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Humans 1x03 + Gotham 1x22 Reviewed

Humans 1x03
A dude has ill will for Fred and other synths. The self regarding Laura is not the moral arbiter and displays evidence of poor character. Laura’s son and husband want to shag Anita. Laura is disconnected and temperamentally unsuited to being a mother. No wonder her kids have no deep liking for her. Is Leo part synth? He looks for Mia aka Anita’s deep code. There are synth charging points in public. Matlida is awful.

George defies his NHS synth. The cops are told to cover up the murder of a man by the sex bot synth. A reporter is shoved down the stairs by Pete and his obnoxious attitude. Leo set up an emergency rendezvous. Laura babbles senselessly and is sublimely dreadful. Furrowed fury Laura is often maligned by her family. She comes across as whiny and furious and is left standing around gormlessly. The truly awful Laura is the most irritating personage and is utterly off putting.

The sex bot is dangerous and acts weird. Matilda tries to hack Anita who freaks out. Laura has social stress and is useless, wasteful and has moping to do. Who is Tom and why does Laura freak out at the mention of his name? Something bleak is coming and the soulless synths will be part of it. Sadly this ep was drab, dull and flaccid.

Best Lines:

“Why don’t you share?”

“Mum went mental.”

“This is highly unsafe.”

“Said it was acting angry.”

“This has been coming.”

“This is a murder.”
“No it isn’t. It can’t be.”

“Where’s this coming from?”

“He’ll stop when he bumps into something.”

“Their dollies are going to start strangling them.”

“What happened in there?”

“A deceptional misrepresentation.”

“Human words.”

“I don’t get angry or depressed or intoxicated.”

All Happy Families Are Alike
Fish is back. The disrespectful Bruce finds it morally necessary to annoy. Self-congratulatory Gordon rants . This episode was un-precedently bad. Gordon does strident outmoded sermonising. Alfred won’t be critical of the joyless Bruce who never seems to go to school. Penguin is heinous and proclaims himself King of Gotham. Cat-teen works for Fish and is vociferously irrelevant and devoid of morals and ethics. Maroni is a tool. Leslie is dim. Penguin’s got a gun. Barbara’s got an axe. People die and are shot or retire. Ed cracks. Alfred and Bruce find Thomas Wayne’s secret. As for his wife? Oh who cares about her, nobody. This ep was disinteresting and devoid of analytical foundation and strategic relevance.

Best Lines:
“You? Never!”

“That seems improbable.”

“Nobody would be fine.”

“Someone had to go.”

“I was planning your end.”
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