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Fringe Season 1 Ep 17 Review

Bad Dreams
Olivia's freeloading sister and niece are still hanging around. However Olivia can overlook that as she is dreaming of killing people. This causes her to freak out. The coming war with the parallel universe plot arc is revisited as it is revealed the killer is one of the children trained to be a solider in that war. His name is Nick and he was Olivia's partner when they were experimented on by William Bell and Walter.

This was okay. A number of interesting things were dropped in this ep: Nick's Pied Piper of Hamlin act, the mention that the soldiers were told to wear black clothes, the jumper.crash-landing on a car, the mentioning of an incident Nick and Olivia were involved in as children and the first appearance of William Bell. Well Bell's voice is heard anyway and as a long time 'Star Trek' fan, I know that voice. It's Leonard Nimoy.

This sets up all kind of intriguing stuff. The Pattern hasn't been mentioned in a long time so what was it? What is Massive Dynamic up to? What is the ZFT? And is their really a parallel universe war coming?

Best Line:
"How is that possible?"
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