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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘House Bound’ trailer
A New Zealand horror in which a woman ends up in home detention due to an ATM raid being foiled by a misfiring sledgehammer. She deals with ghosts and bogans. This looks great.

Best Lines:
“Smash it in the face!”

“Attacked by a vengeful ghost?”

‘Out Of The Dark’ (2015) trailer
Julia Stiles, Scott Speedman and Stephen Rea star in this horror about legends and things in the bushes. We’ll see.

Make It Pop’ promo
No. Hell no.

‘Z Nation’ promo

‘Black Sails’ promo

‘Ray Donovan’ promo
Man pain!

Best Line:
“I change the story.”

‘How To Get A Council House’ promo

‘Hollyoaks’ promo
WTF are TPTB doing to Joe?

Best Line:
“I don’t want your kid.”

‘Mission Impossible’ (1988 - 1990) 2x09
The IMF goes to Ireland and one member pretend to be banshee. Seriously? Seriously??

‘Mission Impossible’ (1988 - 1990) 2x01 promo

‘Mission Impossible’ (1988 - 1990) 2x03 promo
A Princess in peril!

Made burgers with mince, scallions, onions, parsley, egg, pepper and allspice - yum.

Anyone remember Ryan Reynold’s 1992 to 1994 TV show ‘The Odyssey’? Or that old BBC drama ‘The Onedin Line’?

I will review ‘Red State’, ‘Letters To Lovecraft’, ‘Sight Unseen’, ‘Dare Me’, ‘Shark Skin Suite’, ‘Mr Justice Raffles’, ‘The Glass Casket’, ‘The Cutting Room’ and ‘Places’.

Read a trivia tale from ‘Lois & Clark’ about John Shea staring down a cobra for real and burning himself with cigar ash and not breaking character.

There was thunder recently, when I was a child my grandmother insisted I cover all mirrors during thunderstorms or lightening would come in the window and kill us.

Got my hospital results at last. It’s not what I was expecting. I don’t know whether to be angry or relieved.

Dear relative: stop yelling on your phone, going out drinking, talking endlessly, buying excessive papers, eating too much and making snotty comments about how I failed the driving test. SHUT UP! Honourable conduct is unknown to you isn’t it?

Lark, owl or hummingbird? Lark.

‘Lois & Clark’ Quotes:
“How DUMB was she?”

“Hello? Duh! Clark Kent is Superman!”

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Quotes:
“Random skank lane.”

“Ask god.”

“Birthday brat.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Persecuted by the media.”

“Try to build a bigger self with her huge hair, big eye make up, breast implants and loud tattoos.”


“Always kicking against something.”

“Gobby, irreverent and witty.”

“Chaotic and difficult long before the drugs, and chronically late for everything.”

“A period of madness and chaos.”

“Tempestuous, extreme relationship.”

“The biggest lowlife scumbag that God ever put breath into,”

“The next four years were appalling.”

“It got ugly, really ugly.”

“Dubbed him the Fat Controller.”

“Vomit mixed with mascara smeared all over the walls.”

“Not be particularly keen on that decision later.”

“Mad with rage at most things.”

“Obviously dubious statement.”

“Soundbites, stunts and simplistic gestures.”

“Triumph of cheap emotionalism.”

“Cause of emotional devastation wherever she went.”

“Emotionally drained characters.”

“A beautiful catastrophe.”

“Probably looked awful.”

“An ill-advised affair.”

“More moralistic quarters.”

“I probably seem like a not particularly nice person.”

“Her public image and her behaviour that was holding her back.”

“People who people listen to.”

“Anything as boring as sound plot structure or thematic layers.”

“Sheer dross.”

“Sweeping regrets.”

“Sycophantic miscreants.”

“One long tampon-ad.”

“Societal norms are upended.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:

“I’m intrigued yet suspicious.”

“Christ be with you.”


“The Christian Madonna.”

“Plain Vanilla with nothing on it.”

“Oh, how horrible.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Nobody bothers you in a forest.”

“As lost as her Devonshire vowels.”

“Creates a bad product.”

“Irrational behaviour and strategic incompetence.”

“Defeated unambiguously.”

“Severe anger-management issues.”

“His tattoos were stupid.”

“Sin cleansing.”

“Starch is the devil.”

“Rare is not an option.”

“Bitch juice.”

“An image straight out of the 1970s.”

“I couldn’t even get a job handing out fliers in the street.”

“Neutral acceptance.”

“I felt judged and found wanting.”

“I do like a blouse.”

“Live up to some kooky caricature of herself.”

“Hollywood has embraced gratitude.”

“A smoothie made of fish liver sounds revolting.”

“I own the moral argument.”


“Self-confidence is so shattered.”

“The outside world has become a huge and frightening maze.”

“Slowly shambling.”

“So routinely ghastly.”

“You look almost beautiful.”

“I somehow got into it.”

“Behave appallingly to one another.”


‘GI Joe: Retaliation’ Quotes:
“Shoot anything that walks though that door!”

“Storm Shadow. Never a doubt.”
“Cobra Commander.”

“How many of our men has he killed?”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quotes:
“Off. Take it off.”

“Let me punch you.”

“Stop moving.”

“Maybe you should call: shut up.”

“Why do you always do this crap?”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A negative homelife.”

“I woke up in the closet.”

“Over 20 men a day.”

“She’s not the only victim.”

“Very trying.”

“Are you resentful towards her?”

“I walked out.”

“I find unsettling.”

“Whatever I want, I get it.”

“You give me ultimatums.”

“Her and her problems. That’s all she cares about.”

“She just wants me to listen.”

“Explained that several times.”

“Meet her on a different plane.”

“I was a good mom!”

“That wasn’t my fault!”

“I’ll survive this!”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Emotionally distant.”

“Belated concern.”

“Effectively destroyed.”

“Establishing new mobility concepts and different dietary habits and traditions.”

“Unnervingly ordered.”

“The bank that likes to send scary letters for no reason.”

“Universally liked.”


“Uniform and unimaginative.”

“Irrespective of merit or quality.”

“Opts for a middle-of-the-road existence.”

“A haughty gut punch.”

“Cultural low point.”

“An insatiable appetite for the mediocre.”



“Cultural suppression.”

“Spurious concerns policy.”

“Why I’m angry.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Lockie prefers hanging out with Pete than his wife. John-Paul is clamouring for Lockie to shag him. Porsche is being controlled, manipulated and shut down with everyone doubting her credibility. Lockie believes Pete and calls Porsche a lying slut who is into chemsex and making fake allegations and walks out on her. Rennie only cares for having wang in her life. So Porsche is all alone, misunderstood and treated with rampant unfairness. People mock Porsche for being belligerent and overly distressed.
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