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Book Review: Property Of A Lady Faire

Property Of A Lady Faire by Simon R. Green
The 8th in the ‘Secret Histories’ saga after the wretched ‘Casino Infernale’ is a vast improvement. Eddie Drood and his maniac pixie dream girl galpal finally look into the mystery of Eddie’s parents and grandfather. This leads to yet another mysterious artefact and the equally mysterious Lady Faire. There’s fighting and a villain speech. But what is still not answered is why the Drood armour became silver in book 2 and without explanation changed back to gold. Despite that nagging question, this was a good action packed adventure.

Best Lines:
“Imposing his appalling personality on anyone foolish enough to come within reach and not run away fast enough.”

“You paid the Living Shroud to stalk people, at increasingly close quarters, until they gave up and paid what they owed.”

“Spent too much time among things and people that weren’t really people or things.”

“Walking alone in the world, because no one else wanted anything to do with it.”

“No one dared turn it away.”
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