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Book Review: Secret Brother

Secret Brother by V.C. Andrews
This all new sequel to ‘Flowers in The Attic’ uses the convenient conceit that Cory did not die of arsenic poisoning and in fact survived to be adopted by a rich weirdo. The damaged amnesiac Cory is resented by the rich weirdo’s increasingly temperamental and aggressive granddaughter. This was horrendous and has seemingly nothing to do with ’Secrets Of Foxworth’ or ‘Echoes of Dollanganger’.

The poisoned boy aka Cory does nothing but be pale and wan while the brat granddaughter does un-beneficial crap like roaring in his ear from the off. This calculated and dreadful novel is misguided and spurious and a potentially interesting plotline is mismanaged. This was adamantly awful.

Best Lines:
“Where are the rest of them now?”
“I don’t know. So far, there’s no trace of such a family in our immediate area or even the state.”
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