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Movie Reviews: Girlfriend From Hell + The Delinquents

Girlfriend From Hell (1989)
Liane Curtis, Dana Ashbrook of ‘Twin Peaks’ and Lezlie Deane star in this dreadful sexist horror-comedy. It has an okay themes song, a showcase of hideous 80s fashion and that is about it. Nerd Maggie (Curtis) is set up on a blind date with nerd Carl. Maggie’s best friend (Deane) and her annoying voice annoy. There is a party with self-evidently awful people. 80s tech, terrible acting, self serving toxic people, bad dialogue and cheapness fill this film which rapidly disillusions viewers of any enjoyment.

Maggie is possessed by satan and goes from slob to 80s style ‘knockout’ with an ugly red dress, fingerless gloves and Elvira hair. A sexist violent moronic devil chaser (Ashbrook) chases satan as do violent nuns. There are fights, shagging, cake and people have an accepting attitude to Maggie’s personality change and smoking at first. This never shifts into drive phase and was ubiquitously terrible, inept and unfunny. This was incompetent, domestic violence is treated as funny and this was a pointless misstep. This gives a paucity of enjoyment.

Best Lines:
“Pick it up the way I did: from the neighbourhood slut.”

“Your sister Rosie used to love it.”

“What’s with all this dumb party stuff?”

“You eat fish!”

“I have my pride you know.”

“My boss doesn’t invite him.”

“I bet he was throwing up again.”

“Mr hot shot devil chaser.”

“EAT YOUR FOOD! Before I make you eat it.”


“That’s devil’s nectar.”

“It’s bad girls like Maggie that make decent girls like me do this sort of thing.”

“Is she dead?”
“Nah, I think she fell on her head.”

The Delinquents (1989)
Crappy Kylie Minogue film.
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