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Book Reviews: The Horror In The Museum + The Excalibur Codex

The Horror In The Museum & Other Stories by H.P. Lovecraft
This 2010 collection gathers together various short stories that Lovecraft wrote for or with other people. These co-writes and rewrites are failed attempts to bask in the reflected glory.

The Green Meadow
Not comparable to any other Lovecraft work. Horrid.

Poetry and the Gods
Reads as booze-addled.

The Crawling Chaos
I’m unsure as to what this was about.

The Horror At Martin’s Beach
Co-written with this then wife, this is an okay tale of a sea monster.

Imprisoned With the Pharaohs
A magician (obviously Houdini) goes to Egypt and encounters old magic. Okay and I’m convinced the makers of the horrid ‘The Pyramid’ read this.

Two Black Bottles
An okay tale of darkest magicks.

The Thing In The Moonlight
A very short tale of a dream. Stale.

The Last Test
A fever and babbling. Dumb.

The Curse of Yig
Yokel talk, a snake god and a ‘twist’. Mad.

The Electric Executioner
A man is trapped in a train carriage with a crazy man. Bad.

The Mound
A long tale of a mysterious mound. Starts well but once the mound’s secrets are revealed all interest fades.

Best Line:
“Heaton was the village idiot for about eight years.”

Medusa’s Coil
A casually racist tale of how a man married an actual gorgon. About as substantial as a mammock.

Best Line:
“She was always howling queer things.”

The Trap
A tale of a mirror. Dull.

The Man Of Stone
A dumb bibulous harangue.

The Horror In The Museum
A burk spends the night in a wax museum. Dull.

Best Line:
“See here, Rogers, this won’t do.”

Winged Death
Another would be spiritual leader keeps a diary of his pathological lies. No.

Out Of The Aeons

The Horror In The Burying Ground
Semi-decent tale of small town horror.

Till A’the seas
A tale of global warming. Okay.

The Disinterment
Interpersonally exploitative, arrogant, haughty people minimise, trivialise and mitigate horror. Boring.

The Diary Of Alonzo Typer
Same as above.

Within The Walls of Eryx
A tale of Venus. No.

The Night Ocean

The Excalibur Codex by James Douglas
This sequel to ‘The Doomsday Testament’ has Nazis, mad Arabs, plotting, a hunt for Excalibur, an obvious villain and women being murdered to make the goob hero sad. This was dumb, badly written and full of massive exposition dumps.

Best Line:
“It has many names, but in our time it has always been Excalibur.”
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