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Legenderry Green Hornet #4 + Buffy The Vampire Slayer #10x16 Reviewed

Legenderry Green Hornet #4
Vigilantes and criminals fight. There is steampunk kung fu madness. This is okay but confuses loudness with excitement.

Best Lines:
“You dropped me out of an airship!”

“This is Tin Lizzie territory.”

“Oh come on now.”

“It’s dark, and we’re wearing goggles.”

Old Demons, part one
Spike and Buffy are together. Archaeus is the new big bad and Angel pays a visit. Didn’t the scythe break? Xander is pathetic. Buffy and Spike are defensive annoyances who find it incumbent on themselves to be arses. No-one cares about Faith. Where’s Anya’s ghost? This was okay but why do the gang still talk and act like stupid teenagers?

Best Lines:
“Angel’s so Catholic he probably enjoyed the thumping.”

“Any murder dreams on your end?”

“Does it strike anyone that maybe he kinda wanted us to arrive at that conclusion?”
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