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3 Book Reviews

A Crown For Cold Silver by Alex Marshall
This is a good fantasy told with conspiratorial playfulness. A former general and queen is driven out of retirement on a path of vengeance. A former barbarian deals with retirement rather piteously. People without class or status are drawn into a war where everyone totally misunderstands everyone else’s motives. Various people plot on their evil-minded ownsome, good ideas prove disastrous and everyone seems to be emotionally unstable with a personality disorder. Add in a dash of Lovecraft and this enthrals - I’ll be there for the sequel.

Best Lines:
“Well, there’s a welcome omen.”

“He hadn’t thrown up on himself - things were looking up.”

“Learning credulity-straining revelations.”

The Knights Of The Black Earth by Margaret Weis & Don Perrin
A ridiculous badly written military sci-fi.

The Immortals by Tracy Hickman
In this 1997 novel V-CIDS ravages America and the infected are put in ERIS quarantine camps in this imagined ‘daring vision’ of 2010. An annoying man named Michael infiltrates a camp looking for his infected son. It is a stupid plan and he soon learns a sanitized termination is coming. This is a ridiculous novel: there was a Cuban expeditionary force in 02, there is stupid slang and talk of the I-Net. There is no Google Earth, Texas has seceded, Mexico threatens war and Denver and Houston have been nuked. LA is deserted and there are no buses or interstate. Rednecks are dumb, the military plot and the camp is a dystopian hellhole. There is manpain and mansplaining. There are dumb ‘twists’ and this was patronising liberal claptrap. I’m not having this.

Best Lines:
“Defending that same drug cabinet against the junkie.”

“In the Decade of Excuses.”

“These blights on our nation.”

“No video, no audio, fax, or word escaped the cordon.”
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