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Gotham 1x21 + 12 Monkeys (2015 - 2018) 1x01 - 1x04 + The Walking Dead 5x05 + Hannibal 3x03 Reviewed

The Anvil Or The Hammer
Barbara and the Ogre are inescapably associated. It’s like a riff on ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’. Gordon obsesses over the Ogre and Barbara. Ed slices up his victim. Bullock talks sense. Alfred mourns Reggie. Where is Fish? Gordon owes Penguin and has lost impartiality. I don’t care about Barbara’s period of risk. Bruce is irresponsible and has no concept of burden-sharing. Lucius Fox shows up and attests to secrets. The acting is wooden to an extent I haven’t seen since EJ on ‘Days Of Our Lives’.

Maroni is a fat idiot. Bullock goes to a brothel. This ep adheres to mediocrity. The Ogre blabbers. Penguin’s plot goes on. Miss Kringle is dumb. Barbara’s awful parents get got. Barbara is useless. The Ogre dies. The MCU are still AWOL. Ed giggles and riddles. Don Falcone finally shows up. This ep was interminable.

Best Lines:
“I should have known.”

“Meet Jake the jv pimp.”

“I’m about to violate departmental policy on interrogation techniques.”

“Hey jerko-o.”

“You’re a psycho.”

“If you try to escape I will chain you to the ceiling and gut you.”

“Bruce. Don’t forget your cookie.”

“What happened to him?”

“Ah no. Hell no.”

“Nobody move! Especially you two!”

“I see your truth.”

“Make better choices in the future.”

“Safe as milk.”

“I love you. Not her.”

Tomorrow they’ll go back to hating me.”

“Of course you did.”

“Why do I keep picking creeps?”

Unmake history.
In 2043 the world is dying and Cole (Aaron Stanford of ‘Nikita’, X2’, ‘X: Men - The Last Stand’, ‘Hills Have Eyes’ and ‘Traveler’) is sent back to 2013 to find Leland Frost the man who caused it to die. Cole meets virologist Dr Cassandra Railly and tries to warn her about the coming plague. Cole has no social skills and communicates via incoherent yelling. Cassandra’s boyfriend Aaron (Noah Bean of ‘Nikita’) worries.

Cole wants to change the future and stop the concerning incident that caused the plague and tracks Leland (Zeljko Ivanek of ‘The Event’ and ‘Heroes’). In 2015, Cassandra drinks and doesn’t seem to be a doctor anymore and has broken up with Aaron. Cole shows up again and is loud, shrill and dumb. There are twists and a mention of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. This was okay, ‘Continuum’ went off the rails after season 1 and I hope this doesn’t.

Best Lines:
“You’d do things. Horrible things.”

“Most of the human race is gonna be wiped out by a plague.”

“Like unusually fast.”

“Humanity’s on the way out, one more generation at best.”

“Some of us, very few, were immune.”

“This guy is an impossibility.”

“Tell me, what do I do that is so monumental that the laws of physics are broken to send you chasing after me?”

“There were always others.”

Mentally Divergent
The 2043 gang look into Jennifer. Cassandra asks Aaron for help. Cole ends up in North Korea and his best friend Ramse (Kirk Acevedo of ‘Fringe’) worries. Cole then ends up in a nut ward. Jennifer’s back-story gives dark information about the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Is Jennifer crazy or not? A friend of Cassandra is dead. The Pallid Man lurks and looms. Poor Jennifer is in a state due to difficult consequences and threats. Cole’s 2043 boss Jones irritates. This was okay and dark.

Best Lines:
“Spitting, clawing, violent outbursts. No ID, no next of kin. Terrific.”

“Soulful otter eyes.”

“Daddy’s feeding the worms.”

“Where is the night room?”

“Stop asking questions.”

“This guy is a maniac.”

“Lots of pills later, I was fixed.”

Cassandra Complex
Cole faces the dangerous kind of danger. Cole does some anguishing. Cole is an unfeeling jerk who has complete and utter loneliness and no hope. Cassandra and Cole look for a doctor who once worked with Jennifer. In 2043 Cole is treated like trash. The Army of the 12 Monkeys act like evil vile wretches and are conniving and black hearted. Jones is a manipulative bitch. I don’t trust Ramse. Cole goes to 2014 and faces brutality, hatred and death. In 2043 scavs are lurking for an attack. This does not adhere to linear time.

The Pallid Man resurfaces. Cassandra had a breakdown in 2014. This was okay and Cole does bad things and lies. Ramse and Cole have a dark past and Max, a face from that past is bad, bad, bad. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Yeah, he’s dead now.”

“Something to eat, screw or piss on.”

“The big burn.”

“Thank god nobody listened to you.”

The opening credits are nice. Where’s Aaron? In 2032 Cole and Ramse couldn’t eat a dog and met head scav Deacon. In 2043 the West 7 scavs attack the time travel lab. What happened to the dog? Max was Cole’s woman and is angry. Cole and Ramse are culpable for the bad things they did with the West 7. Cole saves the day through time travel. Max switches sides in unconvincing fashion and Deacon knows what the lab is. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“What is there to know?”

“You slaughtered everybody at the Western 7 quarantine zone.”

“Let them live. Create an enemy.”

“It’s ours. Not theirs.”

“What’s done is done.”
“Not anymore.”

Self Help
Eugene is obviously lying about normalisation and finally admits to it. The bus crashes and trouble ensues. There is staring, unacceptable behaviour, stupefying paranoia and yelling. Flashbacks reveal that Abraham had a stupid wife and stupid kids who left him after he killed someone with a can. They were useless, ungrateful and presumably eaten. Eugene’s disclosure causes a breakdown. How come more women aren’t pregnant? There is too much talking. Walkers are everywhere. Eugene fights zombies with a firehouse. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“Tennessee top hat.”

“Retreat means we lose!”

“Bikes don’t burn.”

“I put crushed glass in the fuel-line.”

“Looking the other way on my perversions.”

“I have no value.”

“Drinking toilet water.”

“One goat rodeo.”

“We can’t go back.”

“An air filter compromised by innards.”

Hannibal sits in the dark thinking of Will. Bedelia does her usual inexhaustible yapping. Will has more hallucinations alluding to Hannibal, verifying he is a nutter. Hannibal ate his sister. No wonder this was cancelled. Hannibal stabs someone in the head with an ice-pick in another example of appalling behaviour. Jack shows up. Will finds soul-destroying things in Castle Lecter. Will has bluntness. People mumble, suppositions are made, Jack has deep sorrow and this was bad.

Best Lines:
“Technically you killed him.”

“Some place I can never go. Home.”

“I didn’t want this.”
“Yes you did.”
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