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Book Reviews: The Albino’s Treasure + Armageddon’s Arrow + Get Dirty + Dead Until Dark

The Albino’s Treasure by Stuart Douglas
For four years Titan books have churned out crap like ‘The Web Weaver’, ‘The Will Of The Dead’, ‘The Spirit Box’, ‘The Army of Dr Moreau’, ‘The Stuff Of Nightmares’, ‘Gods Of War’, ‘The Titanic Tragedy’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula’ but this is okay. There are art thefts and murders. Watson is disgruntled and Holmes indulges in his usual morbid self-indulgent propensity for drama. Baddies run around, Watson gets morally outraged and there is a great big reveal. Let us hope Titan books maintain the upsurge in quality.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Armageddon’s Arrow by Dayton Ward
This was terrible. The Enterprise E is out exploring The Odyssean Pass when it encounters a drifting derelict sleeper ship. This leads to much endless talking, a war that has raged for generations, Taurik learning something he shouldn’t, endless boredom and Mary-Sue character T’Ryssa Chen being an irritant.

I don’t care about the aliens, their war or their pain. I loathe creator’s pet T’Ryssa Chen and I cannot abide Crusher and Picard doing nothing but cooing over their dribbling toddler whilst other characters act as a Greek chorus to tell us over and over and over again how much marriage and fatherhood have changed Picard for the better. This is un-compelling, non-suspenseful and un-intriguing.

Best Line:
“We have heard stories of great civilizations living far away among the distant stars.”

Get Dirty by Gretchen McNeil
The sequel to ‘Get Even’. The revenge seeking DGM are in trouble. Now someone is getting revenge on them. The foursome try to figure out who is tormenting them whilst learning their campaign of revenge was not always a dish best served cold. This is a good tale of vile teenagers, vengeance, the price of revenge and a deranged baddie who you won’t see coming.

Best Lines:
“You can be Ant-Man.”
“I’m totally Hawkeye.”

“Didn’t Hawkeye spend like half the first movie as a bad guy?”

“Have you ever bothered to ask?”

“Dude might go full Heathers on Bishop DuMaine.”

“What is going on at this school?”

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
This 2001 book was the 1st ‘Southern Vampire Mystery’ which eventually became ‘True Blood’. Sookie the rural telepathic waitress meets vampire Bill. Cue shagging, a serial killer and dated references to banana clips, faxes, tapes and Kenny G. This was not an effective diversion.

Best Lines:
“It’s not that long a drive from Bon Temps to New Orleans, and everyone who came into the bar said that if you threw a rock on a street corner you’d hit one. Though you better not.”

“How old is he?”

“Ginger’s face lit up like she had a dated with David Duchovny.”
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