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Book Reviews: Endgame + Coven + The Chosen + Monstrosity + The Doomsday Testament

Night School: Endgame by C.J Daugherty
The 5th and final entry in the wildly uneven series. ‘Resistance’ was terrible and ended with the cliffhanger of Allie’s male chaperone Carter being taken hostage by the evil Nathaniel. In this book, Allie continues her extreme personal reinvention and continues to endow her two shallow love interests with praise for all sorts of qualities they don’t actually posses. Also the remaining students of the Cimmeria Academy fight Nathaniel. This was good and things are wrapped up. Maybe there will be a spin off series at some point where Allie and her neoliberalism fights Nathaniel informally.

Best Lines:
“Will you just stop.”

“He’s as mad as a box of badgers, that much I’ll allow you.”

Coven by Edward Lee
This 1991 ‘horror’ is horrible misogynistic demeaning trash. Wade is a student at Exham which is the alma mater of the rich and thick. Strange beings are running around the campus abducting and murdering people but no-one really notices or cares. Lydia is a campus cop inexplicably attracted to the un-alluring Wade. The duo must save the world in the face of apathy and public hostility. This was rancid and full of sexual violence. It is dated, obvious, cheap and about as scary as tinfoil with its obscure pop culture references, political jokes and obsession with beer.

Best Lines:
“Make. Babies. What a thing to say at Christmas.”

“Raving toothless hillbillies chased topless blondes through the bayou with hatchets.”

The Chosen by Edward Lee
In this 1993 novel Vera goes to manage a remote hotel and is plunged into a tale of sex, violence and general stupidity. Jerks, sex, demons, sexual violence, rampant misogyny, anti-drug ranting and homophobia are on every page. This was lazily written, unlovely and terrible like the authors previous ‘Creekers’. Words cannot describe just how imically awful this is.

Best Lines:
“He should have stayed at T.G.I.F.”

“We see Daisy back in the woods behind some guy’s house, doing a whole motorcycle gang. She’s pure scum, man. Probably got every disease in the book.”

Monstrosity by Edward Lee
This 2003 novel starts out with a Lovecraft like prologue but by Chapter 1 Lee disparately returns to sexual violence with vehemence. All his female characters are strangely supplicant and have collective victimisation. The plot is a flailing effort and disrespect reigns supreme. Social paradigms are ignored, pathologies are on display, there is corporate malevolence, a villain speech and a worrying individual who is clearly evil. To read this and the ridic twist ending is to do yourself a disservice.

Best Lines:
“It will decredulize me.”

“This is junkie paradise.”

“Doing repugnant things with abominable people.”

The Doomsday Testament by James Douglas
An art recovery expert finds his dead grandfather’s diary and is plunged into an adventure involving looted art, Nazi super science, covetous murderers and a mysterious artefact. This book shows how ‘The Da Vinci Code’ is clearly responsible for destroying culture. This knock off has absolutist crazies, a vulgar acquisition culture, an obsequious ‘love interest’, horrifyingly unconvincing sex scenes, garish action and a perpetually furious unlovely hero. This was unsatisfactory and crappo.

Best Line:
“Wow! What a master plan. The Pink Panther strikes again. Raffles has a rival!”
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