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Book Reviews: The Dead Zone +Night Life

The Dead Zone by Stephen King

One of his earlier and therefore better novels. Johnny Smith has a bad accident and falls into a coma for nearly five years. When he awakens the world is different, his girlfriend has married someone else, he is partially disabled and he has the power to know someone's future by touching them. This gift brings him trouble and fear as he tries to help people with it and rebuild his life. Then one day he attends a political rally and shakes the hand of a minor politician named Greg Stillson.

What he sees is something so terrible, he cannot comprehend it fully. But he knows that in time Stillson will become President and unleash a nuclear war that will destroy everything. Johnny knows that Stillson must be stopped but how far is he prepared to go?

This was good. It had drama, pathos and tragedy. Stillson is a irredeemable villain and Johnny Smith the tragic hero who must stop him. The method of Stillson's downfall is good. This novel was adapted into a middle of the road movie and a mediocre tv series.

Vamps: Night Life by Nancy A. Collins

This is the second in the 'Vamps' series about spoilt, feuding vampire American princesses. Rich psycho Lilith needs a time out from tormenting her demi-sister Cally and being manipulated by her fiancée Jules. So she tries to get a career as a model, she overlooks the fact that a vampire's image fades away from film stock. Meanwhile Cally has her emotionally retarded vampire hunting secret boyfriend to deal with as well as the fact that she needs a date for the debutante ball.

This book series is a blatant melding of 'Twilight' and 'Gossip Girl' and it's good. The vampire life and culture is well laid out and developed and its fascinating. So fascinating that you can overlook some faults: does no-one notice the vampire families don't have any form of ID? How do so many apex predators coexist in such close quarters? Vampires are the descendants of demons that escaped from hell so how did a vampire father a child on a human woman? How can demons from hell and humans breed?

I enjoy this series and hope it continues.

Best Lines:
"Save the Queen of the Damned act for the spods you bully at school."

"If I'd let my friends being killed interfere with my education, I'd still be in Russia, tapping peasants on some hell-forsaken communal farm!"

"Lilith would gladly walk over a bed of live coals liberally garnished with rusty barbed wire and discarded syringes of there was a box with a bow waiting for her at the other end."
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