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The Stepfather (2005) Part 1

Philip Glenister lost his daughter, he marries a new woman and then her daughter goes missing. The extremely hostile stepdaughter isn't missed. Is he shifty? There is a snotty ex. The stepdaughter had a dodgy boyfriend and a mean BFF. The stepdaughter is truly vile and can't act. There are twists and the mother gets hysterical. There is suspicion and no dignity and no logical plot path.

Best Lines:

“We don't do locks.”

“The green ink brigade.”

“Baked beans aren't vegtables.”

“Sod you then!”

“Bog attendant.”

“Are you on drugs?”


The re-reboot that nobody asked for! The crew of the Jupiter 2 crash on an alien planet. There is blather and waffle and flashbacks to a near Earth object. They can breathe the air on the alien planet. The kids are snotty and the mother is a stupid whiner. This has some basic competence. There is no brutal reckoning and nobody is a determined supporter of the father.

People act against common sense. This is not an absolute stinker. They were en route to a colony. There is prim moral order and catastrophe is inevitable. The mother is deliberately disagreeable as are the kids. There are grim encounters.

There are terrible things and awful fates and properly horrid kids. This could be unintelligible at times and it had unlovely expository dialogue. There is mischievousness, excessive self pity, illogical ecology and this was not bitterly comic.

There is flirting between past and present and no psychological insights. There was no thinky tones. This was mundane and there are grim thoughts, latent urges, curiously wooden acting and the script is heavy with exposition. This was airless with no emotional beats and it was not psychologically astute. Will Robinson was turned down for the colony ship but the mother did something bad to get him on. The Robinsons were in the 24th colonist group?

There are grim thoughts, this was less watchable and there is angst. They crashed because of a robot/alien? The mother whines with wanton impunity. The mother was going to take the children to a colony without John. She's on a shady moral path. She deserves to be looked on with malice. The mother is unwilling to shoulder responsibility for anything.

The robot doesn't speak or utter its infamous catchphrase. There is no deep seated anxiety about being stranded on an alien planet. This was inconsequential and the mother is smug and disrespectful and spreads discord. There is serious disorder and the mother is visibly irked. She's also unhelpful. This was unimaginative.

The mother spurns opportunities and is nothing if not self righteous. People have hostile responses. The Resolute colony ship was brought down by the robot/alien. Was it destroyed? The original Will Robinson Bill Mumy has a cameo in this as the doomed Dr Z Smith who has his jacket stolen by Parker Posey. She also takes his ID and ship. Poor Dr Smith was robbed and left to die.

Who are the snotty pair who take up with Posey? What was the ship sucked into? The original theme song plays over the end credits. This was directed by Neil Marshall and starred Toby Stephens as John.

Best Lines:

“Are you sure this is the best idea?”

“Made it where?”

“Is that our hedge?”

“Could be worse.”


“This is not mom, this is steak.”

“Cut all the way down.”

“To where?”

“Cut until you see the steak.”

“Things that eat those things.”


Where's Nick? June is the flying Handmaid. Why hasn't June been reassigned to a new Commander? Why would the other Handmaids look up to June?!?!? A Martha shouts. June is rude and needs a slap. June tries to take over the Commander's house. Oh FFS! Nobody notices anything? Serena Joy works with the ICC. But Fred ruins Serena Joy's plea agreement. The first scene rips off the movie. Serena Joy is arrested for how Nick and June conceived their child. I thought Canada considered Nick a war criminal? The Ceremony is described as a religious ritual. This is so damned dark I have no idea what is happening! Of course Moira and one of the children's parents are there when the plane lands in Canada. As if Gilead would let that plane full of Gilead children out of Gilead airspace. Emily shows up. Yawn.

My Mother Gave Me This Book...

Creep 2 (2017)

This found footage sequel is terrible. The loon has no beguiling grace or ferocity as he makes the lives of his 'friends'/victims a misery. A woman films internet lunatics for her web series 'Encounters'. She ends up filming the loon. This was inexorably boring and 'arty' and talky. Cui bono? This lacks in taste and is a fiasco. The loon is devoid of compassion. How can he drive his car while wearing a cheap Halloween costume?

This was supremely irritating. There is no reckoning just endless talking. The loon dresses like Steve Jobs and talks about his murders. The woman films his problematic life. There is gamboling and theatrical indifference. This was foul. There is a deterioating atmosphere. I've no idea what is going on. The nutter kills her. Or so he thinks. This was ghastly and awful.

Best Lines:

“Where's your gun?”

“Need some alcohol.”

“Life is lonely.”

“I think I might be deeply untalented.”

“Tired of failing.”

“Did you want it to scare me?”

“A warning as to what they are walking into.”

“Came in anyway.”

The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Vinnie Jones, Bradley Cooper and Leslie Bibb star in this Clive Barker tale. A man (Jones) kills people and a photographer (Cooper) notices after he kills a model (NorA). Cooper thinks he is the hero of this story but the man isn't a serial killer. This is a cosmic horror story as Cooper finds out in the cruel twist downer ending.

Best Line:

“Serve as we all go without question.”

Word Of Honour (2003)

Don Johnson stars. People are accused of being human dregs. There are secrets and accusations and threats and talk of the Vietnam war. Johnson tries to show off his actings. This dragged.

Best Line:

“Slut wife of yours!”

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance (2018)
A twee if cute true story.

Book Review: Gaslight Gothic, part 2

Gaslight Gothic: Strange Tales Of Sherlock Holmes: edited by J.R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec part 2

A Matter Of Light

By Angela Slatter. A rich pervert dies. People wonder who killed him and they don't care about the perversion. There are utterly disgraceful moral stances, myth making, nobody can justify the perv's actions and so ignore them and the final reveal is not unsettling. The results of this are not positive.

Best Lines:

“Shame-faced butler.”

“A desperate person seeking a way out of an unpleasant life.”

“Rather more loudly than she should.”

“Apparently horrified at the sight of a woman's unwashed garments.”

“Unsavoury and unnecessary.”

“Bitterly resented his intrusion into the life of the household.”

“Not the one displaced.”

“What maid has such a pristine apron on after midnight.”

“Untold centuries of regret.”

The Song Of A Want

Told in the form of a letter; this is a tale of mudlarks, Wiggins, ugly ugly choices and urban hellscapes. This was not viscerally disturbing with no nasty suprises. This is a tale of unspoken darkness and a pre-Watson Holmes who is lonely. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Hard hurt.”

“There wasn't a home anymore.”

“Something might befall you in one of these wretched alleys, something you wouldn't like.”

“You aren't wanted.”

“You shan't enjoy the results.”

“I may yet have mercy on you.”

“No one will ever feel that way about me.”

“He was wrong.”

Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'The Report' teaser

Adam Driver is idealistic. There is burning VHS and truth matters and Jon Hamm.

Best Lines:

“183 times.”

“Would print it tomorrow.”

Goldenrod honey – nice.

Sparkling Mexican lime & lemongrass – yum.

Sparkling rose blossom cocktail – yum.

There's a Jaffa Cake scented candle?

'The Spanish Princess' has been renewed.

There will be a sequel to 'The Babysitter'!

There's a film called 'Zombie Tidal Wave'?

I thought my ex gave me unfailing support. He didn't. His mask is off. I know what he is now.

'Lewis' Quotes:

“T.S Elliot.”

“Don't know the fellow.”

“Dad's living in Dubai with the au pair.”

“That's what Oxford is for.”

“When did she dump you?”

“When I stopped being useful.”

“Nobody more irrelevant.”

“She wouldn't have been safe with bullets.”

“Scam? Could you define the word.”

“Take anyone who could read or write.”

“I despise my elected government.”

“Chose to live dangerously and lost.”

“I'm writing a book.”

“Isn't everybody?”

“Very good at long words.”

“Didn't even go to a posh school.”

'Reggie Yates Extreme UK' Quotes:

“Look in the mirror and be happy with what I see.”

“When he's not peeling off his vest.”

“Gym user.”

“That's so grim.”

“That's horrible.”

“Old school guys.”

“The gym is my life effectively.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:


“Sniffing dogs.”

'The Queen's Promise' Quotes:

“There are other ways of gaining esteem and favour,”

“Look with affection upon our loyalty.”

“Held no exalted position that she had heard of.”

“Doing his bidding daily.”

“Nothing ungodly taking place under my roof.”

“Did believe that love would come.”

“Subject of vile gossip.”

“Not the ways of the Border.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Go so wrong so quickly.”

“Worthy of a husband.”

“Shamed and rejected.”

“Severe consequences.”

“Reacted to him like this.”

“He said he didn't say that.”

“Jeopardise futures.”

“The fish will be moved to another resevoir.”

“Nationalist ire.”

“Kill the chicken to scare the monkey.”

“Claiming against all evidence.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“No representative body to advocate on their behalf, nor are they given articles in national newspapers.”

“People were gone demented.”

“Ultraviolent Gerard Butler movies.”

“Shudder with full body flashback to the killer's painful childhood.”

“Solid B-movie charisma of a prince in a direct-to-vhs Disney sequel,”

“Stoical granite-browed character.”


“Became a pop-culture icon from beyond the grave.”

“Decide on the way of the future.”

“Met with blank vacant stares and ignored.”

“What happened, why it happened.”

“Any action deemed necessary.”

“Would have become such a hostile country.”

“The end of drinking cans in public parks being acceptable.”

“Tolerant sigh.”

“Moralistic ravings.”

“Lack of morality and damage to society.”

“Socially unacceptable.”

“Helpless, voiceless, in need of rescue.”

“Truly abject person.”


“Homeless for the lack of crumbling barns and ruined castles.”

“With no intention of returning.”

“Then they called me a liar.”

“Accused of not telling the truth.”

“Erosion of trust in society.”

“Family protection concern.”

“Didn't even try.”

'Jade' Quotes:

“Dashed behind some bushes.”

“Down his underpants.”

“Grimmer and grimmer and grimmer.”

“General astonishment.”

“A sign of what was to come.”

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Quotes:

“'Attack Of The Clones' was such a turd.”

“Men always want what they can't have: Cuban cigars, a watchable Superman movie.”

“Dog masseuse.”

“He wants you.”

“A jigsaw puzzle? You already got the picture on the box bitch!”

“Thinks Hurricane Katrina was a David Copperfield illusion!”

“I don't want to talk to them. Ever.”

“It was gotten.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Mercedes learns Bobby is afraid she'll abandon him again so she plans to abandon him (again) and her husband to run off with the vile Liam.

Best Lines:

“Scary Poppins.”

“Your husband bought you a coffin! Do you understand how weird that is?”

Hunter Killer (2018)

The Russian president is kidnapped in a coup and a US sub captain (Gerard Butler) must rescue him in this goodish action movie. This has Gary Oldman, blue ice, anime looking VFX, mentions of Syria and Crimea, mumbling and the sub captain is named Glass which is meant to sound badass.

People have unpleasant natures and ignore compelling evidence. There is no endless tension and no reassuring tone. Nobody is open-natured and there is no quiet time. There are serious consequences to the coup. What does down bubble mean? The trailer gave away the entire plot. People vocally respond to the chaotic events. There are wails and protests and this was enjoyable if not remarkable or extraordinary.

The coup lot seem like violent maniacs. There is hostility and contempt and it takes ages to discern intentions. There are so many stupid people. People are incredibly uncomfortable and the XO is an ass. There is conflict and distrust and unaccountable governance. People try to avoid conflict. There is terrifying willingness by arrogant morons to start a war.

An NSA agent helps, people are visibly irked and somehow no one notices US special forces running around on Russian soil. Russians speak English and then switch to speaking Russian with subtitles and back again. It makes no sense. People are alarmed by the coup and Oldman rants as an admiral. There are active hostilities. Why didn't the coup mob kill the president?

There are possible dire consequences to the coup. The coup guy is more hardline than the president. Were people trying to sabotage the submarine in an unexplained scene? Captain Glass spews ridicilous dialogue. There are despicable acts and people with no regard for democratic principles. America will save the day!

There is fear, anger and absolute revulsion. Michael Nyquist and Michael Trucco and Linda Cardellini and Toby Stephens co-star. There is absolute mayhem and people utterly condemn each other. There is diplomatic lunacy and a rapidly changing geopolitical scene. There is international turbulence and brazen initiatives. While not an intellectual and creative asset, it is goodish and perfectly adequate.

Why does one Russian sound American? There are pre-formed ideologies and the risk level gets higher. There are repeated challenges and provocations and no nuanced understanding. Glass makes a principled stand and he has dissent from conventions. Things get really ominious and this film does not loom large in the collective imagination.

There is no meaningful engagement. Glass has ardent opponents. There are gunfights and reasonable negotiations and it is disheartening how many people are idiots. There is infeasibility. Two dudes are left behind and the coup guys cause huge problems.

There is a social crisis and Oldman fans disllusionment. Oldman looks like he suffers from chronic constipation. People are inaccurate and deceptive. Oldman behaves in an unreasoned and downright stupid fashion. There are no logical arguments just irrationality. There is a collective survival strategy. There is a game of manipulation. There are irresponsible reckless acts.

Glass bonds with the Russian president and a Russian sub captain (the late Nyquist). There are argumentative impulses and no reasoning. There is blame shifting and insidious plots and social re-engineering and worrisome levels of war mongering. There is inadvertent ignorance and intelligence resistance and loyal thinking and a negativity instinct. There are sincere depections and deceivers and strategic ignorance and virtuous stupidity. Great calamities are avoided by forceful intervention that is none too subtle. One of Glass' sub crew is a woman. There are serious risks and a serious attempt to engage.

Best Lines:

“All I know down here. I am you.”

“Anger and rage.”

“Was it as bad they say sir?”

“3 subs down.”

“Very different childhoods.”

“My ministers, my parliament and my generals.”

“In my care.”

“I intend to defend.”

“Concerned only with victory.”

“Move it, bastards.”

“Made us look like the aggressors.”

“War footing.”

“The arrogance of this.”

“That's a war ship.”

“You can trust them.”

“I heard.”

“Who fired?”

“Not us.”

“Blast circle.”

“Is she sunk?”

Heaven (2019)

I did not like the Virgina Andrews book this is based on. People hate the hill people Casteel family. Heaven's mother, Angel, was rich but is now dead. The Casteels are poor with hill education. Heaven is a redhead which she wasn't in the book. Heaven's stepmother has a dead baby.

Heaven's useless dad Luke sells his children. Heaven ends up in Julie Benz's house. There are perverts, violence and Heaven's sister Fanny shags a preacher. Luke and his second wife Sarah vanish from the plot. The Casteels are regarded as hill scum. Heaven likes new boy Logan but he is awful and useless. Kitty (Benz) dies and Heaven is shamed for being abused by Kitty's useless hubby Cal. Heaven wants to find Angel's family. This was badly written, badly acted and plain MEDIOCRE.

Best Lines:

“This is his best?”

“Real deep clean.”


The Remaining (2014)

A wedding goes awry due to the Rapture. This was rubbish.

Shocker (1989)

Peter Berg and Mitch Pileggi star in this Wes Craven flop. A serial killer kills people. The killer Pinker is a nutter who stalks a teenage boy. The boy's foster dad hates him. Pinker is also a satanist. The boy (Berg) takes on Pinker all by himself after Pinker returns from the dead after being executed. And guess what the boy is Pinker's very own son! This would be franchise never got off the ground. This was BAD. Instead of acting PEOPLE SHOUT ALL THEIR LINES.

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Informer' tv spot


'Underwater' trailer

In a lab 7 miles under water dwell Kristen Stewart and T.J. Miller. What's out there? This looks okay.

Best Lines:

“We don't know what came out.”

“Walk across the bottom of the ocean?”

'Elite' season 2 trailer

Characters are not burdened by any brains or personality.

Best Line:

“Narco Barbie.”

'Marriage Story' teaser

What she loves about Charlie. Oh Adam Driver.

'Antlers' trailer


What was New Journalism?

I feel unappreciated.

I won't read 'Dive Smack'.

I'll review 'The Royal Art Of Poison', 'Beneath The Attic', 'The Happy Man', 'Blood Sinister', And So It Begins', 'The Enterprise War', 'The Spirit' and 'Velocity Weapon'.

'Krypton' has been cancelled: the showkiller strikes again!

'Generation Z' on Channel 4 could be good.

I would esteem it a favour if my ex got hit by a bus. I gave my ex my devotion and he gave it to a hoyden. I thought my ex had enduring regard for me. I feel perpetually disconnected and the pain that can only be caused by family itself.

'RTE News' Quote:

“Airbourne means.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Prince Andrew's taste in friends.”

“Famously shady past.”

“Under tight control.”

'The Goldbergs' Quotes:

“What dumbass thing is this?”

“Ridiculously badass.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Homework despisers.”


“A concept he opposed bitterly.”

“Stayed away from her more than he needed.”

“Intimidated into silence.”

“Flight shame.”

“Strictness of this rectitude.”

“Unfairly blamed.”

“Without insisting on the truth of how I felt.”

“Contort in horror.”

“Hate emotions.”

“Unfairly resented others for how easy life seemed for them.”

“Accepted responsibility for my own chocies.”

“Considered suspicious.”

“Glaring shortcoming.”

“Bowel dysfunction.”


“Wasn't nice.”

“Support her progress through life.”

“Behavioural issues.”

“Treat with deference and caution.”

“A world I longed to enter.”

“Passed furtively.”

“Refusing viable help.”

“Not go well for me.”

“Treated aggressively.”

“Fed up and lost with a diminishing sense of purpose.”

“Perfectly groomed, perfectly behaved children playing beautifully on the perfectly clean parquet floors of the perfectly styled homes of the perfectly turned out mothers who are arranging some beautiful flowers by the light of a Jo Malone candle.”

“HP sauce-loving.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Much-needed protection.”

“Attacked for everything you do.”

“Committal proceedings.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Had his ear bitten off.”

“Wrecked his life.”

'Keepers Of The Flame' Quotes:

“Feel the pull of hardship.”

“All around him are in conspiracy to kill him.”

“Urge his destruction.”

“Wind and rain have free entry.”

'Deadpool' Quotes:

“Cock gobbler!”

“Slap the bitch out of you!”

“Zip it Sinead!”

“McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are so confusing.”

“Who rooms with a bunch of other little whiners at the Neverland Mansion of some creepy old bald Heaven's Gate looking mother.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“I just don't like him.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Joel runs around in his underpants. Breda uses a bible as a weapon and smacks him one. Jack finds Louis' body in the pond. Just how many bodies have been found in the pond? Why hasn't it been filled in and turned into a parking lot? Breda's emotional response is to murder people. Joel now knows Breda is a nutter. Where is James? Mercedes shags Liam and doesn't care that Liam is bullying her son. Leela lurks. Mercedes severely overrates her importance.

The Last Astronaut by David Wellington

This starts out well but turns decidely tepid. NASA, Space Force and KSpace are involved when an alien object shows up. SpaceX is not mentioned in this used future. An astronaut, Jansen, was disgraced and brought down NASA when her Mars mission ended in disaster.

Decades later when the alien object enters the solar system, perpetually aggrieved people have to make first contact. This is choppy, illogical and heroic moments are stolen. The Mars mission casts a long shadow, people have gloomy outlooks and commit the most awful and unforgivable of sins. People crave approval, idiots inflame and cause chaos and turn into nefarious villians.

There are sinister manifestations in space and idiots justify their idiot actions. People battle to be believed, idiots are cruel and unrighteous, KSpace have unquestioning reverence for themselves and people are seemingly unconcerned with logic. This was utterly utterly dreadful.

This is not a tale of how icons are created and then forgotten about or moral shortcomings or a woman haunted by regret and lifelong torment expunging her torment. This was not emotionally complex. There is no desperate uncertainty just destructive action that leads to consequences people don't like.

This book will be unremembered. People have an inability to get anything done, are terrified of regret and fear a hostile force. There are damning findings, things that set lives on a different course, emotionally traumatic events and decisions that are fatal to the validity of the plot.

People have pity and suspicion, cause self-perpetuated problems, ignore calculated risks with favour and can't deal with their own shame. The trust that people would have had in Jansen, that is gone. Earth in the future is a society that has reached a ripping point and gone sailing over. This is emblematic in the fact that 'Stars Wars' has been forgotten. The tale of first contact turns out to be knock off of the famous 'Star Trek' ep 'The Doomsday Machine'.

Best Lines:

“Jansen didn't like that look.”

“Moral calculus.”

“An environment so different from Earth-”

“Hero fantasy.”

“Gave it some actual thought and consideration.”

“They'll eat the ground out from under the wreckage of our cities.”

“Deeper inside the crust than any human has ever gone.”

“Kill vehicle.”

“Long before we stood up on two feet. Before the dinosaurs, or even the trilobites.”

“A long, long time after we're gone.”

“Until there are no planets left.”

“Long cold silence.”

“Heart beat just once in a thousand years.”

Gaslight Gothic: Strange Tales Of Sherlock Holmes edited by J.R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec, part 1

The 4th in the series.

It Is Not The Cold Which Makes Me Shiver

An introduction.

Best Line:

“An embarrassing alcholic, lunatic, artist father practically locked away as a secret in the attic and a mother with a questionable realtionship with a lodger.”

The Cuckoo's Hour

This is a dark tale of a murder, a will, a treasure hunt and dark family secrets in an old dark house. This was incredibly engaging.

Best Lines:

“Brought ill to our family,”

“Familial fondness.”

“Peter once tried to have him committed in order to take his fortune from him. Ironic, really, that is Peter himself who is now in the sanatorium.”

“Meet with some dark fate,”

The Spirit Of The Place

By David Stuart Davies. This reads like a rip off of M.R. James' 'Casting The Runes'. I think I've read this before. The phrase mind creature is used without irony. This is of no psychological significance as Holmes defeats the overmighty baddie and mocks wrong doers. Davies' medicore work is frequently applauded as excellent. This was medicore and it has no requsite dread.

Best Lines:

“Time for me to keep quiet and make no effort to engage him in conversation.”

“The schemer falls into the pit he digs for another.”

Father Of The Man

By Stephen Volk. Holmes meets Edgar Allan Poe who is pretending to be Dupin in Paris having faked his death. Holmes narrates how Poe won fame and then surrendered it. Poe is morally indefensible. A Pinkerton shows up. Poe is a loss at life and there is an over-eagerness to discern profound insight. There is no contrition, no logic and this was dull, boring and unexciting. This was not unsettling or upsetting.

Best Lines:

“Mistook my silence for deep contemplation.”

“Hellish consequences.”

The Strange Case Of Dr. Sacker And Mr. Hope

Watson tries to help Holmes when he cracks up. The outcome of this action is to his detriment. This is of course a 'Jekyll' ripoff. Holmes damns himself and his BFF. This wasn't subtly horrifying or disconcerting, just an abominable banality.

Best Lines:

“Received me with an indifference bordering on contempt.”

“The parade of importuners tramping up and down my stairs day and night, those street ragamuffins he employs as scouts and spies,”

“Gallantry personified.”

“Even forgiven him for putting bullet-holes in my wall when that fit of monarchist fervour overtook him.”

“I remember him with little fondness.”

“Area-sneak and second-story artist.”

“Abundant spite.”

“Keeping vigil against my return.”

“If I do not comply with his wishes, the consequences may be dire.”

“It won't hurt. Well, not much.”

The Ignoble Sportsmen

Vengeance is sought using cursed talismans with homicidal dury. This was sedate.

The Strange Adventure Of Mary Holder

By Nancy Holder. This is a sequel to 'The Adventure Of The Beryl Coronet'. People are not at all well treated in this story. Holmes and Watson are peoples only help in a wicked world. There is exposition and ethical implications and loaded consequences. There is emotional introspection and the duo try to interpret the intent of a woman.

Best Lines:

“Cast her out of society.”

“See what she had accepted instead!”

“I should have refused him entry into this house!”

“What need had he of me?”

The Lizard Lady Of Pemberton Grance

This was a quite stupid tale of a gruesome murder. This was full of exposition.

The Magic Of Africa

This was a dull cultural manifestation. This was a ridiclious conscious construction. Dark facts are revealed.

Best Line:

“Burgled by midget thieves.”

Judgement Day by Nick Sharman

Evil has a child's face in the 80s tale of possession which is dreck.

Star Trek Deep Space 9 7x12 Reviewed

The Emperor's New Cloak

Quark has a visit to the MU and meets MU Ezri who isn't Dax. This was sheer stupidity. An MU Vic gets shot. MU Bashir is space trash. MU Worf screams at MU Garak. Quark and Rom are stupid. Don't get me started on the gender issues. There are stupid decisions. MU Leeta and MU Ezri hook up.



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