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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Man From Uncle’ trailer
A Russian accent, fights, Hugh Grant and this looks okay.

Best Lines:
“Grow a spine Solo.”

“What are you doing down there?”
“Trying not to get lost.”

‘Humans’ 1x02 promo
Soulless robots = lethality.

Best Line:
“Not she, it.”

‘12 Monkeys’ season 1 trailer
I may review this. I hated the movie but this tale of a virus, time travel and various ‘Nikita’ cast members running around looks interesting.

Best Lines:
“Is to undo it.”

“Unmade it.”

“Everyone you see is already dead.”

“What do I do?”

“How is that possible?”

“Everybody is already dead.”

‘Shirley Valentine’ (1989) promo
“The F plan!”

‘Traffic’ (2000) promo

‘Green Zone’ (2010) promo

‘Drillbit Taylor’ (2008) promo

‘Team America: World Police’ (2004) promo
Hee ha!

I may review ‘Undertaking Betty’.

A restaurant I loved has closed and another has changed entirely. Boo!

The 1600s potato pie I saw on a cookery show interested me.

The hippo in the Georgia floods! A hippo!

Am tempted by the new Sodastream.

Anyone else recall ‘The Clangers’?

Dear relative: shut up. Shut up about old photos, your old bedroom, the cutlery drawer, a tree and “too many cups”. You never do the washing up and now you want to buy sheets and towels that aren’t needed. Stop leaving doors open, taking over rooms, shutting windows and going on about your “deep pain”. Stop talking and going on about renovations nobody wants. Stop buying so many papers, breathing loudly, wasting water and hogging papers. I am sick of you and want you to go away and learn to spell.

Butter Chicken - yum.
Bacon - yum.
Milk chocolate - yum.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:

“By adding a third person (or more) to their bedroom mix.”

“Made his hatred towards her apparent.”

“Both swear and loudly slag other people off and everyone behaves as if this is a perfectly normal Sunday morning.”

“Show her honkers.”

“Bra churning.”

“I don’t think about anything.”

“Style tips for the homeless.”

“Issues credible threats from the midst of a Nintendo wii aerobics session.”


“Misrepresent or falsely charge.”

“Their idiotic world view.”

“Inviting the violence that was visited upon them.”

“Played venues so small, they didn’t have a backstage.”

“The First Balkan War of 1912, the Second Balkan War in 1913.”


“Unlettered orphans do not keep diaries.”

“Hordes of useless trollops.”

“The startlingly disconnects underlying their friendships.”

“Duplicity of the most outlandish sort.”

“Private anxiousness.”

“A violent melodrama.”

“Not welcomed.”

“A mad-sounding cookbook.”

“A cynical and mendacious course.”

“A materially false documentary record.”

“I feel excluded from Ireland.”

“Have the right to be in my own country.”

“Determined to put me in a cell.”

“Exclusionary abuse.”

“Gouging out their teeth for reuse.”

“Lifestyle envy.”

“Find that expression of emotion disconcerting.”

“My liberal students terrify me.”

“Fuelled his students’ ire.”

“Don’t grab a snake by the anus.”

“Deeply unhappy.”

‘The Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“He was bored of assaulting people and would like to see someone murdered.”

“His levels of aggression.”

“Since the riot police and escape episodes.”

“Are not permitted to wear shoes and must wear just one layer of clothing. They are also not allowed to watch television.”

“A cold and granite grandeur.”

“The character was mute: there was a rumour Lee insisted on this after reading his dialogue.”

“A sculpted cruelty.”

“Ending up on the wrong side the Single Narrative.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Afraid to sit with their own emotions.”

“Volcanic eruption of wind.”

“No, you’re not having any part of this.”

“Up it all comes - right across the floor.”

“Mummy’s eaten red lumpy things for dinner.”

“Practical necessity.”

“Battle honours.”

“Insisting it stop enabling them.”

“His foreign paymasters.”

“Far too simple and largely wrong.”

“Had a messianic belief.”

“Nobody had any expectation of presents or lunch.”

“Useless things of all kinds.”

“Didactic purpose.”

“The narrative voice is one of prim instruction.”

“A dismal observation.”

“The detrimental impact.”

“Brim-full of evil qualities.”

“John’s offences are almost too numerous to list.”

“A mad-headed youth.”

“John was one of the worst Kings - arguably the worst - ever to sit on England’s throne.”

“Many acts of misgovernment.”

“Help keep youths under control.”

“Bad-taste tattoos.”

“Stalking unsuspecting pensioners around off-licences.”

“A very angry customer on the other side of the reinforced glass.”

“Claptrap and self-delusion.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I feel resentment.”

“Start having an argument.”

“She should come apologise to me.”

“How can you not know?”

“Have you tried?”

“30 years of anger.”

“Lack of respect.”

“You owe me an apology.”
“For what?”

“When did I neglect you?”

“Her men and her drugs.”

“I thought she was a slut.”

“Started doing meth.”

“An amazing liar.”

“Ate mouldy tortillas.”

“Overestimating threat.”

“Normal windows of interaction.”

“With her not to her.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“A poshness test.”

Selfie’ Quotes:
“Unearned adulation.”

“I threw up really hard.”

“Vapid, despised, social media obsessed narcissist.”

“Your dress less tight.”

“My own clothes too slutty.”

“Causing satanic hallucinations.”

“Her lipstick matches her thong.”

“Warm nut.”

“A touch of ham tongue.”

“Grinders remorse.”

“Can you please move your nut?”

On ‘Neighbours’: defensive Lauren causes more problems in Brad and Terese’s marriage cos she’s a passive aggressive bitch. Josh is the father of Amber’s baby. Daniel is boring and stupid. Terese is presented as a roadblock to Brad and Lauren’s inevitable reunion. The cheap little tart Paige annoys. Terese lays down the law to sordid Brad. Daniel steams.

Best Lines:
“Being part of the problem in your marriage.”

“I’m playing the long game.”

“He’s totally clueless.”
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