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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ trailer
The Phantom Zone, Kara Danvers, a snotty sister, fights, eye beams and posing.

Best Lines:
“You will do extraordinary things.”

“I don’t care enough to ask why it’s there.”

“Welcome to the DEO.”

“Earth doesn’t have just one hero anymore.”

‘Mutant X’ 1x11 promo
Bad SFX, bad wigs and is it just me or does John Shea look a lot like Tom Cavanagh? Seems dull.

‘Mutant X’ 1x12 promo
Bad SFX, Emma goes very bad and wears too much lipstick. She also punches Mason and this is slightly less terrible than it seems. Ha.

‘Mutant X’ 1x13 promo
Art Hindle guest stars. There is punching and incoherence.

‘Mutant X’ 1x14 promo
Adam has his morality switched and John Shea does his Lex Luthor impersonation as Adam goes to the bad. Shame that besides Shea, this show was populated by famously limited actors.

‘V For Vendetta’ (2006) trailer
Explosions, violence, Stephen Rea, spoilers, knife-fu, John Hurt and yelling. Good trailer.

Best Lines:
“There is something terribly wrong with this country.”

“Ideas are bullet-proof.”

‘Max’ promo

The Outcast’ promo
This BBC drama looks dull.

Hot chocolate masque smells nice but drips and is difficult to get off.

Anyone recall the 1990 TV movie ‘The Lookalike’?

I am reading ‘Secret Brother’

I will review ‘Out Of The Dark’ and ‘Mission Impossible the 89 Season’.

I won’t bother with ‘Tatu’.

‘12 Monkeys’ webisodes Quotes:
“Chalk Nazis!”

“Flinging poop in history.”

“Always red.”

“The least peaceful colour.”

“Serious lack of colours.”

“Reminder: buy milk.”

“Consumer confidence is subterranean. Our stocks are falling faster than a weepy hipster off the Golden Gate.”

“Dead eyes is Dave.”

You call it what it’s called.”

‘Mutant X’ Quotes:
“You always knew how to touch me Adam.”

“I trusted Mason and so did you.”
“Once upon a time.”

“That was his jealously talking.”

“You know I have to ask you right?”

“You rather she was dead?”

“Cautious is the only way to be.”

“My underwear’s riding up big time.”
“You’re wearing underwear?”
“You’re not?”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I gave birth to her. I didn’t have to keep her.”

“She’s terrible.”

“Selling pumpkins on the side of the road.”

“It was her undoing.”

“Living in an RV.”

“There’s no pleasing this woman.”

“She becomes hateful, mean, nasty.”

“How dare her.”

“I’m tired of her.”

“Stop and take responsibility.”

“You did all this.”

“A b word like you called me.”

“A piece of garbage mom.”

“This is what I got in return.”

‘Empire’ Quote:
“My father is the devil!”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“I liked being improper.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Socially awkward obsessives who lock themselves within fantastical avatars.”

“Rotting the minds of impressionable youth.”

“And not necessarily welcome surprise.”

“Getting hate for trying to do the right thing is not my gig.”

“Terror management theory.”

“Veiled immortality ideologies.”

“Starved of affection.”

“Neurotic narrative voice.”

“Gazing triumphantly.”

“Judged unfairly.”

“Clotted consonants.”

“Mysteriously disappeared after boarding a train in 1890.”

“Self-interest industry.”

“Dubious benefactors.”

“Accepting gifts she hadn’t quite asked for.”


“Unmet expectations.”

“Bet £3,000 (a lot now, a fortune back then) on which of two raindrops would slide fastest down by the bow window.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“What they call drought shaming.”

“Green grass is viewed with suspicion.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Joe’s paralysed thanks to thug Robbie. Porsche is menaced by Pete and Rennie and Lockie and his spray tanned abs do nothing.
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