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Humans 1x01 + Gotham 1x20 Reviewed

Humans 1x01
There were cute robots on ‘Battle Of The Planets’, ‘Buck Rogers In The 25th Century’, ‘Lost In Space’ and ‘Ulysses 31’. In this tale, robots called synths are part of everyday life. Laura, a harassed wife and mother has no emotional warmth for her family so her husband Joe decides to buy a synth as a maid/housekeeper/nanny. The salesman is Jim from ‘Hollyoaks’. Joe and Laura’s children are Toby, Matilda and Sophia. Laura doesn’t want the synth in the house and pressurises the family with her intermittent presence and disproportionate reactions. The synth is named Anita and she is an absolute necessity.

Meanwhile things are going on in the woods. Leo (Colin Morgan) is on the run with a self-aware synth and there are others out there. Anita has secrets and maybe a sense of her own subjecthood. Laura has moral shortcomings and is annoyed by Anita’s unrelenting cheerfulness. The vile Matilda has inherited her mother’s attention seeking behaviour. This was good and has horrible glory.

An old codger named George (William Hurt) wants to keep his old synth but his caseworker has only a craven tolerance for him. Synths are changing and things go a bit Stepford as the enormity and finality of what is coming is hinted at. Synths hamper the jobs market. Cops have a special technologies taskforce. Laura has an abrasive personality and a superior air. There are fruit picking synths, medical synths, sex syths and some of them have conduct disorders.

Morally dubious things happen, there is talk about the singularity and how synths will supplant their creators. George intrigues, Leo deals with escalating problematic behaviour and Laura is particularly repellent. A Channel 4 newscaster appears as himself and there are mentions of Asmiov locks. Mmmmm.

Best Lines:
“That’s a really posh one.”

“Don’t come in dad, I’m masturbating.”

“Is your synth in?”

“Not now Vera.”

“Not upset by the infant’s actions.”

“This time you didn’t bother.”

“I feel avoided.”

“Why would a synth need a telephone?”

“Work is a human right.”

“You just ruin everything.”

“Fingers crossed it’s only burglars.”

“Inhaling poison.”

“There is no home.”

“Did you turn off your pain?”

“You have to press the button. It needs human body heat.”

“Technology surpasses us.”

“Panties down, not off.”

“Should we be afraid of our synthetics?”

Under The Knife
Bruce has a firestorm over cat-teen. Ed stabs melons and eats them. Leslie has a bizarre bathroom and no sense of security. There are BS scares. I feel a discontinuation of interest. The Ogre and his knowing smirk targets Barbara. Bruce is an arse. Penguin plots against Maroni. Miss Kringle’s boyfriend beats her and Ed decides to do something about it. Alfred has walked off being stabbed. Where are the MCU? Cat-teen wears an ugly dress. This was stupid with dumb ‘twists’ in the Ogre case. Maroni menaces Penguin. Ed steps over a line. Penguin lies to his mom and this was just stupid.

Best Lines:
“I’m a member of society.”

“If a bus hit me tomorrow, no-one would care.”

“You’re a mad fellow aren’t you?”


“Thank you. No thank you.”

“A little too much leather.”

“I don’t have to say anything.”
“Then nod.”
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