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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Ant-Man’ TV spot

‘P.S.I Luv U’ (1991 - 1992) Intro
Connie Sellecca gurns, horrible music and super cheesy opening credits. This looks horrible.

‘The Edge Of Hell’ aka ‘Rock N Roll Nightmare’ trailer
An evil hand puppet?

‘P.S.I Luv U’ promo
The plot involves witness protection, pretending to be married and amnesia. This looks horrible and populated by people with personality disorders.

‘Southpaw’ TV spot
Boxing and no.

‘Cleveland Abduction’ trailer
Makes me uncomfortable.

‘Damien’ trailer
So it is a sequel. Damien has been reborn. Looks good.

‘Tales Of Halloween’ trailer
An anthology of 10 tales? Slutty Dorothy, bad screaming, stupid monsters and attack pumpkins. Mmmm.

‘Sherlock’ Christmas special
Dismembered country squires, the Victorian age, snow and ugly facial hair.

Best Lines:
“Did you enjoy it?”

“Hardly in the dog one.”

“Not a plot device.”

Garlic & Herb potatoes - yum.

I won’t read ‘Blood Sisters’.

Why does the Mexican army have falconers?

The ‘CSI: Cyber’ ep ‘Selfie 2.0’ was okay.

I won’t review ‘The Walking Dead’ 5x08 ‘Coda’ or ‘Hannibal’ 3x06 ‘Dolce’ because I’m frustrated by how badly the shows have eroded and I just don’t care.

‘Empire’ Quotes:
“Your mother tried to murder me.”

“Checkmate bitch.”

“Bitch ass face.”

“Run them pearls ho!”

“Child I don’t want no chicken.”

“You respect me!”

“Even god can’t kill me.”

“Game time bitches.”

Hawaii Five-0’ Quote:
“This is dirt on a cliff.”

‘CSI: Cyber’ Quotes:
“The abductor’s anthem.”

“Don’t get loud. Explain.”

“An obvious stressor.”

“Yes madam.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“That’s not even a problem.”

“Steroids are drugs.”

“Walked out of that dark place.”

“Personality problems.”

“Two weeks ain’t sober.”

“You can’t like your life.”

“You haven’t been so far.”

“We’re so far off.”

“Twisted and dependant.”

“Gender separate.”

‘Go Set A Watchman’ Quotes:
“The trash won’t wash out of him.”

“They’re trying to wreck us.”

“If you did not want much, there was plenty.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“He’s after murdering people.”

‘Monkey Life’ Quote:
“Pee Piquita, pee!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: So Ste the twice married HIV positive father of three and lover of an abuser and an abuser himself is to hook with Tony’s son Harry? And TPTB don’t see any problem with this? Kim overworks her laser printer. Peri and Tom freak out over Leela’s idiot plan. Darren seems jealous of Maxine and Minnie. Grace’s nail polish changed colour overnight. Darren speaks negatively to Patrick; he’s a moron. Dylan has horrible hair. Kim is vile. Theresa wears tiny skirts and thinks Patrick is decent and tells Darren about the MND.

Darren criticises Maxine and she dresses like a lunatic clown. Darren has a negative communication style. Trevor wears a suit. Kim sees Grace as a sexual reward to be served up to her and has paranoid jealously. Poor Esther. Grace freaks out. Nico wears dark wine coloured lipstick. Leela interferes. Dylan has contempt for Trevor. Grace and Kim make out and Grace nearly pops out of her bra. Patrick’s toxic ways resurface as he attacks Theresa and she cowers.

Tom drinks. Sinead and Esther are friends why? Trevor, Dylan and Grace have a big fight. Theresa runs from Patrick. What stolen money does Patrick have? Trevor learns of Dylan cross dressing and has a massive meltdown. Dylan sabotages Trevor’s car. Kim drugs Esther to make her go into labour. Theresa tries to drag her two kids and tiny suitcase home. Patrick is sinister and treats Theresa like a hooker. Sinead and Esther are stranded and Esther is in labour.

Best Lines:
“Auctioning off our kid.”

“They’re flat pack!”

“Letting these people take my baby!”

“A dirty old lech!”

“Very immensely pregnant.”

“So he is actually dying right?”

“You’re emotionally unavailable.”

“Pregnant or far?”

“We made a baby.”

“I spiked her drink.”
“With what?”

“My son’s a tranny?”

“She cheats on you with a mad lesbian?”

“You’re stood there in a dress.”

“Haven’t you got a silly mummy?”

“Get that stuff off.”

“That’s even more disgusting!”

“One name, one family.”

“Like labour low?”

“Dylan the drag queen.”

“It doesn’t need saying Theresa.”
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