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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Suicide Squad’ trailer
The suicide squad, various d level baddies, Batman and the Joker looks like a diseased Billy Idol.

Best Line:
“I put em in a hole and threw away the hole.”

“I’m just gonna hurt ya really really bad.”

‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ TV spot
Will Ethan Hunt just die?!? Also Simon Pegg needs to piss off.

Best Lines:
“This isn’t going very well.”

“An anti-IMF.”

‘Partners In Crime’ promo
“What have we got ourselves into?”

‘The Americans’ 3x03 promo
Looks good.

‘Buckaroo’ ad
A tacky toy.

Spanish hot choc - okay.
Garlic puree & Philadelphia on a baguette - yum.

Fidelis et mortem - faithful in death.

It’s -233 Celsius on Pluto. I didn’t know about the Kuiper Belt which is made up of 100,000 small worlds.

‘Sapphire and Steel’ may be revived.

Some people think riders in the Tour de France are cheating by riding bikes powered by secret motors?

‘Odyssey’ Quotes:
“You killed my man and escaped. With a spoon.”

“Beastly people.”

“I do not care.”

“There’s nothing recognisable.”

“He was a good man down deep.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A 5 day bender.”

“Even if I’m bored. I’ll do cocaine.”

“What needed to be talked about.”

“Affirmative misstatements.”

“Next question.”

“I am on to her.”

“Doing cocaine everyday.”

“A bad drunk.”

“You can eat food.”

“Go on, psycho! Go away!”

“He won’t live to see 30.”

“The internet king.”

“Next question.”

‘Inside The Ku Klux Klan’ Quotes:
“The Klan is awake.”

“That’s Nazi, I don’t like that.”

“Have a nice white day.”

“Dumb, too.”

“Doing a lot of drinking.”

“She’s not Klan material.”

“The invisible empire.”

“Polyester satin is a lot easier to work with.”

“Do not turn your back on the cross, ever.”

“Nothing successful.”

“I take everything as a genuine threat.”

“Hung up their hoods.”

“A non-hate organisation.”

“Going to meet their fate.”

“They’re communists.”

“I’m 5th generation Klanman.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Patrick fears losing his job and reputation over his MND - seeing as he didn’t lose either over being an abusive creep, he has nothing to worry about. Peri has a huge baby bump. Maxine confronts Patrick and he manipulates. Darren and Nancy ignore their kids. Patrick threatens that Minnie could go into care. Esther plans a water birth - Trevor’s love of fish is mentioned. Grace and Kim sneak around. Peri plans to have her bastard child adopted. Dylan is foul. Tom acts like he’s 45 and Nico looks like a gonk. What about the search for Rose? I wish Lindsey and hypnotoad would die. Where is Mitzeee? Patrick isn’t battering Theresa because he can’t.

Trevor plans a club. Kim is a nutter. Where is Cameron? Has Lockie abounded Porsche? Theresa is inconsiderate. Where is Sandy? Where is Tegan? Is Warren Fox dead? What happened to Dr Paul’s son? Where are Ste and Sinead? Leela annoys. Maxine needs to get away from the annoying Darren. Kim plans bad things for Trevor. Leela and Peri’s relative Angela shows up to annoy and sport poo coloured bronzer. Why is Theresa with Patrick? Where are her children? Leela is about to be a grandmother and never seems to go to work.

Best Lines:
“When you die, she comes to me.”

“He doesn’t know how to be different!”

“He’ll get really mad at me.”

“I expect you’re delighted.”

“Ah, here we go.”

“Talking about mucus plugs.”

“How do you know these things?”

“Don’t ask me to give you my blessing because I can’t.”

“You have no right to ask me for anything!”

“I thought you were the boy.”

“Patrick hasn’t got a conscience.”
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