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Humans 1x05 + The Americans 3x02 Reviewed

Humans 1x05
The sexbot runs and denigrates humans - her acts are un-sanitisable. Is Leo a synth or a cyborg? This went to crap faster than ’In The Flesh’. Didn’t the 1990s ’The Outer Limits’ do various eps about evil AI? This show started out so well but has descended into ordinariness. The synth cop fakes being human. The killer synth is huge news - it has serious negative connotations.

Is there some massive cover up/conspiracy going on? It’s inconclusive. There is no Youtube just ‘SharedView’. The well meaning George meets the sexbot. Why is George in the UK? George’s NHS synth Vera is creepy. Matilda is as succinctly annoying as her mother.

Who is Tom? Why does Laura throw strops whenever he is mentioned? Synths are recycled with care and dignity, allegedly. Joe is abjectly self-pitying. The sexbot is belligerent and George does a stealth Turing test. George’s ‘son’ synth is lost in the woods. This episodes does not invigorate. The sexbot is terse and George is a wry pragmatist. Leo tries to get Anita to be Mia - his ‘love’ is not reciprocated. He throws strops. Pete tells his wife that the rental agreement for Simon is up. She finds it indispensable and probably goes to bed with it. She’s checked out of her marriage and deserves no sympathy.

People see the spread of true AI as having insurmountable consequences. Leo and Laura have the personality of veruca socks. Leo rejects Anita. Laura, Toby and Matilda learn that Anita’s sex code was activated. Toby lubes up his bike and yells. Hobb turns out to have been involved in the creation of synths.

Best Lines:
“They’d fear us even more.”

“What are you?”

“When you die again.”

“I believe this to be an improper environment.”

“What are you feeling right now?”
“Boredom at that question.”

“Such a teenage cliché.”

“You worry me.”

“Would you like to see a ladybird?”

“What are you doing?”
“Having some carrot cake.”

“Flytipping him in the woods.”

“You must be very proud when you turn on the news.”

Nina’s in a grim prison. Philip is pensive which signifies his inner battle with the dark side. Elizabeth’s teeth hurt. Paige notices her parents’ oddness. Cotter Smith and Frank Langella guest star. The defector arrives in the USA in a crate but is she for real? Philip and Elizabeth and the other guy get rid of the body. Nina is reticent about her cellmate. Elizabeth reveals how she was recruited at 16 and how her hardliner mother reacted.

The murderer has an elusive persona. Oleg confronts Stan who doesn’t think he’s much to contend with. Oleg’s father visits Nina. Stan meets Sandra’s new man. Stan is affected by things but Sandra has moved on. Bad wigs are worn and Stan jokes about the Russians love of disguises. Gaad is awful, oh bad John Boy. This started out well but became mediocre.

Best Lines:
“She’s a teenager, in this country.”

“They’re looking for somebody my size who got her face slammed against the hood of a car.”

“Why a misfortune?”

“She told me to go and serve my country.”

“I don’t want her ending up in a suitcase.”

“We can’t go back.”

“Before you say anything, it was dark.”
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