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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘General Hospital’ opening credits

‘Dallas Buyers Club’ trailer
Oscar bait.

‘The Fifth Estate’ trailer
Bad dye job, bad accent, just no.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ promo

‘The Americans’ season 3 promo
Bad wigs, punching, jaw clenching and Paige as a spy. I’ll be watching.

RIP Patrick Macnee.

Poor Tim Curry.

I won’t review ‘Made For You’.

Remember the halfpenny?

Super Seed Snack with apple & cinnamon - okay.
Raspberry Jaffa Cakes - yum.
Non-dairy Raspberry Sorbet - okay.

Dear relative: stop breathing like a sex offender, frying messes in pans, moving around drying clothes and opening windows too far. Also stop whining that nobody checked on you. You’re an adult. Shut it.

I still miss ‘The Cape’ which was axed devastatingly early which was an emotional hammer blow to those who wanted to see more of Peter Fleming but not the ‘hero’ spiralling into degradation.

‘Teen Mom OG’ Quotes:
“I’m thankful for my tanning bed.”

“She’s nasty dude. She’s got no morals.”

‘General Hospital’ Quotes:
“Captivity humour.”

“I’m not in the WSB.”

“Dr Scorpio-Drake.”

“Commandeered my family’s island.”

“My dear sister-in-law.”

“Two dead Cassadines.”

“You are going to bring them back.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Knicker shops, amusement arcades, fast food joints, tacky souvenir shops and derelict sites.”

“Words were exchanged.”

“Very negative peer group.”

“Concerns he misused tablets.”

“Does anybody care?”

“From one jazz dive to another.”

“It’s industrial international bullying.”

“Laughing at her online.”

“Shaming and blaming.”

“Failings and frailties.”

“Decline of cineliteracy.”

“Must also deconstruct, contextualise and recalibrate.”

“His many paintings of anuses.”

“Enact pratfalls.”

“Galloping coincidences and startling improbabilities.”

“Comparatively quiet.”

“More pointless celebrity cameos than Cannonball Run II.”

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Quotes:
“It’s all that opera he’s been listening to. It just warped his mind. Look what it’s done to yours.”

“What purpose is it now that you serve?”

“My bastard son.”

“Shut up you pig!”

“That slut that you call your mother.”

“Are you about to die?”

“He could not care less.”

“You’re so utterly alone.”

“You can talk to me you fool!”

“How has he done that?”

“Thank the good lord.”

“Do you think it’s a lost cause?”
“Not completely. Not yet anyway.”

‘Naked & Afraid: Bares All’ Quotes:
“I ate a parrot head.”

“Wound up with three diseases.”

“Cooked grubs taste like bacon.”

“Somebody left a urine sample out in the sun.”

“Weird toxins in it.”

“Inappropriate colour.”

“Munching on a beak.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Little more questionable crowd.”

“Bought her innocence.”

“A very dark and destructive path.”

“Whore, crackhead, worthless piece of scum.”

“Negative and ugly.”

“It was harsh.”

“An addict and a liar.”

“She’s trash.”

“Not looked at as good people.”

“IV meth addict.”

“Brings shame to their family.”

“Something good doesn’t happen.”

“A very bad image.”

“Concerned about being embarrassed.”

“Why did these people kick the door down?”

“Contextualise this.”

“Momentum trend pattern.”

“I don’t know how to do it right.”

“In a hot minute.”

“In some rough waters.”

‘Robin Hood’ (2006) Quotes:
“Nobody will miss him! Least of all me!”

“Showing their breeding.”

“Pilgrims no-ones ever heard of.”

“What will you do? Cry?”

“The daughter you have. Not the daughter you wanted.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Negotiate safe passage.”

“More male relatives were called to the house.”

“The family remained unreconciled.”

“Shame-triggered violence.”

“Irredeemable deviation.”

“All rational thought is suspended.”

“Self-satisfied air.”

“It is wished that the practice of stopping on the paved walk to look in at the windows should be discontinued.

“Gauche, droll cackle.”


“Famously voluble.”

“Floozies in bonnets.”

“Refused to lose.”

“Intellectual eunuch.”

“Screwing up was her thing.”

“Succumbed to dictator worship.”

“Ill-suppressed grin.”

“Faded one.”

“A promising deal with Atari video games ended with truckloads of cartridges being buried in a desert in New Mexico.”

“The trend crashes.”

“The avenging and repentant.”

“In descending order of artistic merit.”

“1990s nostalgia.”

“Floppy, overcooked fusilli.”

“No right to decide who is honourable.”

“I felt I was trying to eat a privet hedge.”

“Scholarly bilge.”

“Arid jargon.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Paige encourages Brad and Lauren’s adultery. Poor Terese - why does she put up with the surfer bum Brad? Paige wants Terese gone. Paul’s daughter Amy is an idiot.

Best Line:
“Mum and Dad would be happier if they were a couple again.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Tony is shifty. I hate Tegan and Leela is a dumb bint. Diane is arrested for abducting Rose. Tony freaks out. Ben is weird. Tegan faked Rose’s abduction for the attention. Leela needs to be kicked, hard.
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