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One Minute More
Jennifer does more peace destroying havoc and trite declarations. Jones has haughty resignation. There is no dramatic insight or honesty. This was not highly charged just wretchedness. People finally recall the plague. Cole and Cassie go to JFK airport like in the movie and there is a shooting and a dropped vial. Cassie has self-righteousness. She and Cole aren’t diligent, just a general disgrace.

Jennifer’s business collapsed. She never cared about it or all the people who lost their jobs. The Night Room is mentioned. The precursor body is finally recalled. Jones’ daughter, Hannah, was in the past for 9 years. Cassie plans to drown the virus. HOW? Cole and Cassie’s inviolable bond bores. Hannah and Olivia’s daughter meet a familiar face.

Olivia’s coercive treatment of her daughter lead to a change. There is no ethical horizon. Traditional assumptions are upended. Causing the plague is now morally acceptable to Cole. Olivia and her overacting is detrimental to this show. This was appalling and poor. This season is painfully slow. Confidence busting things happen. Blame is easy, solutions are not. Nobody mitigates errors or harm.

The weapon will erase Cole from time. Hannah dies and she was Cole’s mother! Jones is Cole’s grandmother. Olivia’s daughter died. This ep was unnecessary. Nobody saw Cassie shoot a cop and release the plague? The creepy kid grew up to be the Tall Man? Cassie unleashed the virus. Cassie is not on ferocious furious form. She has no sense of justice, equality or civic duty. The moral cost of their fight goes on.

Nobody has a social obligation. Cole’s dad had not one picture of Cole’s mother? This was not meaningful and it was not made with effortless skill. People are aimless and miserable. People focus all their self-esteem and value on one thing. There is angst and negativity. People overlook causal factors. Things are hopeless and negative. Nobody is focused externally and nobody has positive or engaging aspects.

Best Lines:
“Born with a single purpose.”


“Can’t survive it, you can only spread it.”

“Everyone dies forever.”

“Risking all and asking nothing.”

“All those we’ve yet to save.”

“I’m the demon.”

“It was always us.”

The Beginning, Part 1
Jones’ babbles about the tremendous cost of Splinter. The cranks meddle with time. Cole needs to be dispelled. The plague was caused by time travel. There is intolerance and hostility to sense in this limp and idle ep. Jones is a moron and has no concept of cost-neutral. Cassie and Cole’s brat pops up again. People have a narrow and unforgiving mindset. This is not thrilling or dramatic.

People mumble and at one time, Jones had quit smoking. Jones is less than thrilled with her grandson - he killed time. Cassie whines and is selfish, god I hate her. She needs an attitudinal change. This was facile. Kirk Acevedo guest stars. Cassie has undue dominance over Cole - she does not deserve an elevated position.

This ep was unnecessary. Cassie’s only fundamental aspiration and principle revolves around Cole. Olivia is not a coherent challenger. There is no sense or stability or pragmatism. This was not substantial. There is delusion and morality doesn’t come into it, just hostile scepticism. There are no social or emotional skills. There is no resilience. Cole mentions the virus mutating.

Cassie needs to keep Ramse’s name out of her mouth. Cassie has forgotten her fiancée. Cassie tells Cole to un-murder Ramse. To hell with Cassie and her superiority complex. There are no ethics or idealism. Ramse slaps Cole and his autocratic ways around. Strident accusations are flung around. There are Big Acting Performances and immediate hostility. Cole and Cassie shrug off collective guilt. A significant crisis unfolds.

Cassie caused a serious rift between Cole and Ramse for which she has never apologised. SHUT UP Jones. Things continue to worsen. A car works in the apocalypse. Where did Cole get the ring he gives Cassie? Where did Jennifer get the tea? Jennifer mocks Olivia. All hope is gone. I’m waiting for Cole to apologise to Ramse for choosing cockblocker Cassie over him. It’s a horrible situation.
People fire guns at each other. Cole is a notoriously difficult twit. This ep is inconsistent with logic. Some of Olivia’s followers have a lack of commitment. So?

Best Lines:
“This world is.”

“You make time travel work.”

“Fierce religious devotion.”

“A conspiracy spanning centuries.”

“Infinite hell on Earth.”

“A disease created by the cure.”

“I just murdered 7 billion people!”

“This was what was mean to be.”

“Die to a good song.”

The Beginning, Part 2
Cassie’s shame should be eternal. There are new opening credits for this final ever ep. I’m tired of Cassie not being willing to hear sense. It’s amazing how Jennifer can use 2043 tech. The Daughters fire fight the 12 Monkeys. What about the blue people? What was all that about? This ep was not highly charged or desirable. Cassie committed injuries to Ramse’s character. Old Jennifer shows up.
The evil and corrupt Olivia is defeated. Cassie is vexatious. Olivia was evil and corrupt. But so is Cassie. Old Jennifer looked up 2043 Deacon. This was unsophisticated. Old Jennifer looks like Linda Blair. The Daughters traded with Deacon’s crew? Contempt and disrespect flow. There is calculation and guile. There is no sign of Jennifer’s dad.

Cassie and Olivia had a fist fight before Olivia’s defeat. What about Madeline Stowe’s character? Who was she? What about the creepy kid? Cole still deifies Cassie despite her accepting the 12 Monkeys doctrine and nearly causing the Red Forest. Why does Cole have such a reverential attitude to her? Cassie nearly blew a once in a lifetime opportunity to stop Olivia so she can have Cole. FFS, screw Cassie and her emotional appetite.

This ep was not satisfying. Cassie killed Olivia. Half of Olivia’s body was sense back in time to become the precursor corpse that caused the virus. Olivia’s body ended up in 894 to rot, was she still alive? EW. I hate Cassie. She won’t save people because she’s fearful and insecure. I hate her; she’s a cruel deceitful manipulator and nearly doomed everyone. This ep was not sophisticated or accomplished. This was wretched and pretty silly and chaotic.

Jones says everyone needs to go back to their own timeline. This was not riveting. Ramse mumbles. Cole still doesn’t apologise to him. What happened to the Army of the 12 Monkeys after Olivia’s defeat? How did they get their name? Where did they come from? What about the scene where Cassie died with a silver streak in her hair? What about her fiancée? We hear Cassie’s full message. Jones’ cold wilfulness erases Cole from existence, kinda sorta. Season 4 was all terribleness. Cole did horrible things.

In 2013: Cassie does her speech about the Black Death and the Justinian plague and is her fiancée alive? She and Cole never meet but she seems to remember. What about the FBI agent? Is Jennifer’s dad Leland Goines still dead? Jennifer bio-engineers a unicorn. Other Splinter members play chess. Ramse and his son play chess. And because there is no plague in the future Deacon runs a bar with his brother. What about Marcus? Olivia? Her daughter? Jones is happy with Elliot and Hannah.

Cassie buys the house she and Cole lived in. Why were their red leaves near the house? Is it really all over? Cole and Cassie’s son never existed. So what about his Victorian girlfriend? I guess Cassie ditched her fiancée. Cole wasn’t erased from time entirely. Jennifer talks in an overly cheery voice. Cole and Cassie get together and it’ll no doubt start all over again. I want to vomit. What a stupid ass pull. That final scene makes a joke of this show. James Callis showed his face and what about the tortoise? This season was terrible and an insult.

Best Lines:
“Surprise bitch!”

“You and I are old friends?”
“We will be, some day.”

“Tell my future.”
“Spoiler alert Teddy: you don’t have one.”

“The answer is among you.”

“Death can be undone.”

“Can’t get back to a place you’ve never been.”

“Sons are fated to their fathers.”

“Happily ever now.”

Darkness Rising
From 1999, this sees Hercules leave the Norseland and returns to Eire. Paranoia and groupthink greet him. This was not powerful, disturbing, cosy, comforting, profoundly troubling, unflinching or ambitious. The annoying Morrigan beats up people. Nebula has domestic madness. Hercules feels a dangerous longing for Morrigan. This was not dazzlingly inventive or darkly funny. How does Hercules speak Celtish or whatever they speak in Eire? There is scant regard for sense.

Dahak is unruly. Hercules wants Morrigan forgiven for her mass murder. The kid druid makes a nuisance of himself. Dahak kills the druids. There is wild overacting. Hercules punches Dahak in the face and chastises him. Hercules treats Morrigan with undeserved sensitivity and pushes praise on her. There is no emotional safety for Hercules as he learns Dahak is possessing the dead Iolaus.
Hercules sails to Sumeria. In what? Nebula has a chef of staff. Nebula abandons Sumeria again. There is bad acting. Hercules speaks Sumerian? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Everybody I get close to dies.”

“Hatred has to end sometime.”

“His friend Iolaus lies dead in a foreign land”

“I thought you were a monster.”
“I was.”

“A thing of evil and incarnate darkness.”

“I fought him the last time he tried to enter our world in Sumeria. My best friend died stopping him.”


For Those Of You Just Joining Us
The crew of ‘HTLJ’ go to a corporate retreat and Ares plots. How does Ares have his powers after the twilight of the gods? Hercules is pretending to be an actor named Kevin Sorbo. This clip show guest stars Renee O’Connor as Sunny Day. Paul wears tiny shorts. The producer laughs about killing Iolaus. Kevin Sobro suggests the plotline that Iolaus went evil and betrayed Hercules. Which is where TPTB were going with the whole Dahak plot which had to be changed due to mass fan rejection of the idea. There is a plot against the ‘HTLJ’ staff. Which Kevin Sorbo must foil. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“This is your idea of quality programming?”

“Baywatch BC.”

“Is he dead?”
“Don’t tease me.”

“Hercules has never been betrayed before.”

“Being in a coma without the advantages.”

“Overlooking the inherent contradiction in taking a character on a spiritual journey when his very identity is predicated on a conflict with the gods. Of course I’m presupposing that spirituality is unique to personifiable deities.”

“Like ‘Braveheart‘.”
“Without the Oscars.”

“Naked leapfrog.”

“Where there’s television there’ll always be BS!”
“He’s got that right.”

“Lying here like a bunch of White House interns while you stick it to us.”

Court Martial
Kirk faces court marital for the death of some random. A hysterical women screeches at Kirk. An angry, complex, negative, tragic plot unfolds. There is no dignity or mutual respect. This ep was full of vacuous idiocies. Kirk is shamed for the death of some random. This farce sees Kirk’s dignity damaged. Kirk has no friends and he is fretful and goes on about an atomic matter pile. People dislike independent thought.

Witless twists run around with stoatish expressions on their face. Kirk is accused of bad judgment and cowardice. This was full of social inadequacies and it lacks basic competence. A JAG officer lurks. Kirk refers to a woman as a girl. Everyone presumes all lawyers are men. The female JAG officer is the prosecution. This was inane. Respect is not prioritised.

A crazy lawyer aids Kirk. The dead random is the Records Officer. Tension is not inflamed. Spock says he is half Vulcanian. People seem all too ready to suspect Kirk of panic and malice. The Enterprise has a Personnel Officer. McCoy has valour awards? Boredom is pervasive. What is an ion storm? There is no unprecedented tension. The JAG bint is brutal in her will. This was all incompetence. WTF is an ion pod?

Kirks gets covered in honour, glory and hope when the plot against him is revealed. But first he has to face baseless rumours. A ruthless pursuit of vengeance is revealed. Kirk is told his total authority over others means he never accepts mistakes. The dead random’s daughter annoys. There is no volatility or thorough grilling. The JAG officer thinks she is much feared.

The dead random isn’t dead. The random is not a genuine threat. The defence lawyer starts grandstanding. I do not care one whit. Kirk’s career does not do a spectacular flameout. McCoy waves a wand. The adversarial process ends. The random did egregious actions. He and this ep were woefully inadequate.

Best Lines:
“Long voyages in deep space.”

“Unerasbale blot on the record.”

“United Starship Republic.”

“An obsessive crackpot who’s escaped from his keeper.”

“Extreme emergency that did not then exist.”

“There was no malice.”

“The emergency did not as yet exist.”

“You sound bitter captain.”

“Ruining Jim won’t change what happens.”

The Return Of The Archons
On a Wild West planet, people in cowls and waving sticks mind control people. Spock sneers about vacant contentment. The Wild West people have a Festival which is like The Purge. Heat beams aka lasers endanger the Enterprise. McCoy is brainwashed by an evil computer and Kirk is in peril but he still talks a computer to death. This was dumb as hell.

Z Nation 5x02

A New Life
Lydia Hearst and Mario Van Peebles have joined the cast. I missed 5x01. Black Rainbow has caused zombies to talk and think instead of wiping out all life. Warren has found herself a man (Pebbles). Survivors gather at a compound and plan to remake the ruins of what was once North America. 10k and Sarge hang out. Various new characters run around. 10k has no pulse and the old Murphy bite on the back of his neck attracts attention. So his ordeal in season 3 still affects him.

10k gets his shirt off. According to a form he was born in 1999 and his ethnicity is white. Red shows up. Murphy bothers people. The title card has changed and is icky. Domesticated zombies lurk. Did Warren leave her man to be eaten? People don’t tell 10k about Red until they do. People talk about the black rain. Who is Pandora aka mask woman?

Warren has a flashback. New character George runs the survivors compound. The show has a budget again. Roman set up the survivors compound. He is ex-Zona. George is tough. Sun Mei is back. Where did people vanish to in season 4? Sun Mei shrugs it off. A zombie named Dante likes George. Citizen Z lurks. 10k and Red reunite. Sarge stole 10k. A bomb seems to kill people after an important vote. This was okay and intriguing.

Best Lines:
“Except for that, I am unarmed.”

“You made me have hope.”

“Mortally challenged.”

“Biohazard research.”

“Bag of rotting jerky.”

Trust 1x06

John, Chapter 11
I won’t watch 1x07. Paul III is feared dead. Paul Sr is crazy. Paul II is a hypocrite. There are flashbacks. This bored. Paul Sr faces an unwanted pregnancy.

NCIS (2003-?) 6x13

Broken Bird
Why does Tony act like he’s special ed? Torri Higginson and W. Morgan Sheppard (and his son) guest star. An ancient computer is fawned over. Ducky yaps and some woman recgnoises him after decades and stabs him. Ducky was involved in war crimes. Tony is rude and racist. People shrug off Ducky’s alleged crimes. Then it turns out the death of Afghan man 30 years ago was all about Ducky's manpain. Oh GTFO.

Best Line:
“Overcome with the urge to stick a knife in him.”
Set after ‘Green With Evil Part 5’. Tommy has joined the unwelcoming team. He has PTSD from Rita. Billy babbles about a push notification. Tommy feels unwelcome and like the friend nobody likes. Rita and her Madonna cone bra plots. Angel Grove has monster attack rituals. It’s the modern day so Bulk and Skull run a MMPR fan vlog.

Everyone discusses Tommy’s ‘defection’ from Rita overlooking the brainwashed and crazy part. People wonder why the green ranger joined up with the MMPR. How do people know that Rita created the green ranger? Poor Tommy is isolated and alone. Jason is jealous when the Angel Grove youth center wants Tommy to teach karate with him. Scorpina attacks Tommy.

The colour-coordinated teens annoy. Zack is hostile to poor Tommy. There is no implicit trust. Daily havoc is unleashed by Rita. Which is not good for morale. Tommy’s self trust has been eroded. Rita’s wily. Tommy’s career defining time as the Green Ranger causes him unjustified shame. There is tension, no rapprochement and Tommy carries an unreasonable burden. The MMPR lack kindness and care.

Jason is an arrogant jerk jock who demeans Tommy. Nobody gives poor Tommy reassurance. The MMPR value familiarity. This was okay even though the MMPR across as bullying brats.

Best Lines:
“Quite the little clique they have, isn’t it?”

“Disperse blunt impact.”

“And just where do they hide their big, giant robots?”

“Ranger capital of America.”

“Zordon never actually asked anyone how they felt about him coming on board?”

“So the zords are like giant segways.”

“Just because Rita gave Tommy his powers doesn’t mean everything’s dark and grisly.”

“Powers that I gave him.”

“He’s done with you people.”

“You know you keep saying that. But for a leader, you sure don’t create a “team friendly” vibe.”

“Zack. Come on. She brainwashed him--”
“How much? A lot? A little? We have no idea.”

“Why do we need a sixth ranger anyway?”

“I’m tired of being treated like some outcast.”

The Bleeding Edge (2018)
This is a good documentary about medical devices gone wrong. Women talk about a permanent birth control device (which sounded like a horrendously bad idea) that caused horrible side effects. A guy bigs up the FDA and other people do it down. People talk about hip-replacements gone wrong. One feels uneasy watching this. The safety of medical devices is far from undisputed.

Gory photos of devices gone wrong are shown. People talk about PMA and metal sensitivity. Women discuss the mesh that went wrong and people weren’t trained to remove mesh. Nobody seems to care about the side-effects people suffer. People discuss the side-effects of the davinci surgical robot. People talk about lies and forms being faked. Mould in breast implants is mentioned.

Rampant corruption is discussed. A woman has four daughters and loses her house. What happened to their cat? Her children ended up in foster care. This was depressing.

Best Lines:
“Take a look at the future.”

“Unleashing innovation.”

“Female trouble.”

“Blood exploded out of me.”

“There are no z rays!”

“The first President Bush.”



“I’m morally obligated to.”

“Permanent disease process.”

“New equates to unproven.”

“Couldn’t function as a wife.”

“Bleeded this much.”

“Had a headache since 2011.”

“Yeah, spinal tap!”

“Bad devices.”

“Vaginal cuff.”

“Life devastation.”

“There’s nobody paying attention.”

“Perverse incentives.”

“I had 3 feet of my colon fall out.”

“Facebook’s a full time job for her now.”

“And then I listened.”

“Lifetime implant.”

“He retaliated against people.”

“Provide more safety data.”

“Spectre software.”

“Dark money contributions.”

“There’s a homeless over there.”

“Pulling out of the European market.”

“I have nothing to fear from them.”

One Of Us (2017)
This is an okay documentary about Hasidic Jews who leave their community and the consequences of that. Hasidic Jews dress like their ancestors and live strictly. Etty is an abused wife who goes to a support group but loses custody of her 7 children for seeking help. An actor rants; he has a wife and 2 children he abandoned when he walked away from his insular society. The Hasidic Jews are told not to use the internet or go into secular libraries. Ari left his community after being abused as a child. He likes the internet, vaping and cocaine. People sing and drink big bottles of grape juice. At the end, Ari seems to be rejoining the community and Etty is in misery and the actor is ranting.

Best Line:
“Every day is hell.”

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Counterpart’ season 2 trailer
A black site, the Howards are in the wrong universes, a lot of brown clothes are worn and there is staring, more staring, cars, shadows and guns.

Best Lines:
“Living in your life.”

“Erasing you from your own existence.”

‘Hunter Killer’ TV spot
A submarine captain must save the Russian president. No.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ TV spot

‘Halloween’ TV spot

‘Sally4Ever’ promo

‘The Little Drummer Girl’ promo

Pears - yum.

They’re rebooting ‘Wrong Turn’?

There will be a ‘Doctor Strange 2’?

Who saw ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ (1986) or ‘Shopping’ or ‘Love Crimes’ or ‘Sling Blade’ or ‘The Boy Who Could Fly’ or ‘Mask’?

A possible ‘Prince Of Darkness’ TV show?

What are dippy eggs?

Who saw ‘Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon?

Best Lines:
“Load pattern.”

“Totally inhospitable to man.”

I won’t read ‘The Poppy War’, ‘Furyborn’ or ‘Before Mars’.

The Underwood/Meechum relationship on ’House Of Cards’ was based on unjust power relations and domination. But it was entrancing. What did FU see in the foul Tom?

Best Lines:
“Send Meechum in here.”

“I value your opinion, I just don’t agree with it this time.”

‘Hidden And Homeless’ Quotes:
“Selling sniff.”

“I got punched up.”

“Grief and bother.”


‘Extras’ Quotes:
“I wouldn’t pay for that.”

“Defend his actions about something.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Not having a community of people whom you feel safe with,”

“Moral gate-keepers for the country.”

“Media targeting.”

“The ranks of thousands of virtually anonymous royal princes,”

“People who tried to say no even gently and diplomatically faced consequences,”

“Struggled to recognise errors, or accept even mild criticism.”

“Forced to wheel their own patients to theatre as porters also refused to co-operate on religious or moral grounds.”

“Respectable families might not send their daughters to train there if they heard there was a family planning clinic in the place,”

“A woman’s husband would have to sign a consent form before she could get a tubal litigation.”

“She was in some way immoral.”

“Social disapproval and isolation.”

“Social differences.”

“Behaving like a teenager and not contributing financially.”

“Has isolated himself.”

“Cannot countenance.”

“Not agree to any form of counselling.”

“Anger has left him lonely.”

“A game of trying to catch people out.”

“Self manage.”

“Two big doors that the women weren’t allowed to go through.”

“Stained glass windows were blown out.”

“Sale declared void.”

“Both lied and knew they were lying.”

“Not engaged with home supports.”

“Not motivated to do anything to facilitate that,”

“No one fills the position of head of state by right.”

“Allegations on expanses for the dog are completely inaccurate.”

“Irredentist claims.”

“If you have not developed a sturdy net of social connections by your 30s, there is a sort of taint on you; a kind of maudlin aspect that suggests there might be something wrong with you.”

“If you don’t go to pubs, you don’t expand your existing friend network organically.”

“The friendship drifts away or diminishes.”

“Is this a dead country?”

“Absolutely sure that every stranger is in fact a serial killer.”

‘The Ongoing Adventures Of Bulk & Skull’ Quotes:
“The Rangers are pretty great. How do they do it?”

“Many detentions later.”

“Color-coordinated dweebs.”

‘The Suffering Tree’ Quotes:
“Tori would be lucky to wake up with a door on her bedroom at all.”


“Everybody knew women didn’t swim. Not unless they were possessed by the devil.”

“We were lost to them, and them to us.”

‘A Dangerous Dynasty’ Quote:
“Constructed a different set of morals.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Drug substance.”

“To accept somebody like that as President Of The United States.”


Where are the Daughters? This show is a grim shadow of what it was. Cole and Cassie keep secrets, because that worked out so well for them before. Cole is palpably distraught and has abandoned all hope. There are bleak predictions. Cole and Cassie have delirious adulation for each other. There is spite, inaccuracy and ill-feeling. But no moral stance or untroubled lives.

People have bad intentions. When has Cassie not been hostile? They’re in 1852 or something. What gives Jones’ custodianship over time? Cole is emotionally owned by Cassie. Cole and his gang of morons wander around a Wild West town that turns out to be an anachronism. The piano player bashes out 1970s TV show themes. There is dissonance in this un-gratifying ep.

Cole and co are not protecting the integrity of the timeline. Elliot the father of Jones’ daughter shows up. Cole and co have forgotten the sheer importance of stopping the plague and are instead misusing time. Cole and Cassie aren’t shamed into silence. Elliot goes on about an ark that turns out to Titan, which he built.

Cassie did friend appropriation of Cole from Ramse. Jennifer isn’t a primary anymore or something. She messes up. Cassie displaced Cole’s attention from what mattered. Cassie and her feigned pity annoys. There is no moral courage. Deacon lurks. There are cruel destinies. Elliot’s shot. There is bad fight chorography. Deacon takes an arrow to the chest which he seems to walk off. Cole doesn’t regret leaving Deacon. The Witness’ child shows up. This was tiresome.

Best Lines:
“You are inhospitable!”

“That tune’s 130 years too early.”

“An iwatch.”

“Whiskey ain’t sour!”

“Something is very off about this place.”

“Death by dysentery.”

“Birthday chocolates.”

“Oh you fool.”

This is not of great potency. Cole boffs Cassie. How did Jones find Cole’s birth cert? Christopher Lloyd and Jay Karnes of ‘The Crossing’ guest star. What do Cole and Cassie use for birth-control? Where do Cassie and Cole get 1966 clothes? Cassie and Cole aren’t gracious. They need to face collective wrath for that they’ve done. Cole is in peril. This ep has the stink of desperation. People live a low-rolling life. There is dormant evil and a creepy kid.

This was lousy and it doesn’t get less horrible. The FBI agent (Karnes) shows up. He’s not dead. Did they have Kevlar in 1961? Russians play depressing music, play chess and miss a really obvious bug. FFS. The FBI agent and Jennifer have no concept of fingerprints. I’m tired of Jennifer’s madness and whims. There is no hidden order or creeping miasma of dread. Repellent and unnatural things happen.

There are irreconcilable contradictions. Deacon lurks. He’s not really bad. Nazi occult stuff shows up. But of course it does. Jones lurks in 1966. People babble about the bell, not the alleged Nazi anti-gravity invention but something else. Jones’ daughter shows up in 1966 too for no clear reason. Jones wants her to do something. Is Cassie buying into the 12 Monkeys cant or is this a dropped plotline?

Best Lines:
“Bang bang loop loop.”

“Butt stuff only!”

“Her bitchness!”

“There is no history.”

“Speak while you still have use of your tongue!”

“Fate my ass!”

“Unknown symbology.”

“I’m sorry.”
“Are you?”

“Are you insane?”

Die Glocke
In 1940 France, Jones goes on about the war against the Witness. This show and her project started out as a last desperate attempt to stop the plague and the apocalypse. They’ve time travelled back to WW2 and only Jones can speak German (the actress actually being German helps). Why does every time travel show involve Nazis? Jones is dying very slowly of radiation poisoning. Why haven’t her organs melted? Why hasn’t her hair fallen out? Or her teeth?

Cassie lurks. Does she have any idea what is being said as German is spat around her? Jones waves faked Nazi documents at actual Nazis. Where did she and Cassie get their 1940 clothes and hair styles? Why is a Nazi speaking English? If Cassie is supposed to be German, why does not one Nazi wonder why she has an American accent? Jennifer poses as a maid. Nobody notices the new maid.

A French diva is rude. Cole can’t speak French and gets busted along with Deacon. There are seething glances. A German officer and his silly trousers slaps Deacon. Nobody cares about being witnesses to history. Cole only cares about Cassie’s angry vagina. The pitiless magnitude of history drags on. Cassie and Jennifer speak English in Nazi occupied France. Cassie causes chaos and consequences; all she cares about is Cole’s man-rod.

Nazis have a look of murder on their faces. Deacon’s not bad. Cole has mistook things, again. This ep is interminable. Jennifer is all howling fury. Cassie couldn’t be bothered to try to do the right thing. She scorns the notion of cooperation and altruism. There is stubborn will and predatory wailing. Cassie is monstrously cruel and selfish. The Witness’ power spans an eternity.

Nazis have a solemn purpose to be perverted. Cole has arrogance and needs to be advised as to his future conduct. Deacon has carefully controlled anger. What is it about Cassie that breeds attachment? I don’t understand her worth. Cassie stares at Hitler. Violence and stupidity are the only virtues people find useful. Cassie wears white trash shoes in 1940. Will Jones shut up? Someone kills the French songbird. Jennifer sings for Hitler, namely Pink’s U + Ur Hand.

Isn’t that song the sort of degenerate art that Nazis hated? Cassie dresses up like Nazi Barbie so she can machine gun Nazis. I’m amazed Cole and Cassie didn’t kill each other with crossfire. Where did Cassie get the Nazi Barbie outfit? Goodies die unmourned. The Bell is a monkey looking thing. Jones is handed over to the mad looking Olivia. One feels scorn and indifference for this. Jennifer blows up Hitler. There are no moral ramifications. Jones is a dangerously melancholy and fanciful idiot. Nobody has self-actualisation.

Best Lines:

“Ancient past.”

“Hidden from history after.”

“They will shoot you right there and then.”

“A talentless whore dead for 20 years!”

“You want to kill Hitler! That’s awesome!”

“You suck at it.”

“West VII? You gotta let it go.”

This dross sees ill-intentioned people explore mediocre options. There is no competent storytelling as Jones’ daughter and Olivia’s daughter do stuff. Olivia is crazy. What about stopping the plague? This was not intriguing. This was dismal. There is no grandeur or purpose to this farcical season. People go to 1491 and old Jennifer lurks. Why is someone wearing hot pants in 2043? Jones’ daughter lives in the past for a year. How does she play for her hotel room and clothes and makeup and phone? Daughters are sad. Times are evil. The Witness will don a suit of armour with boob armour.

Best Lines:
“Sack up.”

“I will knock you on your ass boy.”

“Great beauty of a dead world.”

“Break time itself.”

Ben Cross guest stars. There are silly accents, medieval times, bad make up and why do they speak modern English in 1492? Jennifer is in peril. Imprecations and lambent ferocity abound. Why do Cole and co’s stolen clothes always fit them perfectly? People take harm in this dreadful world. A primary has petulance. A man is not laudable to Cole. This was intolerably stupid and boring and inconsequent. Where did the Army of the 12 Monkeys get their name? How did they build that weapon in 1492?

Deacon gives Olivia a The Reason You Suck speech. Deacon dies. Bravo Cole, bravo. What about Cassie’ fiancée and life she abandoned? Deacon had more tenacity than Cole. There’s a significant crisis. Where did old Jennifer get chalk in 2043?

Best Lines:
“Slithering through the bowels of causality.”

“Witches are the fantasy of books and plays yet to be written.”

“Cannot be undone.”
Tomorrow Is Yesterday
The US Air Force thinks they have a real UFO on their hands, it is the USS Enterprise. Kirk and co have time-travelled via a black star. Kirk’s an idiot and an Air Force pilot is beamed aboard the USS Enterprise. Kirk babbles about the United Earth Space Probe Agency. The AF officer, John Christopher, has a good laugh about lady computers. Spock babbles about historical tapes and says John Christopher will make no relevant historical contribution. But his son will head the first Earth-Saturn probe. In the ‘TOS’ novel ‘Federation’, a city on Titan is called Christopher’s Landing. The AF officer is delighted to hear he will have a son shrugging off the existence of his 2 daughters. There are more problems. Kirk and Sulu creep around the AF base. 2 years after this ep aired, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. A black star would now be known as a black hole. There is a fist fight and dire-logue. The ending is an ass-pull.

Best Lines:
“Purpose undetermined.”

“Change what must be.”

The assassins have been told by Poseidon to kill Michael. Wrong, hurtful and misguided things happen. Michael stabs a baddie in the eye with a screwdriver - he still doesn’t die. Michael is a brooding badass. This ep was forgettable. An Elvis impersonator lurks. Michael is stranded alone in the desert. There is a cliffhanger. Rick Yune was in ‘Die Another Day’ and his career has come to this.

Best Line:
“I can’t wait to kill him.”

Blood 1x02
Cat tries to tell the police her suspicions but they mock her for thinking her father killed his wife because she wasn’t dying fast enough. The vile father rolls around in bed and plans to run off to Portugal with his whore, who is also married. The father plans to sell his house and has bought his whore a ring. He’s a master manipulator. The whore wants a break. Cat claims her father murdered someone in the past. A cat mews. The father didn’t pay for catering at his wife’s funeral. Cat’s sister worships her father and arranges an accident for Cat. Her brother makes out at the funeral. There is a family fight. The father pays his adoring daughter’s mortgage and got her children into a fancy school. The father won’t tell the truth. This blew.

Best Lines:
“Good at burying secrets and people.”

“Your wife has just died.”
“I hadn’t forgotten.”

“Saw him move a frog.”

“Pissing on the drive.”

Movie Review: London Has Fallen (2016)

The sequel to ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ (which I haven’t seen). Gerard Butler is a MANLY USSS Agent and Aaron Eckhart is the POTUS. The UK PM dies and the Russians won’t be attending the funeral, but other world leaders are. Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Jackie Earle Haley and Colin Salmon co-star. The USSS Agent plans to retire, he has a pregnant wife for the sole reason that TPTB are desperate to mask the simmering homoerotic tension he has with the POTUS. This film was dumb and fascist.

World leaders wear flag pins. Baddies launch a massive attack and the POTUS and his MANLY USSS agent run around London trying to survive. There are gun fights and ordinary people seem uncaring about the massive terrorist attack. The MANLY USSS agent, Banning, comes across as a gleefully violent sociopath.

Banning calls the POTUS by his given name. Angela Bassett is killed off. There is no serious and rational decision making. There is no courage or dignity. There is dodgy plotting and awful thoughts. London becomes a war zone. Base morals are fractured. Relations are damaged. There are fights in darkness. Nobody is morally driven or has a moral profession. This no cerebral and this has no epic-ness, no human failures or frailty and Banning has a proficiency fetish at stabbing and punching very ill-intentioned people in this fascist parable.

Best Lines:
“The Yank circus.”

“Special concern.”

“Vengeance must always be profound and absolute.”

“Never get between that man and a fish.”

“I love you.”
“You’d better.”

“We just changed the world.”

“They over-ran everything.”

“Hot extract.”

“5 world leaders are confirmed dead.”

“An attack that has decimated most of the known landmarks in the British capital.”

“Responsible for more deaths than the plague.”


“Was that really necessary?”

“Surrender London?”

“Clandestinely inserted.”

“I was wondering when you were going to come out of the closet.”

“I’m President Of The United States. I haven’t driven a car in 6 years.”

Book Review: The Immaculate Void

The Immaculate Void by Brian Hodge
This is a very good albeit slim novel that tells of human and inhuman mysteries and doom. Daphne is a damaged woman, her brother goes looking for her when she goes missing again and both become aware of ravenous cosmic entities that lurk and lie.

Best Lines:
“He could see nothing about this that wasn’t worrying.”

“The Sistine Chapel gets repainted with a brand new cast of characters.”

“All the drinks you can spew into a gutter,”

“Who are these people, really?”

“She didn’t do happy.”

“Whatever was behind his eyes was beyond reaching.”

“One face for your parents, another for when he got you alone.”

“A threshold meant to be crossed only by initiates.”

“Beryl came to hate me. I always knew that, and couldn’t say it wasn’t earned.”

“All our deeds would be undone.”

“Your doom wanders the earth of its own mortal will.”

“The kind of arrogance that would presume to call itself a god.”

“Believe our lies and be indulged.”

“They were nothing like their servants believed them to be”

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Orville’ season 1 clips
Am I supposed to be laughing?

‘Busy Tonight’ promo

‘Midnight Texas’ season 2 promo
I don't think even Nestor Carbonell could make me watch this.

‘Supergirl’ 4x02 promo

‘He’s Out There’ trailer
A family in peril. This looks unoriginal.

‘Olympus Has Fallen’ trailer
Gerard Butler is MANLY. No wonder there is slash fic for this franchise.

Z Nation’ season 5 promos
Zombies talk now?

'Arrow' 7x02 promo
No no and no again.

Godiva masterpieces Ganache Heart - okay.

I won’t read ‘We Know It Was You’ or ‘The Grieving Stones’.

Who saw ‘Police Academy 5’, ‘Total Recall’ (1990), ‘Licence To Kill’ (1989), ‘Robocop’ (1987), ’The Brutal Truth’, ’In The Company Of Men’, ’E-Ring’, ’Beaches’ (1988), ’Made In America’ (1993), ‘Short Circuit’ (1986), ‘Flight Of The Navigator’ (1986), ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ (1993), ‘Turner And Hooch’ (1989), ‘Sister Act’ (1992) or ‘The Way Of The Gun’ (2000)?

Garrett is not a popular name.

‘Decoding Disaster’ Quotes:
“Thousands of centuries.”

“Had to come up with a new narrative.”

“Atlantis hunting.”

“Dangerously silent.”

“No cause experts could agree on.”

“Looking for certainty where it simply may not exist.”

“Terrible consequences.”

‘Great Lighthouses Of Ireland’ Quote:
“A way of life that has vanished.”

‘Inside No 9’ Quotes:
“Something appropriate this time.”

“Vile hag.”

“Watching his ‘Countdown’ videos.”


“Steal our electricity.”

“Much talk of her devilry.”

“What action was served?”

“Not since the escaped cow, has there been such excitement.”

“Give the hag a fair hearing.”

“What means it by that?”

“Goodwife Nutter.”

“Art thou content?"

‘House Of Cards’ Quotes:
“Both parties want the same thing.”
“A new President in 2016.”

“The timing will never be good.”

“I won’t be a placeholder President.”

“Will leave a legacy.”


“I’m a target now.”

“That woman has no sense of loyalty.”

“I’m a sitting President.”
“But not an elected one.”

“You’ve emerged.”

“We are not here to negotiate!”

“I accept your mercy.”

“Don’t insult me with peace.”

“Forced a President to resign.”

‘The Magician’s Land’ Quotes:
“A portent, foretold long ago.”

“Not murder-murder. But he was going to mess them up good.”

“He obviously despised his fellow man, and that meant he was ok in Eliot’s book,”

“Neurotic seclusion.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Rejected community.”

“Historical enmities.”

“Economic unpleasantness.”


“Stop right now.”

“Not as grim as depicted.”

“Fallen out of permission.”

“Good estate management.”

“That’s the sort of nonsense that shouldn’t be allowed.”

“Food-related litter.”

“Long lie.”

‘TVNow’ Quote:
“Die nice.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Made some bad choices in your life.”

“Parental safety plan.”

“Never told me thank you.”

“Bring dangerous men home.”

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Quote:
“Respectful of their choices.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Increasingly hysterical rhetoric.”

7 Movie Reviews

Starry Eyes (2014)
A wannabe starlet has her entire career and life forged by Hollywood supernatural creeps. She uncovers a poisonous legacy of Hollywood Satanism. Or something. There is no justification for this terrible film existing. This is full of grave errors of logic. Her fake friends are useless and this was frustratingly ineffective.

Best Lines:
“Dreams require sacrifice.”

“Become one of us.”

The Funhouse (1981)
Is this based on a Dean Koontz novel? Badly dressed teens go to a carnival and this has no raw insistent urgency just sleaze. There is no Chekhovian poignancy as perennially blank untalented actors face psychological turmoil. This was made with unbelievable incompetence. Studiously avoid this. An annoying kid lurks. This does not stand up to scrutiny. There are no considered responses. Teens get into a furore. People are suffused with bitterness and act with viciousness.

The Two Faces Of Dr Jekyll (1961)
This Hammer horror is filled with nasty and discreditable conduct. Dr Jekyll plans clumsily wild things as he wears a fake beard and bad old age makeup. He’s slipped out of public life to do odd weird experiments. Jekyll repulsively denigrates people and wants to shatter cultural norms and have freedom from social norms.

Women are denigrated. Jekyll is not decent, kind and public spirited. His pal Paul (Christopher Lee) sleazes. Jekyll’s wife has clear preference for Paul. Jekyll heedlessly causes trouble and is going to cause more. Nobody has integrity. Prostitutes lurk. Mr Hyde emerges and there is bad acting, brothels, opium dens, bare knuckle fights and can can girls.

The transformation from Hyde to Jekyll and back again becomes uncontrollable. There is murder and attempted murder and women die for being sluts. There is horrendous acting, incompetent cops and Hyde executes a terrible revenge and a false narrative. Nobody has creditworthiness. People are maliciously accused. There is a malicious strategy and women are repulsively denigrated. This exists for no good reason.

There are vile lies, horrific falsehoods and no melancholy reflection on the destructive power of lies. People overact to near lunatic proportions. There had to be a degree of calculation in Jekyll. This is an unloved Hammer film for a reason: it’s terrible.

Best Lines:
“How dare you talk to a gentleman like that you drunken lout?”

“Dumb human animals.”

“Locked doors of the mind.”

“Such a useless waster.”

“Situation lacks dignity.”

“Go to hell and take that trollop with you.”

“A solemn warning not to meddle.”

Power Of Grayskull: The Definitive History Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe (2017)
This is an okay documentary about the Mattel toyline/cartoon. People mumble. What was the Big Jim toyline? Mattel passed on the ‘Star Wars’ toyline. Ha ha ha ha. To get profits up after that disaster, ‘He-Man’ came into being. This shows how ‘He-Man’ was developed and how Battle-Cat came to be. It was originally called ‘Lords Of Power’ but that was changed. The memorable ‘He-Man’ toyart is discussed.

Teela and She-Ra really looked alike, no comment. Evil witch Evil-Lyn is barely mentioned, the cheap animation is talked up as is the backstory. JMS of ‘Babylon 5’ talks. Moral guardians and naff toys like Stinkor are discussed. Apparently even dinosaurs showed up in ‘He-Man’. The voice actor for He-Man isn’t interviewed, he’s enigmatic apparently. The Skeletor voice actor laughs.

How the ‘She-Ra’ spinoff came to be is discussed. She was going to have a sidekick called Silver Reindeer. Moss-Man is discussed. More and more toys were cranked out but weren’t selling. The irritating Loo Kee is discussed. 80s ads for the cartoons and toys are shown. Dolph Lungren is interviewed. ‘He-Man’ and his elaborate mythology are discussed. Frank Langella is interviewed and he has deep thoughts about playing Skeletor in the unloved live action movie. The failed ‘He-Man’ reboot is discussed as are the comics and the revival of the classic action figures. This is okay nostaglia.

Best Lines:
“The world of male action figures changed.”

“Westerns? Is that popular?”


“Very very disgusted.”

“Play value.”

“Ran out of tooling dollars.”


“Educational consultant.”

“Female fashion action doll.”

“Burn the books!”

“No, he really doesn’t.”

“Eight-foot sword.”

“Not say silly, foolish things.”

“Choices born of 1987.”

Dead Night (2018)
This film has a troubled past. It was originally called ‘Applecart’, then it had a disastrous festival screening and was re-titled and re-edited. It’s still bad. Barbara Crampton and Daniel Roebuck star. This opens on a very well lit night in 1961 where incoherent things happen for no clear reason.

The original trailer for this gave me certain preconceptions. They weren’t met. Ill-mannered things lurk in the woods. 2015 arrives along with bad green-screen and Hollywood darkness. Grim mischief is not afoot in the woods and this was not terrifyingly convincing. Various inflammatory characters show up to the cabin in the woods. One is chronically unable to care about them.

There is no command of plot and pace. The characters are a chronic irritation. Clips from a true crime show give away the plot. This film has that horrible cheap shot on digital look. Who is Leslie? A mysterious woman is found in the show. There are disturbing indications that Leslie is weird. There is clunky dialogue and Crampton can’t act.

This is a perfectly useless film that should be confined to irrelevance. The characters are full of spite, inaccuracy and ill feeling. Murderously reckless mutters with strength of purpose lurk. There is death and a monotonously familiar plot. The characters ghastly lives end due to people with the ferocity of their convictions. There is no unexpected edge or gathering unease.

Leslie is plainly deceitful. There is no mischief or chaos. This was utterly inexplicably terrible. Leslie has sinister motives that make no sense. Nobody behaves particularly well. This is without artistic merit. A woman chops up people with an axe with way too much enthusiasm.

Two characters are indistinguishable Selma Blair look-alikes. The post credits scene makes no sense. Snow disappears and reappears. What became of the missing girl? Why didn’t Casey tell the truth about what happened? The ending and the entire movie make no sense. This was utterly mad.

Best Lines:
“The cabin’s built on a pile of magic rocks.”

“Axe Mom.”

“Sorry about the smell in here.”

“Look for wood in the woods.”

“End the war on values.”

“What are you doing here?”
“Just came to check on you, see how the house is working out.”
“At 23:30!?!”

“I’m going to kill you for this.”
“No you’re not dear.”

Thirst (2015)
Teens at a boot camp are in peril from bad vfx creatures. This was beyond crap.

Best Line:
“In case something needs to be shot.”

Hellions (2015)
A pregnant teen and an angry cop (Robert Patrick) face malevolent kids in this stupid mess.

Best Line:
“Your ass is grass and I’m the lawnmower!”

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Time Freak’ trailer
2 guys time travel to stalk teenage girls. I think this is meant to be a comedy. Ew. Creepy.

‘Mr Mercedes’ promo

‘Goosebumps 2: Halloween Havoc’ TV spot

‘He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe’ opening credits
So camp.

Overlord’ TV spot

Cherry Coke - yum.
Cherry Laffy Taffy - yum.
Gluten free Mixed Berry Crumble - yum.
Sour Apple Laffy Taffy - okay.

Who saw ‘Hitman’ (2007), ‘Gamer’, ’When We Were Kings’ (1996) ’Mr Mom’ or ‘I Went Down’?

I won’t read ‘Death In The Spotlight’ or ‘That’s Not What Happened’.

Who read ‘Kane And Abel’ and ‘Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less’?

There are unanswered questions about ‘House Of Cards’: What about Peter’s friend taking his seat? What happened to Chrsitina? What about Gillian and the CWI? Didn’t Peter have Capital Police protection? When FU is made VP and his house is fortified, how are he and Claire still able to smoke by an open window? Where was the rest of the Secret Service when the Underwoods and Meechum had a threesome? Why did Meechum the man-pet have such wistful wonder for the Underwoods? Did he know how much they manipulated him? Did he care? This show and ‘Designated Survivor’ share the same Oval Office set. Will we ever see the 2 season 6 eps that Kevin Spacey filmed?


‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Selective tolerance.”

“Public sympathy having restored him to his job,”

“Social and moral controversies.”

“Myth of some kind of aggressive conduct.”

“Intestinal pathogens.”

“Accorded godlike status by her reverential public.”

“One-shirt conductor.”

“Slow to grieve.”

“Irrespective of the logic or even of the merits.”

“A future, one very different to their past.”

“A diva’s prerogative.”

“My husband decides the politics in this house.”

“False and vicious attack.”

“Economic full-load.”

“Aggravated vehicle taking.”

“Career changing opportunity.”

“Prejudice against social housing and the people who live in it.”

“Eschewing any form of exaggeration.”

“Politics of patronage.”

“Scorn for democratic norms.”

“As strong as mule piss.”

“Nation-changing effect.”



“Oblivious electorate.”

“Having a history of making allegations against ministers.”

“Crow banger.”

“Sought reactions.”

“No concept of the responsibilities that go with his office,”

“A gentleman on whom I built an absolute trust.”

‘Mission Impossible’ Quote:
“You didn’t think I’d just trust you?”

‘Tales From The Darkside’ Quote:
“Talk box.”

‘Rumple Of The Bailey’ Quotes:
“Alone and palely loitering.”

“What else have you done?”

“Daddy would be ashamed of you.”

‘House Of Cards’ Quotes:
“Addiction without the consequences.”

“Which means nothing to me.”

“That didn’t stop him.”

“The alternative is unliveable.”

“Illegitimate daughter. The nanny of course.”

“The cult of Tusk: membership one.”

“The most powerful man in the free world. For now.”

“Dear friends at the FBI.”

“Don’t get dramatic.”

“Remove hope from the equation.”

“You want me to call him a liar?”
“Isn’t he?”

“I have all the men with guns.”

“Loneliness is the price.”

“Put this behind us, just like we’ve always done.”

“I’m no longer asking.”

“Tensions will be quelled.”

“To Meechum, for his loyalty and service.”

“I was careful.”
“Clearly not enough.”

“I will not ask for a third time.”

“A toxic president.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Compromise her values.”

“Those aren’t jobs.”

“I want my G Wagon!”

“My work is called shopping.”

‘Urban Myths’ Quotes:
“Dozy bastard lands his chopper in my garden. You should see the state of my begonias!”

“Run a 10 hour stadium show off of 4 generators.”

“Whole famine thing.”

“Sexy moron.”

“Nobody’s really that dumb.”

‘The Immaculate Void’ Quote:
“Ending up in the wrong toolshed.”

‘Red Dwarf’ Quotes:
“Whiny human hologram man.”

“Time jump.”

“Unemotional cold-hearted psychopaths.”

“Who mentioned school? I was off shoplifting.”

“Pushing a pram full of string!”

“Gutter muncher.”

“Other socky.”

‘Gary And His Demons’ Quotes:
“Vision seizures.”

“Chosen one lore.”

“Latest evil mirror based phenomenon.”

“Just scheming.”

“Mirror divination.”

‘Daily Express’ Quotes:
“People were that affronted and that offended.”

“Never run from any kind of pursuit predator.”

“Plastic should not exist.”

“No prospect of release.”

“You’ll get yourself punched, you will.”

“Threatened to throw himself out of the window if Paul Scott’s Staying On didn’t win.”

“Punched my agent.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Lurid rumours.”


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