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Prison Break Season 4 Ep 18 Review

Dear Lord, this show has plummeted in quality. It was at its overall best in season 2 when Mahone was a villain and it was at its best this season when Self was the villain. Now the show is centred on Lincoln who is coming across as a bully and a fool. Meanwhile Mahone and Self are reduced to being tag a long sidekicks as Lincoln faces off with his sea cow of a mother. Meanwhile in other ludicrous goings on Sara finds a convenient pregnancy test and she's knocked up. Did she and Michael ever have sex?

This show is all so incredibly dumb and pointless now, they should just have ended it with Self's bad guy rampage. Instead of that we get the General being a moron, Christina being useless and T-Bag selling everyone out, again. This was a waste of 60 minutes.

Best Line:
"You could go to prison."
"Which one?"
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