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Book Review: Lady Of Misrule

Lady Of Misrule by T.A. Pratt
The latest ‘Marla Mason’ novel is horrendous. Various characters talk endlessly, a mary-sue named Marzi pops up to take up valuable plot time and several badly defined baddies run around doing bad stuff that nobody cares about. Pratt’s writing style has deteriorated since he was dropped by his publishers and started self-publishing. Dude, get an editor. Marla returns to Felport in a massive anti-climax and does more crap and then there is a cliff-hanger.

Best Lines:
“I find humans objectionable.”

“I do not wish to speak to the valet,”

“I’m talking Korean-horror-movie freaky.”

“It’s a knife. You stab stuff with it.”

“I could turn him into a drooling cucumber.”
“It might be an improvement.”

“I’d rather put my dick in a food processor.”

“She doesn’t get to win. I can’t have that.”
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