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Odyssey 1x03 + True Blood 7x02 Reviewed

Drop King
People are shot, Odelle is insecure, assumptions are made and Ruby the fake reporter is revealed for what she obviously is. Harrison has over-optimism about his own intelligence. Odelle has wide eyed panic and people yell hostile remarks at her. The plot sprawls languidly and is militantly unsurprising. White boy rock fans Bob and Harrison yell - Bob is an abstemious looking twit. There is no clarity. Peter sits in a self imposed waiting station of plot boredom. Harrison’s famous reporter father pops up. The evil Colonel has burning scorn. People are very unwelcoming. Everyone is stupid. The wannbe Greek PM slinks. The private military guy, Frank, bores. I’m thinking of dropping this show, it has about as much depth as 'The Word'.

Best Lines:
“Pay the clerk on your way out.”

“Why are you afraid of me all of a sudden?”

“Should work this hard at your real job.”

“You can occupy the backyard.”

“I know its blood money.”

“I’m not allowed.”

“No sense of decency.”

“Obviously horrible people.”

“I don’t wait in line.”

I Found You
Jason has a sex dream about Eric in this unrelentingly dour and unengaging episode. The show continues to sag and creating captivating antagonists is not one of this show’s strengths. There is no gravitas, menace or sinister edge. Nor is there any emotional or psychological heft. Why aren’t the Hep-V’s dying? There is swearing and Arlene tries to lead the basement people. Nobody thinks to check the vampire bar, no-one acts in a safe or wise way and Sookie finally recalls the trip hazard corpse in the woods. This ep has no emotional impact. The townsfolk rebel and Sam is outed. The ‘heroes’ act in ethically problematic ways as they prance around a creepy dead town. There is a bizarre season 1 flashback to justify Sookie’s behaviour. Sookie is an empathy free roaring psychopath who acts in really grimy ways. Tara’s mother has visions of her. Eric pops up for real and there is no deep communal unease anywhere.

Best Lines:
“I do want to hear it today.”

“Fine, I’ll reap.”

“I did not survive 4 lousy husbands, a serial killer boyfriend, the sorta suicide of my love Terry, to die in the dingy basement.”

“All this time I was blaming the Nyquil.”

“Even a whiff of mercy.”

“I would hug you but I can’t.”

“Our mayor, who’s a dog-bear.”

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