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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Entourage’ promo
WTF is the point of this?

Best Line:
“I also want to direct.”

‘Man Up’ promo
Simon Pegg gets more loathsome by the day.

‘G.L.O.W’ (1988 - 1990) opening
The women wrestlers dance and rap. Palestina vows murder (no comment), the Housewives mess up and Jackie Stallone sounds half hearted.

‘True Detective’ season 2 promo
No, seems peculiarly repellent.

‘Hollyoaks’ promo
Yawn. Rose is abducted. Oh boo hoo!

‘Days Of Our Lives’ clip
Stefano does a hilariously bad collapse during Kirsten’s ‘funeral’ in the 1998 Killing Pool storyline. How many kids does the man have?

‘Not Safe For Work’ promo

‘Humans’ 1x03 promo
Matilda annoys. Yawn.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ clip
During Kristen’s wedding to Brady (the son of her ex lover John). A sextape of Kristen and Eric (the priest conducting the ceremony) is played by Marlena. Brady punches Eric and Kristen stews in her trashy dress. Also Hope tilts her head to get a better view.

Spanish spicy chorizo - yum.
Goat’s cheese - yum.
SanPellegrino Grapefruit - yum.
Raw Dessert Pot Raw Cocoa & orange ganache - okay.
Pecans - yum.

I won’t be reading ‘The Flame In The Mist’, ‘Nearly Gone’, ‘Dreamwalker’ or ‘Escape From Eden’.

I won’t review ‘Odyssey’ 1x04 ‘Tango Uniform’.

I will review ‘12 Monkeys’ season 1, ‘The Excalibur Codex’, ‘The Horror In The Museum’ and ‘The Water Knife’.

Old Father Time is back at Lords.

‘Death of a Cheerleader’ aka ‘A Friend to Die For’ from 1994 was bad apart from the scene where Kellie Martin stabbed Tori Spelling to death. The 1998 ‘Gods and Monsters’ was okay but Brendan Fraser was pernicious. In ‘The Happiest Days Of Your Life’ (1950) a boys school and a girls school have to share premises. This was irreverent and populated by dullards and manbabies. ‘Undertaking Betty’ (2002) was a terrible movie starring a staring Alfred Molina who was obsessed with a put upon pathetic woman.

Dear relative: for someone who claims to have no money, you’re able to splash out on a Smartphone and Egyptian cotton towels. You don’t need these things and you just make a mess. Stop throwing fits about yogurt, failing to recycle and monopolising conversations.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“The professional attractive holidaymaker, a taut, baked, dry sex twig squeezed into a straining neon bikini, spread lizard-like, over a rock or a sunlounger, in some far-slung, sexless, airless, drinkless dustbowl destination.”

“Slut drops.”


“Someone has been peeing in the kettle.”

“A moody cow.”

“Not entitled to electricity.”

“Cold, hard veneer.”

“Provocative indifference.”

“Ascot’s recent dress code stipulates knickers must be worn.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“You can’t be this stupid.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“You’re living by his mood, his triggers of what will set him off into his anger and shouting.”

“He didn’t apologise for it, ever. He had kind of stopped apologising at that point.”

“What did you say to wind me up that much?”

“Soldiers in a war on other people’s flaws.”

“Endearingly pedantic.”

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Quotes:
“I wish I could say I was upset.”

“I doubt you’ll mourn for long.”

“You disappoint me. But then, you always have.”

“What? There’s no threat?”

“I can’t possibly be cruel enough.”

“She’s mean, mean, mean.”

“I sure don’t want it.”

“That explains so much.”

“I just can’t do that.”


“I curse the day I called you son! I spit on you!”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Created predictable order.”

“Pushing mad, needlessly destructive policies.”

“Psychological negative effects.”

“Hoodie brigade.”

“The corded ware culture.”

“Specious moral relativism.”

“Camp and cloying.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Paul’s estranged daughter Amy nearly runs over Sonia’s brat. Paul has a flashback to the 80s and his big hair.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: the baby switch plot is recalled. Scott has a grievance narrative. I continue to be unimpressed by Ste/Sinead and their non-existent taste and philistinism.
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