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The Walking Dead 5x04 + Hannibal 3x02 Reviewed

Muted Beth wakes up in a hospital in Atlanta which is ideologically driven. Thankfully this is a break from Rick and his visceral condemnation of everything and oppressive wholly unreasonable behaviour. Beth is thankless and has rampant disaffection with what is going on at the hospital. Civilization has irreparably broken down and people keep making calamitous misjudgements. A ham-fisted bad guy menaces Beth and her faux long suffering face. There is bad medical care and Beth is willing to let people die to save herself. She is a monstrosity and is deliberately being intolerant. This started out with promise but I can’t stand Beth and her selfishness. She makes it anything but vibrant. I feel unstinting dislike for Beth and want Dawn to beat her ass more. There are twists but I don’t care.

Best Lines:
“We managed to secure and guard the stairwell. Windows are blown out on the ground floor.”

“Jacked that rotter up.”

“Everything costs something.”

“I don’t have the tools to save him.”

“She’s in charge. But just barely.”

“If we take, we give back.”

“Somebody who ain’t you.”

“Somebody in charge who ain’t her.”

“City had fallen.”

“You’re not the greater good.”

“There have been compromises.”

There are flashbacks to Hannibal’s sketchy behaviour and Abigail’s self-victimization. Will’s not dead and wants to find Hannibal and his menacing visage. Where are Will’s dogs? Abigail hangs around as a ghost to annoy. There are more never-were hallucinations that are just indulgence and faux chin-stroking intellectual. I’m tired of Will and his borderline-psycho mumbling. Its 8 months since Hannibal stabbed everyone. Are Jack and Alana dead or alive? Who cares. Will is impelled to go on a long and bitter hunt for his buddy Hannibal. This show is coasting on past glories. People are overwhelmingly stupid and act in improbable ways. Is no-one but Will morally mandated to find Hannibal? The plot is all unknowability. Hannibal has been murdering for a long time and lurks spying on Will. I felt dismissive of this timorous ep. Nothing fearful happened at all.

Best Lines:
You grabbed the wrong end.”

“He’s playing with us.”

“He didn’t give us one yet.”

“God’s not who I came to find.”
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