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New Amsterdam Ep 2

Golden Boy

John and Eva investigate the death of a student. Meanwhile events from
John's past in 1941 are revealed. The whodunit student plot is boring but the reveal of some of John's long, long life (he was born in 1607) is interesting. John's elderly friend Omar is in fact his son. John also had an elderly daughter in 1941. John's had many wives and kids(some of whom knew about his immortality). How many wives and children has John had over the years? We know he's on his 36th dog. But via Omar, he has a granddaughter and a great-grandson.

John also sports an English accent in one scene and reveals he was strangled at some point in the past. John's back-story is more entertaining then the modern day aspects of this episode. This ep is dull but it does have nice opening credits.
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