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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Sense8’ promo

‘Odyssey’ 1x03
My interest in this show isn’t obliterated yet.

Best Line:
“No-one’s coming for you Odelle.”

‘Selfie’ promo
No wonder this was axed.

‘The Little Vampire’ (2000) promo

I am reading ‘A Crown For Cold Silver’.

No ‘Charmed’ reboot. Yeah!

Gluten free chocolate muffin - okay.
Chilli potatoes - okay.
Milk chocolate truffles & fondants - okay.
Strawberry ice cream - okay.

I’d like to try walnut pesto.

Years ago I went to a butterfly farm.

‘Drugstore Cowboy’ (1989) was a film about horrible horrible people.

‘Dean Spanley’ (2008) was crap magical realism.

Best Line:
“The chair don’t spit.”

I hope to review ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’.

Dear relative: stop being thankless and eating constantly and being pathetic.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“The tubes weren’t blocked up with lifeless drunks and sick.”

“A sphere of sog.”

“I felt the eyes of the other diners boring into us with horror.”

“Deep wells of pain.”

“Calligraphic gestures.”

“Wound bearing.”

“Bare acres of flesh to the growing boredom of a jaded public.”


“Nightly 12-hour webcam sex sessions.”

“Regardless of any negative consequences.”

“Make their worse decisions.”

“Had full porn sex.”

“Don’t mention the broom cupboard.”

“They found the language difficult and the television dire.”

“Started creating a scene.”

“He’s often ignored.”

“Behaved like a bitter failure.”

“Slow, incremental humiliation.”

“Like eating a diabetic’s nappy.”

“A strangely prim gesture.”


“Juvenile homosexual stabbings.”

“Much to the disgust and contempt.”

“Anything not to antagonise him.”

“Sordid sexual favours.”


“That house journal of American narcissism Vanity Fair.”

“Look-at-the-fools irony about it.”

“Quite horribly tasteful.”

“Oddly akin.”

“Not good men.”


“Had no respect for her.”

“Airy innocence.”

“A grade z cowboy movie in which the acting finished second to the cinerary and the Cinemascope process.”

“Murderous aggression.”

“Audible shock.”

“Foreboding atmosphere.”


“Emotional storm.”



“Supercilious, rather prudish writing.”

“Lumps of summarising dialogue.”


“Body-shaming outfits.”

“Causally insults.”

“Vomit up everything.”



“Catastrophic consequences.”

“Coarse and stale.”

“Captain of the papal flagship.”

“Barely even recognisable as architecture.”

“Emotionally elegant.”

“Sliding into a retail ghetto of the cheap, the second-hand and the charitable.”

“Had strong views on everything.”

“Period signifiers.”

“Just how unwanted he had been all along.”

“Baby shame.”


“Slavering glee.”

“Astonished and appalled.”

“Horrible, ranting loonies.”

“A monstrous deception.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Non-aligned facilitator.”

“Holding strident views.”

“The breakfast roll trade died off.”

“I knew dentists who whacked their kids with the coal shovel.”

“Without an ounce of discernible talent.”

“Seediest guy in the world, a lothario, a scumbag, a guy who’s dad was great, but who’s a loser and a waste of space.”

“I’m not very good at moderation.”

“Moral vacuum.”

“Verbal allusion.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“What am I lying about?”

“The outcast of the family.”

“We’re a very good family.”

“Couldn’t trust her at all.”

“Became this monster.”

“Embarrassed by her.”

“Every one of them stopped talking to me.”

“Why did you leave?

“I wasn’t wanted there.”

“Nothing was done about it.”

“A bad mother.”

“It’s fabricated. It has to be.”

“Stop what?”

“You didn’t want to help me.”

“What’s everything?”

“Negative, harmful poor choices.”

“We don’t know who you’re around.”

“What was I doing?”

“We don’t do that in this family.”

“Absolutely no remorse.”

“Negative of what?”

“Have a right to be upset with you.”

“They just didn’t come.”

“Where did all the lottery money go?”

“An argument over a cup of sand.”

“What are you so angry about?”

“You seem really angry.”

“I’m getting attacked here.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Ezra is finally arrested for being a perv. Creator’s pet the grasping strumpet Paige is vehemently awful with her fixed expression.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Sinead and Ste name their child Hannah Katy and act like they are ethically right. Ste acts like he isn’t married to John-Paul. He pays more attention to Sinead then he ever did to Doug or John-Paul. Cindy’s literary ambitions bore. Rennie is abhorrent. The egregious Nico regrets her plan to poison her mother and then realises she poisoned herself by accident. Dylan is arrested by the cute cop Ben. Sinead wears short shorts and wants sex despite just having a baby.
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