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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Days Of Our Lives’ clip
Tony’s been rescued from the island yet he and Stefano still have a bond. Their relationship is sick, hugging aside. Is Tony’s dark side creeping out? Poor Tony with all the personality changes and retcons over the years. Still he loves his dark suits. I wish EJ would have pissed off long before he did.

Best Lines:
“You hide your disappointment very well.”

“You are my family, biology be damned.”

“Ready to be a true son?”
“I am.”

“Tony you are my eldest...closest to my heart.”

‘Days Of Our Lives’ clip
Another 2008 clip. Stefano’s in a coma and still evil. Tony has a nice red tie but what does he see in gold-digger Anna? John is slack-jawed and Tony is au fait with modern technology despite being abducted off a pier in 1985 and stuck on an island for 23 years. He, EJ and Lexie are sibling. EJ is taller than Tony. Stefano and John are half brothers? The Dimera family tree is bizarre. Tony says bye to his evil daddy.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ clip:
Stefano’s out of his coma. Tony has his usual charming debonair aura. Stefano is diabolical. Tony locked Stefano in a secret room back in 1985 as punishment for what Stefano and Andre did to him (murders, quicksand) but how did Stefano get out? Tony does his valiant indignant good guy act. Did Stefano ever apologise for the whole Andre thing? It’s all dark and tragic. EJ is damned toward evil but no-one cares as he can’t act. Stefano the despicable corrupting villain glowers. John is of little consequence. How many marriages has the man busted up and how many people has he driven insane with rage? Yet people call him the good guy. Wasn’t he a priest once? As for Andre, his sole occupation seemed to be masquerading as Tony and acting as a Dimera flunky. He had no limits and suffered from sheer lunacy. 23 years it took for people to notice Andre had replaced Tony again despite the fact Tony has manners and boundaries and Andre did not instead having delicious fervour, envy and only wanting to imitate Tony.

‘Life Stinks’ (1991) trailer

‘Here Comes The Boom’ trailer

Watermelon laffy taffy - okay.
Salt & Vinegar crisps - yum.
Gluten free Thai sweet chilli crisps - good.
Gluten free Polenta cake - yum.

‘Odyssey’ is axed. I’d be laughing if I cared.

Read ‘House Of Cards’ casting info.

Star Trek: Beyond’ is a stupid name.

I am reading ‘Vicky Peterwald: Survivor’.

A former ‘Blue Peter’ presenter has been found in a storm drain? What?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Provided no reasonable explanation.”

“Are you high right now?”

“You are a liar!”

“This is how it is.”

“A deadbeat man.”

“You weren’t a great mother.”

“My husband is not like that!”

“A strung out junkie.”

“Step up and be a mother.”

“Afraid our son is a kleptomaniac.”

“Defaced a roof.”

“He feels sneaky.”

“Taken into custody numerous times.”

“Stole a dirt bike.”

“Why do you bad mouth her so much?”

“I’m not going to wait around.”

“There’s no way I knew it was a guy.”

“Please stop this.”

“An abandoner.”

“Pervasive Development Disorder.”

“Have better self regulation.”

“Four grand to fix this.”

“Listen to his thought process.

“Looking for stuff to take.”

“Wake up at noon.”

“Always mad at me.”

“Not predicting the consequences of his actions.”

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Quote:
“The guy who sells the weed is in 2F.”

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Quotes:
“Do you have any regrets for what you’ve done?”

“Future? What future?”

“Your daddy’s doctor.”

“We were married.”
“That’s right. But ever so briefly.”

“He’s a predator.”

“You think you scare me?”

“I’m not going to let you turn Salem into your carnival of horrors.”

“Since when did you ever let me do anything?”

“What happened to you Antony? You used to have character, backbone.”
“Character? Backbone? And what do you mean by that? That I was totally and utterly under your influence. The rest of the world be damned.”

“Your heart should be loyal to your family.”
“It is.”

“What kind of crap are you spouting now?”

“Wife? Oh. Oh my god. How can you keep doing the same mistake over and over?”
“How did you magically wake up from that coma anyway?”

“I hold you responsible.”

“Did you enjoy your coma?”

“You never really loved me did you Stefano?”
“I did Tony, I truly did.”
“You just discarded me like some unwanted bastard.”

“I don’t feel pity...certainly not love...I feel nothing.”

“You almost cost me my sanity.”

“I was luckier than my brothers. I didn’t have to fight so hard to escape your influence.”

“This is our father.”

“We’d be better off without him?”
“The world would be better off without him. And maybe, just maybe. We’d have a chance to become better people because he’s not in our lives anymore.”

“May you rot in hell.”
“You son of a bitch.”

“Go out there and be a man.”

“How to off her husband.”

“Listen hard.”

“A very scary place. The inner workings of Stefano’s mind.”
“And you’ve been there I suppose?”
“Yes and escaped alive.”

“I grew up with him.”

“Why is no one rejoicing.”

“An enemy has entered the room.”

“Handled that with class and aplomb.”

“It’s good to be back. Again.”

“Your maniac father.”

“What was it that turned you into this?”

“Sucks the happiness out.”

“Sick psychopath.”

“The man that was our friend.”

“Tony didn’t want to be Stefano. He despised the man.”

“He doesn’t talk like Tony.”

“I never thought I’d hear that name again.”

“So disloyal.”

“Gets fed up with the son who doesn’t do what he’s told.”

“He was openly oppositional.”

“Puts Andre in his place.”

“By replacing Tony with Andre, Stefano would have his perfect son.”

“A different person once, long ago.”

“Guy was a lunatic.”
“Is a lunatic.”

“What in god’s name have you done Andre?”
“What you should have done months ago.”

“Stefano, my so-called-father.”

“What has happened to you?”

“Fine, fine fruitbasket.”

“The 80s are over.”

“You run over one of the Brady’s on the way home?”

“That’s a classic non-answer.”

“I’m angry.”
“Oh dear.”

“He may be our father but he can’t be trusted.”

“He’s not that obvious.”

“Don’t be obscene.”

“I thank god that your blood does not run in my veins and I curse the day that I ever called you father.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“In the demolition zone.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Mistaken behaviour.”

“You’ve emptied my resilience bucket.”

“Restorative conference.”

“Behaviour management.”

“Justifiable assault.”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quotes:
“An epic night of candy begging.”

“Hulk bring beach towel.”

“The Hulk doesn’t tinkle.”

“You used to eat paste at my house.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Terese can’t bear to lose Brad but he is busy berating the dead Matt while Lauren hurls herself at him.

Best Line:
“If she’s your friend, I’d watch your enemies.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: the Lovejoys long lost daughter is alive? I’m on a break.
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