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Movie Reviews: Someone To Watch Over Me + 7 Others

Someone To Watch Over Me (1987)
A council-estate cop Mike (Tom Berenger) meets a rich girl murder witness Claire (Mimi Rogers) who is high class and has a walk in perfume closet. The cop’s mum-tum wife Ellie (Lorraine Bracco) sulks. The killer (Andreas Katsulas) is out there, rich girl’s husband is a stamping, ranting, resentful psychodrama and emotion is unprocessed. Mike’s boss (Jerry Orbach) yells.

The bum scratching Mike pulls faces like he has rampant urinary incontinence and a prolapsed something or other. He feels a moment of despair at his life and does some environmental cleansing by having adulterous thoughts in between looking for the obvious ner-do-well who is lurking. There are stupid tactics, Claire is simply unable to stop talking about anything and her friends are gurning, comely, couthy, toothsome and classless. This was a dingy irrelevance.

Claire has passivity, moral fibre is flexible and there are some fairly profound moral compromises. One should just blithely ignore this tale of porous tainted morality. Mike is a wretched swine and acts in heinous fashion to his wife. Nobody is chillingly pragmatic and trash verbiage is spewed. Ellie is bereft and angry. Mike is infuriatingly vague. Claire’s husband has savage indignation and the baffling plot drags on. This was useless and disposable film. I felt diminished interest from the 1st minute and this has no emotional resonance.

The irrationally screaming Ellie is excluded and jealous but Mike goes back to her after some saccharine, twee and antiseptic violence. I’m sure he’ll be as distant, uncountable and emotionally disconnected as ever as. Claire and her waspy social rules decides her nasty, horrible and combustible affair with Mike has no emotional stakes. Mike is infuriatingly nonchalant about his awfulness. The etiolated Claire and her personality of hand cream depart in boring and soppy fashion. Mike goes home in a wave of cloying ingratiation and unpalatable feebleness.

Best Lines:
“What about when she wants to go out?”
“Discourage it.”

“Television can be a dangerous thing.”

“What kind of duty? Gigolo?”

“They’re gonna find you dead with your face missing!”

“I do love you.”

“She’s got to identify him.”

“I might stop you.”

“She bought it.”

“You get off this case or you don’t come home!”

“Please live!”

“Don’t explain.”

“How long you going away for?”
“Long enough.”

Genevieve (1953)
Quaint and sentimentalised.

Beaches (1988)
Boring cornucopia of cattiness.

Juno (2007)

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

Planet Of The Apes (1968)

Point Of No Return (1993)

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes (1970)
Iffy and overdone.
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