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The Walking Dead 5x07 + Hannibal 3x05 Reviewed

This show has no concept of nuance or honest rationale. Rick and his gang of jerks smash up Gabriel’s church. ‘You’ll burn for this’ is carved into the church. Rick is consistently annoying and won’t listen to counter arguments. Now Eugene’s misrepresentations are out, Abraham has had a breakdown. People try to cure it by yelling and gun pointing. Typical mismanagement. I contemplate why I still watch this show. Non aspirational banter is exchanged. Rick never considers talking to people.

Beth is completely consistent in being dumb. The gang mock zombies overlooking the fact they are human remains. People are jerks, no wonder things don’t get better. Rick just won’t stop provoking violence. Rick and co’s learnt response is to shoot. They are idiots and this was crap, clumsy and brutal.

Best Lines:
“Daryl takes the guard out.”

“Knives and silent weapons.”

“Theirs for ours.”

“Trying and doing are two different things.”

“She’s not worth the effort.”

“So guess.”

Whispering and Barthelme absurdity fill this episode. I feel indifference and impatience for this show which despite its arty pretensions has little snap, wit or insight. It’s overstuffed, bland and pedestrian and things happen for no discernible rational reason. Hannibal is nefarious, Jack chucks his wife’s ashes and his wedding ring into a river whilst overacting and Alana babbles to Mason. Do they know Hannibal is in Italy with Bedelia? Will is pushed off a train, Jack and Hannibal have a fight which Hannibal loses and yet Jack does not arrest him. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“Are we obligated to talk?”

“All the elements of epiphany were present.”
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