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Book Review: Too Good To Be True

Sweet Valley High #11: Too Good To Be True created by Francine Pascal
This 1984 entry in the endless saga sees size 6 Jessica head off to NY for a visit whilst her hosts’ daughter, Suzanne Devlin, pays a reciprocal visit to Sweet Valley. Jessica’s size 6 identical twin Elizabeth fawns over Suzanne and all the boys of summer stalk her - which is non-stigmatising. Meanwhile in NY Jessica hangs out with Suzanne’s ghastly boyfriend Pete without excessive worry. They dine at the restaurant in the World Trade Centre.

There are really dated pop-culture references. The prudish boring Elizabeth soon realises Suzanne’s unrealibity and lack of integrity and decides that there must be accountability for the devil in disguise Suzanne. How Suzanne and her pointless plotting is unmasked is ridiculous and the inappropriate teacher carries on being inappropriate. This was trite, badly written and full of unsubtle foreshadowing. There was a sequel ‘Special Christmas’ where the pariah Suzanne returned to town on a normalisation agenda after becoming good and everyone forgave her.

Best Lines:
“You can wear my new culottes while I’m gone if you like,”

“This crummy little cowpatch.”

“We could listen to the stereo or something.”

“Don’t be so crass.”

“Miss Good-As-Gold Elizabeth Wakefield.”

“I’d rather have a rattlesnake for a friend.”

“Maybe I can crack her angelic veneer after all.”

“Guess you really showed Suzanne up.”
The main thing is that Mr Collins won’t have to lose his job. I think we have enough witnesses who’ll tell the school board what that girl is really like.”
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