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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Ted 2’ TV spot

‘London Road’ promo

‘The Hallow’ promo
UK horror that has a flaming scythe!

Best Line:
“If you trespass upon them. They’ll trespass upon you.”

‘Knock Knock’ TV spot
An Eli Roth film about a man tormented by sluts. Some doors should never be opened! Looks ridic.

‘Odyssey’ 1x05 promo
I’ll give it one more try.

Best Line:
“Because they can.

‘UnReal’ promo
A drama about reality TV. No.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ clip
EJ's mother Susan returns to Salem after 16 years and she and Kristen face off. Kristen was a social worker?!?!

‘Days Of Our Lives’ clip
It took the Salem gang 20 plus years to wonder why Tony went from being nice to a psychopath and now they finally learn why. Tony was replaced by his evil look-alike cousin 20 plus years ago. Nice friends you had Tony.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ clip
Kristen seduces Brady and he punches his vile father John in the face. Isn’t Kristen’s surname Blake not Dimera?

‘Love & Mercy’ promo

‘Selfie’ is absolutely dreadful.

The cat on the light plane!

James Frain will be in 'Gotham'! Yay!

I am reading ‘The Albino’s Treasure’.

I will review ‘The Birthgrave’, ‘Dogboy’, ‘Forces From Beyond’, ‘Atonement’, ‘Chapelwood’, ‘Covert Affairs’ season 4, ‘The Red Hand’ and ‘The Greatest Knight’.

Am delighted a certain actor is returning to ‘Days Of Our Lives’.

Sea salt milk chocolate - yum.
Scrambled egg on gluten free toast - yum.
Fat free Greek yogurt with honey - yum.
Waldorf salad - yum.
Lime tea - not so hot.
Gluten free maple cookies - okay but dry.

‘X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes’ (1963) was a terrifying film.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Quotes:
“This infantile self pity.”

“We are not all men.”

“Not another word!”

“Your selfish impulses.”

“This conversation is finished.”

“Here she goes again John.”

“Kristen is evil.”

“We’re already legally married.”
“No you’re not.”

“You did not marry Kristen!”

“You’ll get yours.”

“I locked up all the knives in the kitchen, just in case.”

“You are killing my buzz dude.”

“I suggest doubling the medication.”

“What an irritant.”

“I can’t wait to wipe them all out.”

“Even death is more preferable.”

“There’ll be no mercy waiting.”

“The disappearance of Tony Dimera.”

“Your sorry boss.”

“Big brother’s here!”

“They are my blood!”

“Whoever the hell he is.”

“Disloyal but efficient.”

“Calling us on the hell hotline.”

“What have they done with my Tony?”

“That dude is not Tony.”

“Deserves everything he’s got coming.”

“Dance on the grave of every last Brady.”

“If you were truly the son that I wanted.”

“Shut up.”

“That isn’t my Tony.”

“Kissed me like a dead fish.”

“He was every woman’s dream.”

“I can and I do.”

“You have committed an unforgivable act.”

“He came out of that coma just to irritate me.”

“Remove yourself from this automobile.”

“Almost got away with it.”
“Damn close.”


“Been Andre all along.”

“Where’s Tony?”
“He could be dead.”

“Did he tell you that?”
“At length.”

“I survived thanks.”

“You dropped my hand.”

“Might not bounce back from the dead again.”

“You know how we are.”

“Not really.”

“Tony was really Andre.”

“The big guy has a history of terrorising Tony. And this thing with Andre, now that’s just classic Stefano all the way.”

“My father loves his children as much as any man I’ve ever known.”
“If they do his bidding.”

“I did mean it.”
“Until you didn’t.”

“She said that out loud?”

“You watch your words.”

“The hands are gonna be on you.”

“I could smell evil in the air!”

“You are the evil.”

“How tiresome you are.”

“I am not a gnat.”

“What is that infernal noise?”

“Your vapid eyes.”

“Take responsibility and live with it.”

“I think not.”

“Never coming back for you. Not ever.”

“They were psychotic.”

“You’re a liar.”
“Not anymore.”

“That spawn of Satan.”

“This creepy place.”

“I woke up with this feeling of dread.”

“A few questions about your identity even then.”

“There’ll be no mascara.”

“You remember that?”

“Afraid? Of my father?”

“Save his wretched life.”

“The Dimera genes.”

“The son he always wanted.”

“How many crimes were committed in your name.”

“He wasn’t like you Stefano..He wasn’t a good little solider.”

“Socipathic maniac.”

“Tony number 3.”

“Dear old Dad.”

“Andre died many years ago.”
“Apparently not.”

“I work for powerful people.”

“Et tu Elvis?”

“No clue what you’re talking about Serpico.”

“Nobody undresses me unless it’s a girl!”

“Illegal strip search!”

“I’m being violated!”

“We’ll take my jet.”

“You’re the fool.”

“He has done that and worse!”

“Jail? Jail!”

“This low rent beer hall.”

“Which son would that be?”

‘Father Ted’ Quote:
“They invented gayness.”

‘Selfie’ Quotes:
“You’re hotter than the bottom of my laptop.”

“A book club for adult virgins.”

“That is all you will ever be.”

“I think I was doing Troy.”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quotes:
“You both seem very angry.”

“They suck so hard.”

“I have a sick parrot at home.”

“She carved the cello.”

“Too much unrealistic hope.”

“Not so awful.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Enormously angry.”

‘Man Down’ Quotes:
“Don’t be mental.”

“If you want to get a letter in the paper stop writing about untidy roundabouts.”

“Quivering like a cornered shrew.”

“A hearty food, favoured by men!”

“Almost a real subject.”

“The floor isn’t yours today.”

“You ask me again, you and I’ve got a problem.”

“God you’re tedious.”

“Sir! I feel really angry!”

“Raising your voice isn’t going to help you.”

“Step away please.”

“He looks like a melted cake.”

“Little council house scum.”

‘Happy Endings’ Quote:
“Take off your bra and let’s make a salad.”

‘90210’ Quote:
“I’m guarding purses.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Emotional extortion.”

“Did nothing to protect her.”

“Won’t let it go.”

“Need to suck it up and grow up.”

“Felt really abandoned.”

“Acted like I was insignificant.”

“Not eating fast enough.”

“For the grace of god, something was burning on the stove.”

“I didn’t.”
“You did.”

“I ran away from home a lot.”

“You need serious help.”

“Feel free to disown me.”

“Tired of being made out to be your joke.”

‘12 Monkeys’ deleted scenes Quotes:
“Six floors of bones.”

“Survived the plague and got butchered over canned goods.”

“Blue is bad. Very very bad.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Tegan calls Ste a “Part time gay” and calls Sinead a “desperate scouse-wife” and say they are “living in a dosshouse with their illegitimate kid”. The Loevdays bore. Tegan wants to shag Tony. Cindy annoys, Diane bores, Holly stirs up trouble and Phoebe’s dead. Nobody cares. It doesn’t even occur to Ste to comfort John-Paul. Where are Patrick, Nico, Minnie and Maxine? Tegan is a fat waste. Rose is snatched. The Lovejoys are accused and Scott is up to something.

Best Lines:
“Well creepy.”

“I am family.”
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