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Highlander: The Raven (1998 - 1999) 1x18 +Profit (1996) 1x08 +True Blood 7x03 +Humans 1x02 Reviewed

Thick As Thieves
Stephen Moyer of ‘True Blood’ and ‘Ultraviolet’ guest stars as an immortal thief and old friend of Amanda’s. In 1554 he and his mullet and Amanda (who had long red hair) scammed Bloody Mary. The wrong modes of address are used and Bloody Mary is a caricature. In the ‘present’. Amada wears a bad wig, Nick looks good in a tux and Dexter (Moyer) has a smug face and an assy frat boy haircut. Nick tells Amanda in authoritative fashion how to behave. Amanda has no moral courage without Nick instructing her.

Nobody has social utility. Nick is cold, callous and boring. He also likes polonecks and waving a gun. An Interpol agent drones in non-emotive fashion. There is a car chase, a sword fight and Dexter is a prat. This ep went fundamentally wrong and was not memorable. Dexter is not conciliatory and gets away to annoy another day. Which never happened as this was cancelled. The theme music for this show was okay if 90s.

Best Lines:
“Bring the bone and follow me.”

“Where is the hair?”

The final ever episode of the bold and wonderful show that was an addictive and intriguing corporate drama. Pete, Sykes and Nora’s bad touch uncle Arthur plot a hostile takeover of G&G. The salient fact is that Chaz is an ass but Profit must stop the destabilising takeover plot. Dubious Arthur brings up traumatic memories for Nora. Profit is a stylish, sneaking stalker. Bobbi shags Chaz on satin sheets and rants down a huge mobile hone. Bobbi breaks up with Constance. Joanne continues to be terrible at her job. Syke’s background and motivation is revealed.

Sykes is not the moral heart of this show. Joanne says there was a real Jim Profit who had his identity stolen. Somehow this involves Joanne going to Ireland on the fake pretext of looking into G&G’s breweries. Joanne is determined to reach the fulfilment of her declared intention to take Profit down. Bobbi recalls she is a heroin addict. Profit repairs Pete and Nora’s marriage. Arthur has a convenient allergy. People comply with Profit’s plotting. Sykes really can’t act.

Profit reconciles Chaz and the orange Pete. Sykes plots. Profit wants to be part of the Gracen clan and achieves this and takes on the consequent obligations. Nora gets incentive to act and goes from denunciation to more extreme methods. Bobbi nearly dies. Profit dumps water on her and remonstrates Bobbi into sobriety. Gail serves Profit faithfully. Profit is incomparably awful. Nora is in a precarious mental state. Profit chats with a child. Arthur tries to contextualise his foulness. Sykes and Joanne are out in the cold. Where is the real Profit? Who is the real Profit? Why does Pete and Nora’s house look so different from 1x01?

Joanne stands in a phone box from the 80s or maybe the 70s. There’s a party and Profit and Bobbi are successful cuckoos in the nest. Profit wants more and this okay episode has a deliciously inappropriate ending. Oh, season 2 could have been good.

Best Lines:
“Like dropping a baby in a snake pit. Ouch.”

“900 dollars in parking tickets.”

“Don’t they believe in toilet paper?”

“Greet the peons.”

“I really need to start carrying a gun.”

“Sometimes evil can be forgiven.”

“Clog your emotional arteries.”

“Perhaps the massive amount of narcotics in her system numbed her to the trauma.”

“Blood tests can be contaminated.”

“This is America Bobbi where even a drug guzzling gutter slut like you can be the sole emotional support of a man like Charles Gracen.”

“I never take no for an answer.”
“You’ll go far.”

“It’s like working in Russia.”

“Our little Lucifer.”

Fire In The Hole
The really horrible previous two episodes had horrible dialogue and women as property and weren’t as brilliant as TPTB though they were. This ep however is good. Sarah Newlin resurfaces in a retreat. Pam has found the sketchy no-hoper Eric and he is still a smirking presence. Isn’t moonlight just reflected sunlight? Why don’t they burn up in it? There are flashbacks to the nuance light Eric in France.

Dullard Bill gets away with his flamboyantly insane dastardly villain crap. Sookie is a worthless person and a tragic deluded parasite with all the personality of a blow-up doll. A mob forms. Sam acts like the resident idiot. Jason is uninteresting and plain stupid. The  fauxronic hippy broods. Holly does magic. Hep-V’s have privileged, smug self-awareness. Bill and Sookie are so getting back together. Sookie has an inability to regulate her emotions. Hoyt’s mother is killed which just proves that vampires are monsters. Jessica is still horribly calculated and not sorry about how she treated Hoyt. The Reverend finally reveals his past. Heavies chase Sarah. Blood flies, vamps, die and so does the hot werewolf.

Best Lines:
“I don’t like you.”

“That makes me hate you.”

“I gets it.”

“How very unhelpful of you.”

Humans 1x02
This was a letdown after 1x01. Anita has inscrutability. There are memories synths don’t want to forget. Laura is a monotonous hysterical man-repeller. A cop openly despises his injured wife’s medical synth. Leo broods in a hoodie and is injured. There is a lack of critical discussion about synths. Leo has idealisation of synths. Laura decides to take the off-puttingly weird Anita back to the shop because she is hysterical. Various people have moral panics over synths. George hates his new synth who restricts his movements. Matilda is awful and tries to hack a synth. The cop can’t cope with synths. George may have created synths. Anita is perved over and has memories. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“Having a public fist fight over who gets the family dolly.”

“I’m watching you.”
“I’m watching you too Laura. You’re right in front of me.”


“Your assigned care unit.”

“Making my existence pointless.”

“Play some relaxing forest sounds.”

“Exceeds safe limits for men over 60.”
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