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5 Movie Reviews

Space Camp (1986)
Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, Tate Donovan, Kate Capshaw and a horribly untalented Joaquin Phoenix star in this horribly sappy family movie derailed by its unfortunate resemblance to the real life Challenger disaster. This has an irritating robot, incompetent NASA staff who fail to recognise Morse code and it takes a teenager to think of landing in White Sands. The real NASA mission control would have let the shuttle full of teenagers blow up on the launch pad instead of launching it.

Best Lines:
“Wait till your parents get the bill for breaking Daedalus.”

“Launch us or we’re gonna explode!”

“We wanna breathe not dry clean our lungs.”

Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)
The 4th in the series. A dolt is persecuted for the sins of his father and falsely executed. His ugly girlfriend drowns herself and Frankenstein does a soul swapping resurrection. The revived girl kills people and Frankenstein shrugs it off. Okay.

The Brides Of Dracula (1960)
Christopher Lee isn’t in this. Van Helsing runs around gets bit and cauterizes the wound with a hot poker and holy water. He also uses a windmill to make a giant cross. Silly.

Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972)
The 7th in the series sees the Count revived by hippies who got bored of jazz spectaculars. Van Helsing’s grandson (Peter Cushing) and his daughter (Stephanie Beacham) are in peril. Christopher Neame is a desperate wannabe. Hip chicks Caroline Munro and Marsha Hunt are in danger. Oddly enjoyable.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Bond and a Russian agent take on another crazy super-villain who steals submarines, has an underwater base and feeds people to his shark. Henchman Jaws debuts and the opening scene contains the famous ski jump and the theme song is ‘Nobody Does It Better’. Okay.
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