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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2’ trailer
The Capitol is attacked. A wedding. Didn’t they blow up that dam? Foreshadowing of Prim. Peeta pops up. Looks okay.

Best Line:
“Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games.”

‘Scream: The TV series’ trailer
Lakewood where the pretty people die. No, this looks like a mess of horrible ideas and inaction.

Best Lines:
“You have a dark mind.”

“The bloodbath commences.”

‘Were The World Mine’ trailer
Lunatic hubris.

‘A Four Letter Word’ trailer

‘3-Day Week’ trailer
Low budget unsatisfaction.

‘Dorian Blues’ trailer
Rampant self indulgence here.

Best Lines:
“For a 100 bucks she likes you fine.”

“It’s not a straight word.”

‘Empire’ promo
Who is Yoko?

Best Line:
“Can you play the tambourine?”

‘Daredevil’ (2015) opening credits

Chocolate rice sorbet - good.
Mint ice cream - okay.
Gluten free Cashew Nut & Salted Caramel cookies - yum.
Garlic potatoes - yum.

I will review ‘Endgame’ and ‘How I Live Now’.

‘The X Files’ are doing a sequel to ‘Home’! Yay!

‘The Venus DeMilo Instead’ was from 1987.

‘Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones’ (2002) was ridic. ‘Rasputin: The Mad Monk’ (1966) was okay. ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ (1974) was okay and ‘1941’ (1979) was bad. ‘Horror Express’ (1972) was good and ‘The Return Of Captain Invincible’ (1983) was bizarre.

The new show ‘Cordon’ sounds interesting.

1995 gave us the crappy ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ ep ‘Parallax’ and the okay ‘Sliders’ ep ‘Prince of Wails’. Also Alfred Molina was in ‘Species’ but no-one recalls that.

RIP Christopher Lee.

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Methodically vents his spleen.”

“An undercurrent of suspicion and general unhappiness.”

“A self-confessed pariah.”

“A volatile setting.”

“Completely inappropriate and disrespectful.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Thinks everybody’s stupid.”

“Negative consequences to one of her actions.”

“Anyone like that.”

“Did you give her drugs?”

“Do bad things to her.”

“No home, no job, no car, no husband.”


“These horrible people.”

“Very convicted and clear.”

“Seduced and coerced.”

“To justify or validate your actions.”

“Soothe yourself.”

“They cannot see you in this condition.”

“Things escalated.”

“Gave her son away for drugs.”

“She loves destroying people’s lives.”

“The memory of signing them, I do not have.”

“Don’t cause drama.”

“What drama did I cause?”

“Found a drug pipe.”

“No, I was not.”

“Married 8 times.”

“Is mentally unstable.”

“Getting frozen out.”

“I’m speaking for myself right now.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Gone down a lane at 8:30pm with her baby.”


“Until the buses deign to come.”


“Individuals with hostile intent.”

“Half-wit Canadian guy.”

“Glassy, overly made-up blandness.”

“Old grumps.”

“Vaporous nature of her achievements.”

“Equally blank.”

“Saps all character.”

“Remarkably hostile.”


“Drearily familiar.”

“Hopelessly misjudged.”

“Consequently very much alone.”

‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ Quote:
“Come Hastings.”

‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ Quotes:
“We’ll take him too.”

“Some nosey socialite.”

‘Someone To Watch Over Me’ Quote:
“Left Elaine for that?”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Relaxing French codes of behaviour.”

“Melted car rust.”

“Parisian taxi drivers traditionally go purple with apoplexy at the sight of kids.”

“The pavement is a motorbike lane.”

“When a Parisian driver spots a bike, he presses the accelerator.”

“Irrationally irritated.”

“The personality one puts on when trying really hard to impress.”

“Indifferent weather.”

“A biblical-looking eel.”

“The comic drone of a dial-up connection.”

“Loaded with tantalising inefficiency.”

“Seem a little overwrought.”

“Ill-spirited conclusions.”


“Querulous query.”

“Cumulatively coruscating.”

“Only marginally less moronic.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Dylan is horrible. Sinead is with Diane in the opening credits. Lockie shags John-Paul and then Porsche - he didn’t seem to wash in-between. Mercedes and Cleo still hate on Porsche. Dylan and Nico are awful. Robbie storms the hospital.

Best Lines:
“It’s Porsche’s. Crazy cow.”

“You just bring chaos.”

“Might just be out there sniffing bums.”

“I’m in charge now!”

“Something furry you can stroke.”

“You’re like cancer to this family.”

“Help? You?”
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