQueen house with its naff wallpaper and crazily skewed personal dynamics. Lindsey is a ball of smug. Kim is a psychopathically selfish nightmare troll. Cleo is a splenetic dame. Lockie has no militant humility. Dylan is 15. Lockie doesn’t have a job and John-Paul isn’t even slightly rueful about stealing Lockie.

Where has Ben gone? Nana washes thongs in the sink. Nana favours Lockie over Porsche. Celine and Cleo have smiling detachment. Frankie is smug. Lockie is an ass. Does anyone recall Doug? Lockie and John-Paul defile Patrick’s office couch. Various potted diatribes are spewed. Tegan shows up. Where is Rose? Dr S’avage gets from The Dog to the hospital at lightspeed. Lockie and John-Paul paw at each other. The blue hand killer strikes again. Is Esther dead? Is Kim the serial killer?

Best Lines:
“Killed by a pickaxe through the head.”

“You’re not scared of her are you?”

“Drugged a pregnant woman.”

“I think I’m doing it wrong!”

“She’s like a vampire.”

“Embarrassed to call you my son!”

“I walked into something.”
“What? Your dad’s fist?”

“Why isn’t there any money in the till?”

“I can see why you married him.”

“I’ve had 5.”

“He was the prozzie in it!”

“That mad bitch!”

“What were you doing at my age?”
“You don’t want to know.”

“The way you talk to him.”

“He is my baby!”

“You’re the incest freak!”

“Remind me why you’re still here?”

“What do you recommend?”
“Go somewhere else.”

“I won’t give that up.”

“Can you not?”

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