VOY 3x06 + Outer Banks 2x10 + Supergirl 6x06 Reviewed 👎👎👎🍕🧄


Torres is given the memories of an old alien woman who took part in a genocide of a people on her world who were dismissed as dirty and irrelevant. The space nazis smug. This was undone by bad acting.

Best Line:

We've been tolerant for a very long time.”

The Costal Venture

I'm done with this show. I care not for John B, Pope, JJ or Kiara. Sarah's trash. What spray tan did they use on the actors? They look like they're in end stage liver failure. Ward has sub psychotic rage. Ward and his greasy, inexplicably irritable, psycho son are on a cargo ship. John B and co are trapped in a death cage. I care not how they all this happened.

Ward runs with some pretty bad folk. There is such a heavy gang presence around Ward. Sarah's sister and Ward's bimbo are there too. As is a great big gold cross. The son also has sub psychotic rage. Christopher Pike is ripped off. There is a continued pursuit for relevance. This was not ebyond amazing.

Why is Sarah so stupid? The cross is worth half a billion dollars. Rose is Ward's idiot wife/bimbo. Ward has his own private island. There are no societal expectations. JJ plans to take over the ship's bridge with guns. This was lazy and incompetent. Sarah acts disappointingly. People are judged for their choices, actions and beliefs. There is no shame, guilt or culpability. Sarah is detrimental. JJ is hysterical.

Consideration is a word whose meaning is lost on John B. This was not very pleasant. This was dreary. There are disastrous consequences. Ward has the gold and the cross. The kids have nothing. Sarah is only 16. Why is Ward feuding with teenagers?

Psycho bro attacks John B with a hook. Pope gets in a crane. Why is Ward feuding with children?!? Pope uses the crane on the cross. John B tries to kill Ward and fails like he does at life. The cross falls in the ocean and then is saved. How much must it weigh? Sarah ditched her sister and family for John B. This was a complete and utter travesty.

John B and co have ditched their families, who think they are dead. They have no gold, no cross and only the clothes they are standing up in. WTF? John B and co don't care about the families. There are no interesting decisions. There is gunfire and little if any relevance and complex and volatile situations. Ward still has the gold and cross. John B's dad is alive. This was not enduring.

Season 3 is set up. This was frustrating. John B gains new adversaries every say. There is no heavy subject matter. Destiny is pulling them elsewhere. There is no renewed enjoyment. Season 2 was dreck. This was not powerul or affecting. This was insipid. There was no insight or pathos. This was seedy. John B and co end up on an unknown island. This was not a pulpy romp. There is no chaotic realism. This season was unwatchable.

Best Lines:

“Angry right now rightfully so.”

“Make good on that promise.”

“Get away with everything again.”

“To take the bridge.”

“100% probability you're going to do something stupid.”

“Calling me B team?”

“Best its gonna get.”

“All the evil men do.”

“Smoking a jay.”

“We got everything.”

“Nothing else to lose.”

Prom Again!

I'd very low expectations of what this season would be like. There is not a single thing about this show that I don't hate. Alex apologises for being such a bitch. Cat Grant is the worst. Nia and Brainy have screwed up the timeline. Kara is an idiot.

Best Lines:

“Fighty thing.”

“No undoing this one.”

“I don't know exactly what a balloon boy is.”

“Oh yes it's terrible.”

#burning love from WOW!#burning love from WOW!#burning love from WOW!

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Last Letter From Your Lover' tv spot

No, sentimental nonsense.

'Aftermath' promo


'American Horror Story: Double Feature' trailer


'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' trailer


Drumstick squashies – mmmm.

RIP Sky One. 40 years old.

Who recalls 'Living With Fran'?

I believed in the sincerity of my ex's promises. I deeply resent my ex. I feel alone and unwanted. My ex left me to love another. My ex has an absolute lack of concern. My ex left with calculated ease and no profound regret.

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Weirdness everywhere I go.”

“Bringing weird with you.”

“Stranger on the street to me.”

“The victim hat on.”

“Object of attack.”

'Hollyoaks' Quotes:

“You had to go and kill her didn't you?”

“Such a blessing you are!”

“Send you back to your god!”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“The ordeal they went through.”

“Alarming for multiple reasons.”

“Got bored with what was going on.”

“Curt response.”

“Took a flight that would change their lives.”

“Under captivity.”

“Darkest moment.”

“Obviously showed shock on my face.”

“Did not believe the offical account.”

“Circumstances surrounding the flight.”

“Classified to this day.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Free overspill signals.”

“Watched by almost nobody.”

“Pay-TV market-conquering.”

“Media merger.”

“Too learned.”

“Damning report.”

“Prevent the English word taking root.”

“Eroding the grammatical structure.”

“These people are dnagerous.”

“Shock findings.”

“Hate incidents.”

“Not available for alternative uses.”

“Required for that purpose.”

"Video player ownership took off.”

“It was weird and it was great.”

“A portal back in the 1970s,”

“Cult curiosities-”

“The worst woman in London.”

“Excessive scrupulosity.”

“Theologically impoverished.”

“Pray, pay, and obey.”

“Numerous local rumours about his behaviour – none of which he denies.”

“Reputation is paramount.”

“Onslaught of stigma.”

“Fear of reprisal.”

“Doesn't seem to want me here.”

“Exact revenge on the enemies who have betrayed her trust.”

“The man they thought they knew and loved.”

“The French way of making movies.”

“Unclassifiable oddness.”

“Motivated by trauma.”

“Veneer of trauma.”

“Veneer of civility.”

“Seething resentments.”

“Controlled by fear.”

“Assertive confidence.”

“Entrusted with his security.”

“Genre diversity.”

“Ideological disaster.”

“Disaster pragmatism.”

“Sow mistrust.”

“Armed with knives, firearms, petrol and, in one case, a chainsaw.”

'The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes' Quotes:

“So outdated as to be laughable now,”

“Blight of all kindly feeling.”

“Coriolanus released the fistful of cabbage into the pot of boiling water and swore that one day it would never pass his lips again. But this was not that day.”

“Poor as district scum.”

“A vulnerabity that invited abuse.”

“Innumerable volumes of books had been sacrificed to the fireplace.”

“Acceptable option? None of the above.”

“Had his grandmother finally made good her threat of leanring to cook?”

“Filling the kitchen with the smell of poverty.”

“Morose tales.”

“Limitless options.”

“District retaliation.”

“Took it as decency.”

“Chipping away at the old order simply by virtue of their presence.”

“Still emitted unlivable levels of radiation.”

“Cloddish accents.”

“The joke district.”

“War reparation.”

“Terrible words.”

“Ghastly is what happens without them.”

“Seemed to invite derision.”

“Make the unwilling comply.”

“Terrible memory.”

“Experimental Weapons Division.”

“No one, no one would stop to help.”

“Genetic ark.”

“The first thing Coriolanus did was run and make sure the door was locked to protect their newfound riches.”

“You're all monsters here!”

“Determine their threat level.”

“Pining for the past.”

“Lima beans still taste like the war to me.”

'It Takes A Killer' Quote:

“Take control in a catastrophic way.”

'Dollface' Quotes:

“Judging and drama.”

“Are you naked on purpose?”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Bane of banks and their customers.”

“Where can the displaced go?”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“Who doesn't wear underwear with leggings?”

“Yummy bites.”

“You guys mock me. About everything.”

“It's a WASP thing.”

“Please punish us.”

“Research military schools.”

“And not one of the good ones. The ones that closed down after '60 Minutes' does an expose on them.”

“Outcasts together.”

“BA from online experimental college.”

“You've surpassed the dead plant in the kitchen window as the least helpful thing in the house.”

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Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Hostage House + Godzilla: King Of The Monsters + Time Bandits + Aftermath (2021)

Hostage House (2021)

A mother and daughter get taken captive by fugitives during an open house. Violence turns the dream of real estate into a nightmare in a 70 acre estate. This was not truly unique or memorable. The fugitives are bitter, spiteful, bad tempered and boiling over with grievances.

This was errneous and dull. There is no covid. There is bad acting and uncontrolled aggression. There are scare chords and nasty people. This was boring, incessant and ridiculous.

This was irrational and there is no considerable tension. There are contrary intentions and this was silly. This locks in the inevitable ending. There is no rationale and this was not successful. This was not action packed or colourful. This does not radiate wit and charm.

The fugitives are a couple with a deceptive air. There is misbehaviour. There is a long wait for accountability. There is no positive behaviour. This is of no great relevance. There are indignant fugitives. This was deeply dispiriting. There are social pessimists. This was dubious and faintly absurd. There is no moral compass. This was not heartfelt. There is no hand wringing. There is no response commensurate with the scale of the problem.

This was risible with a twist. This was not messy or complicated. Emotions go unresolved. There is nonchalance.

Best Lines:

“Smell that?”

“Pine trees?”

“Multiple offers.”

“A huge get for me.”

“Higher end sales market.”

“What fills a house that makes it a home.”

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (2019)

Gozilla takes on Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorahin in this incoherent sequel. Where's Godzilla been for 5 years? This stars Vera Farmiga. WTF are all these people doing in China? Why is the US military flying all over the world chasing Titans? Are there no borders? Are there no other militaries? There is a Kong mention and Charles Dance and Kyle Chandler and Viola Davis.

There is a mcguffin and exposition about 17 titans and a mention of Skull Island. Chandler does pitiful wails. VFX pixels blow up. There is a betrayal in this joyless film. Fate forbid they make more of these films. A volcano bat thing flies aorund.

People endure more horrible things. How are the baddies flying around with no one stopping them? Chandler's daughter does bad things with her mad mommy and then changes her mind. There is a callback to a 'Skull Island' character. The 3 headed dragon thing is an alien aka an invasive species. The US saves the day.

There is an infinite choice of monsters, a hollow Earth, uncompromising words, death, shady strategies and a fat Godzilla. I've no idea what is going on. A butterfly thing flaps around. I've no idea why any of this is happening. What happened to the butterfly thing? Vera has terrifying certainty. This was there.

Best Lines:

“Return of an ancient and forgotten super species.”

“Atomic testing awoke Godzilla.”

“Reclaim a world that was once theirs.”

“Something else is gonna crawl out.”

“Magic kingdom of horrors.”

“Monster zero.”

“Hauling ass up Argentina.”

“You're murdering the world.”

“A forgotten order.”

“The 1st gods.”

“Oxygen destoyer.”

“You're 2nd generation monarch?”


“Disasters we don't even have names for.”

“Slaying dragons is a western concept.”

“We opened pandora's box and there's no closing it now.”

“This isn't the world we want.”

“Grim search.”

“He's on our side.”

“For now.”

“Geat dragon who fell from the stars.”

Time Bandits (1981)

Sean Connery, Katherine Helmond, David Warner and Ian Holm feature in this incoherent tale of a young boy kidnapped by dwarfs for adventures in space and time. The incoherence causes indifference. This was of no consequence. There are hate filled taunts, fluff and drivel. This was terrible in every way. This was really awful and one feels derison for this frivolous mess.

Aftermath (2021)

Shawn Ashmore stars in this Blumhouse knockoff. Which Ashmore twin is he? This is allegedly a true story of how a crime scene cleaner and his wife had issues due to an affair. So they move to a house where a murder/suicide happened. This was the husband's idea. The house has remote locks and an attritional conflict builds. This was not glorious. Just ridiculous and overblown.

This was the worst, it was obsolete and excitment is in short supply. They have reasons they beleive to be valid to stay in the creepy house. This was dispiriting. A skanky homewrecking slut lurks. This was frivolous, strange and absurd. There are large and negative consequences to staying in the evil house.

This was dreadful. Someone perpetrates great cruelties on them. Terror is spread. There is a twist that defies all logic. This was appalling, fallacious and sclerotic.

Best Lines:

“I'm not even mad anymore.”

“Found their brother hanging in the closet.”

“The advice that we've been paying for.”

“Are you sure this is a good decision?”

“Hiding in the closet instead of using the front door.”

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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Don't Look Up' teaser

Whole hazelnuts milk choc – nice.

Apple juice – nice.

I have detestatian for my ex. He was previously decent. My ex erased me from his memory.

I'd try poached apricots with mascarpone and lime. I'd try vinegar and vanilla icecream and candied fennel. I'd try miso brownies.

What's jalapeno bouillon?

WTF is no dig farming?

I'll review 'Good Neighbours'.

Good Neighbours by Sarah Langan | Waterstones

I guess we won't be getting a 4th 'Has Fallen' movie.

Why Angel Has Fallen dropped Aaron Eckhart's president

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Resentful eyes.”

“Never saw them disagree about anything because they chose not to.”

“Wasn't a resentful moment.”

“What somebody might want to hear.”

“Celebrity earth-conscious hippy.”



“Constant vilification.”

“Cultivate an image.”

“Erratic and useless.”

“Forcibly chaperoned to the bathroom to correct myself.”

“Without resorting to mockery.”

“Scared, very scared.”

“Doesn't recall having a say in these decisions.”

“Felt so unseen and unheard and undervalued-”

“Knew what was required of me.”

“Chilling recognition.”

“No one helped me.”

“His heart, his soul and savings.”

“Chilling nickname.”

“Vicious emails.”

“White coat syndrome.”

“Financially precarious.”

“Friendliness soon evaporated.”

“Known for strange goings on.”

“Scorn and ridicule often heaped on them.”

“Guys protecting our streets – he says they are carrying garden tools.”

“Passion for the paranormal.”

“Without fear of ridicule.”

“Cosmic beacon.”

“Did unpleasant things.”

“Cranks and fantasists-”

“Beyond anything known on Earth.”

“Need to have magic in their lives.”

“Potential threat.”

“Disbelieved or ridiculed.”

“Brought the paranormal into the sitting room.”

“Profession of faith.”

“Defy explanation.”

“In the deepest, farthest, outer reaches of probability, we have become the focus of extraterrestrial attention.”

“Distraught and incensed.”

“Total mayhem.”

“Crisis sitations.”

“'Robust' is code for hitting people.”

“Violent disorder.”

“Weirdo deviance.”

“Maniacal attachment.”

“Unremttingly polite.”

“Moral obligation.”

“Vile nature.”

“Supportive witness.”

“Vile and malicious liars.”

“Startling reassement.”



“Extraordinary popularity.”

“Exclude the non-vaccinated from society.”

“Wildly wrong.”

“Destined vanguard.”

“Dark warnings.”

“He had never met a table he didn't thump with his fist.”

“Destined for a life of idealistic defeats that he would frame as victories.”


“Essential liberty.”

“Lower life satisfaction.”

“Anything that contradicted his feelings was wrong.”

“His feelings were so strong it turned into facts for him.”

“No idea where else to turn.”

“Similarly desperate state.”

“Find friendship through it.”

“A liberal left that has dominated academic in the west.”

“Emotive balladry.”

“Credit hogging.”

“Defined by the talents.”

“DVD sales fell off a cliff.”

“Cultural confusion.”


“Exhaustingly sentimental.”

“Personal chaos.”

“Increasingly imperilled.”

“Uber deluxe edition.”

“Safety copy.”

“Tightly wound lunatic,”

“Demented energy.”

“Demand on your attention.”


“Act against her.”

“Concocted myth.”

“Speculated wildly.”

“Televisual filth.”

'Business Post Food & Wine' Quotes:

“Dark mutterings.”

“Family recipes zealously guarded through generations.”

“Permitted person.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

Threats and aggression.”

“Routinely executed anyone who wore spectacles on the grounds that they might be intellectuals.”

“Civil disorder.”

“Not motivated to tell the truth.”

“Increasingly hostile.”

“Bad bin management.”

'Business Post' Quotes:

“Too nosily male.”

“You wanted to be part of their gang.”

“Do not attract a great deal of public sympathy.”

“Hazardous lifestyles.”

'The Irish Times' Quote:

“Antagonise the population.”

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Deception 1x02 + Batwoman 2x15 Reviewed

Forced Perspective

A moron murders someone. This is obviously based on a certain famous case. Someone doesn't know who Agatha Christie is. Cameron Black is an arrogant idiot. This was so obvious. Cameron tries to pull some 'Mission Impossible' crap on a baddie, obviously the baddie has seen 'Mission Impossible'. A woman lacks self defense skills. FFS. This ep just ends. This was not good. Everyone has walls of crazy.

Armed And Dangerous

Luke's been shot. Mary decides to use the magic plant to save Luke. Jacob looks into the shooting. Beth is dumb. Why is Ocean such trash? Ryan is incredibly stupid. Beth doesn't tell anyone about Circe/Kate as she is trash. Mary is not Jacob's daughter!!! Will Ryan stop being ungrateful? The acting is bad. The comatose Luke talks to 'Bruce'. Sophie tells Jacob, again, how corrupt the Crows are. Jacob's own Crows try to kill him. So he disbands the Crows. This was bad. Alice wants Jacob to help her.

Best Line:
"Both Batwomen."

Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Bohemian Rhapsody + Downsizing

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
Rami Malek does his actings in this biopic directed by Dexter Fletcher. Fake teeth are sported, Freddie falls in love with Mary, there is sex, singing, fame and Kenny Everett. This was overhyped.

People deride Queen. There is dodgy behaviour and this is not interesting or challenging. This was a dud. This was simpering blandness. There is Live Aid, a baby and a leech boyfriend. There is bloody mindedness.

There are things amiss and this was terribly frustrating and puerile, depressing and lacklustre. This was gibberish. Freddie doesn't like scrutiny but he does like the best lyrics and notes. This was operatically over the top and not ludicrously entertaining. This was not edged with darkness. There is ominious bitterness and no resonance. There's megastardom in here too.

Freddie's life is a never ending chore. This aims to be as arty as an obscure French new wave film. This is not a re-creation of what the Queen live music experience would have been like. There are 100,000 people at Wembley for Live Aid. Freddie brushes off the questionable people.

Where there any female performers at Live Aid? Freddie had a toxic and hostile boyfriend who he had to kick to the curb. The plot of this movie was movie was picked for reasons unknown. This underwhelms and is not enlightening. Freddie has misgivings and insecurities and is whingy.

There are unpleasant experiences and distressing news and vile manager types. There is self obsession and cartoonishly repellent types and moral superiority. Bob Geldof shows up. This was entertaining, sorta. There were deceitful types. Freddie achieved mythical status as did Live Aid. There is a renewed sense of self-identity. There is a social maelstorm. Various people are distrusted and dismissed. There are turbulent relationships.

Freddie may not have much of a future. Pepsi cups are seen. This is not a detailed account of factual events. There is negative energy. This was not astute. Drama was his addiction. There is no edginess. This was not pacey or polished. There is obvious green screen in the Live Aid scenes.

There are creepy side eyes and art power rock and a chaotic life pattern. There is a gulf between great ideas and competent execution. There are creative expressions and this was bland and pointless. There is dogged persistence and turmoil. This was not particularly liked. There is a recreation (in nearly full) of their Live Aid performance.

Vital life information is left out for the idealistic glossy movie version. This was banal and historically baffling. Freddie died in 1991. Aidan Gillen, Tom Hollander and Mike Myers starred in this tale of incompetence and apathy that was daft, perplexing irritation.

Best Lines:
Looking drunk or ill.”

“Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. That's what you should aspire to.”

“Yes. And how has that worked out for you?”

“MTV banned our video.”

“Africa charity gig.”

“Dirty little fruitflies.”

“13 satellites. The Olympics only had 3.”

“Live a vulture's crotch.”

“Bore me with your sympathy.”

“Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.”

“What are you doing later?”

“Medium talent!”

"Visit the cats and me.”

“Shake the freak tree.”

Downsizing (2017)
A man decides for a total change in his life. He thinks it would be a noble exploit to be shrunk to 5 inches tall which is a new social movement to save the planet. Creepy scientists invented a shrink device aka cellular reduction to save the world. This is inimical to logic. There is talk of vague aspirational crap.

This is not a brutal and viciously witty takedown of the American dream and male midlife crisis. There is no gilded lifestyle for the shrunk. Being shrunk doesn't make your life full of possibility it just leads to loneliness and despair. How can the shrunk and normal sized people talk to each other let alone hear each other? Food intake isn't affected.

Matt Damon is the white savior du jour. The whole shrinking people thing is horrifying. A major transformation of society is planned. Weight does not seem to be a fact. How do they breathe? How can conversations be held? Matt Damon has man pain and forces his wife into it. There is no betterment of his life. This was fundamentally flawed.

Matt Damon does the trite my wife is spending my money midlife crisis crap. There is misuse of the science and fateful chocies. This was the dregs. The shrinking would not pass legal muster. People with hip replacements can't be shrunk. Also you can't reverse it. This film was a major miscalculation.

Their hair and eyebrows are shaved off (and all other hair too I presume?). Filings are removed along with the teeth they're in. Ick. New plastic teeth are put in once they are shrunj. His wife changes her mind and legs it which makes Matt Damon angry. There is no integrity. This was utter fatuity.

The earth turns out to be doomed. There is a bunker. This was irrelevant. Shrinking is not redistributive. A box of keepsakes aren't shrunk. People use shrinking for ill. Matt Damon and his wife get divorced and he moves on. There is pretence and the underclass. This was appalling and things become fraught with difficulties. Shrinking infantalises people. I loathed this. This is rendered obsolete.

Best Lines:

“For the small.”

“Don't be so American.”

“I'm still living in the same house I grew up in.”

“Suspicious tv box.”

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Book Review: The Appeal

The Appeal by Janice Hallett
This modern Agatha Christie sees 2 law students asked to look into a murder case on appeal. This is a compelling epistolatory crime novel. This was unusual and new. In the small town of Lockwood: 2 newcomers arrive, an amateur dramatics society stages ‘All My Sons’ and a dodgy charity appeal is held. This all leads to a murder and a possible wrongful conviction. There are dark secrets and appalling realisations in this grimly perceptive novel that shows the astonishing and disturbing lengths people will go to to cover up unsavoury truths. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Our accident with the IV.”

“I’ve been either ignored or contradicted.”

“A dumping ground for underperforming staff.”

“Petulant vagueness.”

“At the bottom of the social ladder, ignored or dismissed.”

“Bailed out of life.”

“Fear of falling out of favour with the alpha family.”

“No power or influence.”

“Looks like a scene from Mad Max.”

“Must live in a wonderland where she’s forever centre-stage.”

“Deceitful practices.”

“The alpha family. The social status of everyone depends on being ‘in’ with them.”

“His behaviour was worrying even before the altercation on the lawn.”

“The Haywards are lynchpins of the community. They employ a lot of these people. It makes sense to support them.”

“Coldly dependent.”

“I doubt he’s your friend now.”

“Exist in a state of delusion, remote from the uncomfortable realities that gradually close in.”

“Intensity of commitment.”

“Sinks into awful realisation.”

“Bumbling dolt.”

“Sick and troublesome.”

“A person’s closeness to the alpha family - the Haywards - determines their social status.”

“Inconsolable distress.”

“Simply not high enough up the social ladder to have a voice.”

“Fails to appreciate the long-term consequences of her actions.”

“Whose attitude to her is a best indifferent.”

“Keeping their women in an infantile state of carefree bliss.”

“So intent on doing what they believe is right. Yet both refuse to see what’s wrong. Their solution is to silence the person pointing it out.”

“Would rather continue enabling the deception than challenge it.”

“That situation was not challenged or addressed-”
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