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I'm Sad And Need Cheering Up 3

The police and the tabloid media target an American girl living in London after a wild party ends in the brutal slaying of her roommate. This was obviously inspired by an infamous true crime. The porno lipped suspect Grace has a sleazy, sub-par party and her roommate has been murdered. Grace could obviously care less and is faking grief. Or the actress is untalented.

Anthony Head pops up as Grace’s stepfather. There is bad acting, an annoying US prosecutor who is Grace’s sister. Slutty Grace and her porno lips shags her boyfriend Luc. Who killed Molly? A pervy professor lurks. Luc does drugs. Molly shagged Luc at some point and was pregnant. Who is the father? Grace and Luc try to catch a train to Paris and are angry to be arrested. Could TPTB ingrain any more negative stereotypes about ugly Americans and aloof Frenchmen? Grace is a poisonous tart.

A UK Prosecutor is a snot. Grace is not contrite and is deeply unpopular with the cops. Grace fails to see how running for the border makes her look bad and that she is facing a terrifying list of allegations. Grace and Luc fit the stereotypes. A cop has belligerence. Facts are elusive. Molly’s brother has escalating rage. There is no community happiness. Watching more of this cancelled show is not anticipated.

Head’s US accent is bizarre. Billy Zane lurks playing an ugly American in London. Grace’s refusal to deal with the consequences is deliberate. She’s negative, defiant and disobedient and into disruptive social behaviours, negative relationships and has no capacity to deal with crises or challenges. There are no strong and loyal bonds. Grace has committed one transgression too many and is not values driven.

This was uncharismatic. Stan (Zane) really wants to be James Spader. There are no logical responses. Suddenly Grace is out of police custody? Stan doesn’t practice law in the US after urinating on a judge’s white truffle. Wouldn’t that get him labelled a sex offender? The US prosecutor/sister is called Natalie and she annoys. Stan yaps to the press, do the writers understand the UK legal system? A man lectures on squab to a girl tied to a bed and he’s Prince Theo! Oh come on!

Grace and Molly’s other roommate, a DJ, shrugs off Molly’s murder to go DJ-ing. People talk about ladles. Luc is dumb. Natalie lectures the cops on crime scene management. Natalie steals a scarf. Molly was Irish. The scarf belongs to Grace’s dad - so how did Molly have it? A stuffed toy is missing. Speeches are made. Grace strolls down the street and is SHOCKED to be ambushed by the media. Grace has a history of violence against love rivals. The writers don’t use UK legal jargon. Natalie is bad, Grace fakes fear and the DJ is a pimp at a sex club?!?!? This was soap.

Best Lines:
“Bloody awful scene.”

“Don’t gloat too long.”

“Never underestimate jealous girls,”

“The idiot who took a leak on a judge’s dinner.”

“Didn’t remember walking through a dead girl’s blood.”

“Caught trying to leave the country.”

“You’re sleeping with married men? You’re snorting blow?”

“He’s not cheap.”

“Don’t touch your phone! Don’t touch your laptop!”

“They were awful to me Luc!”

“Realise how psycho that looks?”

“She won’t be coming back.”

American Psycho
A video of Grace attacking Molly is on a blog. The case sees gossips spreading rumours. Stan calls the case a stinking turd. No Stan, that is this show. Grace is a liar who is willing to escalate situations in public. Grace crashes Molly’s memorial. Grace has a notorious reputation. I feel a powerful aversion to her; she’s not even brooding on her disgrace.

Grace and Molly weren’t genial, unshakeably devoted friends. People mumble. Grace is yelled at by Molly’s brother. Grace is beyond reason. Grace calls Molly a whore and says she worked in a sex club. Grace has not lead anything close to a decent life. The pimp DJ owes money. Natalie lies, with a focused intentional look in her eye. Luc lurks. There is no precise focus. Molly’s brother has a rap sheet. He shows purpose. A reporter lurks. Stan blackmails and slut shames a woman.

Grace speaks at Molly’s memorial and did Molly have a stalker? What is the prosecutor’s secret? Grace and Luc have a good laugh at Molly’s memorial. James (Head) lurks and lies and he was boffing Molly. Natalie has unyielding anger and Molly’s brother gets violent. A woman whips out a rifle. In the UK. How? The creepy professor is shot. WTF was this?

Best Lines:
“Murderous slut.”

“Fedora’s are for pimps.”

“The selfish crap you pull.”

“I’m a reporter for the story!”

Exit Wounds
Molly’s brother has been framed for the shooting. Grace (Daisy Head, daughter of Anthony Head) is vile. The DJ blackmails and plots. The dead professor had a love who ‘committed suicide’. Why wasn’t Grace arrested when she caused the professor’s wife to be injured? Molly’s brother Patrick runs. One feels intense hate for Grace. James is in with violent mobsters. Molly was blackmailing James?

Natalie wants to take Grace back to the US. Patrick bothers Grace. Suddenly Grace is unconscious as she fakes a suicide attempt. Prince Theo is engaged. He has a servile butler. A reporter bothers Natalie. Stan is bothered by football hooligans. Grace looks for pity and is in peril. Prince Theo bothers the cop. Oh enough.

Best Lines:
“Bipolar skank.”

“Obnoxious British press crawling up her ass.”

“Irish shoplifter covered in blood.”

“Flash me a todger.”

“Smile all pretty.”

The Trial
The worrying social consequences of the aliens go on. David Vincent and his suppressed fury has a friend who is on trial for ‘murdering’ an alien. David Vincent and his ever-present suit and dated haircut continues to aggressively resist the aliens, no matter how much this unattainable decision disrupts his life. DV thinks he is fundamentally decent. He carries on bogus ploys and thinks a woman is a negative influence.

Aliens provoke concern. DV was in Korea. There are no ideal social conditions. This was dire. DV’s stark warnings make him look like a sexist kook. There’s a possible half-alien child out there that DV overlooks. DV doesn’t seem too bothered by this fact. This ep lacks necessity and urgency. This was a complete failure. DV has over-acted resolute opposition. DV tells the widow that the murderer loves her! Problematic!

There are no unexpected or tragic developments. DV has no personal convictions and even fewer obligations. DV is demanding. The widow of the dead ‘man’ says the marriage wasn’t consummated. Why did she marry the man? Her child isn’t half-alien, it was fathered by her ex-boyfriend the murderer. The murderer only wants his ex back; he doesn’t care about his son.

There are no heightened emotions. This is a sad indictment. The widow is slut shamed. The widow dramatically changes her mind. Who is paying the defence lawyer? DV’s continued relentless pursuit goes on and on and on. The fake parents of the dead ‘man’ show up and then vanish. DV is fairly unpleasant. DV is almost universally reviled. This was not chilling or disturbing. This was not of real significance. The widow and acquitted murderer hook up.

It is never really stated whether the murderer killed the man for being an alien or marrying his woman. This was utterly bonkers. DV is incredibly harmful, is the defence lawyer an alien? Yes! Aliens don’t feel pain or bleed? DV attacks the defence lawyer with some broken glass. There are bad moral choices. The murderer is acquitted. This was not meaningful. This was disastrous and irrelevant. The widow and acquitted murderer plan to marry. How did the dead ‘man’ pass the blood test to get married? This was not incredibly interesting or believable.

Best Lines:
“Who needs you?”

“Married to an alien, she’s probably one herself.”

“Accuse my colleague of being some sort of space monster!”

“Announced his belief in little green Martians.”

“I couldn’t look no more.”

“I’m sorry.”
“I’m not.”

“Such an improbable story.”

“Card-carrying member of outer space.”

The Spores
Gene Hackman guest stars as an alien. Wayne Rogers runs around. David Vincent fights Gene Hackman. A suitcase belonging to the alien is stolen by stupid teenagers. Sense is relentlessly ignored. DV is a uniquely terrible man with psychopathic urges. DV has a deranged sense of justice as annoying kids annoy. This was BAD.

Chapter Three:  The Trial Of Sabrina
Sabrina is to be tried for her actions in 1x02. Harvey is told to go work down the mines. Daniel Webster defends Sabrina. This is unsubtle. The cousin paws the dead witch’s familiar and then it dies. One of Sabrina's friends is going blind.

Best Line:
“Goat guy.”

Chapter Eleven: A Midwinter’s Tale
It’s nearly Christmas and there is a baby and Sabrina told her friends she is a witch and signed her name in the book of the beast and her hair has changed colour. Madam Satan bores. Sabrina and Harvey have broken up. Susie is bothered by a pervert Santa who is a demon. A séance goes awry. Sabrina’s dead mother shows up. Salem lurks. The aunts give up the baby. This bored.

Best Line:
“You will not want to see what comes next.”

Star Trek Enterprise 4x05&4x06

Cold Station 12
This was not meaningful or emotionally satisfying. The Augments have unsavoury personal conduct and this was extremely bland. A non-Augment teen lurks. There is a mention of Delta Radiation. This was glib, unexciting and the non-menacing Augments smirk. This leaves you with total disinterest. This was inept and staggeringly mediocre. This was appallingly meagre. The non-Augment teen dies and this was bad, just bad.

Best Lines:
“That language is unbecoming of a man of science.”

“Your existence has a pretty high price.”

The Augments
The Briar Patch is mentioned. There is mumbling and talk of the Botany Bay and Khan. This was still boring.

Best Line:
“To hide? Again?”

Hawaii Five-0 4x08

Akanane Reluctant Partner
Kono pines over Adam. 5-0 kidnaps a guy. Kono wants Adam back and learns he’s on the run. Chin Ho is a jackass. Kono leaves to find her unemployable man candy. A dude has unkindly intentions. There is no intellect or reasoning.

War Of The Worlds (1988-1990) 1x01

The Resurrection, part 1
This cult TV show is a sequel to the 1953 movie. It has bored narration, naff opening credits, big hair, dated tech, Philip Akin and Richard Chaves. Gwyneth Walsh, Rachel Blanchard and John Vernon guest star. Irradiated toxins reactivate the 35 year old remains of the alien invaders who weren’t dead just in stasis.

There is mumbling, a bad picture, terrorists on dirt bikes, stonewashed jeans, huge hair and people overacting theatrically. The alien attack of 1953 doesn’t continue to occupy political and public discussion. The aliens posses the terrorists - how? This was unsatisfactory. The scientist, Harrison, seems to have inspired Harrison Wells on ‘The Flash’.

There is really bad ADR and the horrible people possessed by the downright nasty aliens plot. There is an unintentional embrace of camp and unlovely attitudes. People act endlessly surprised. This was not riveting or moving. There is grim destiny. There is no pathos or insight or intensity. This was unpromising and there is dark foreboding. There was no silent concentration in this tedious ep that hits every predictable genre beat. Harrison lived through the 1953 attack?

Best Lines:
“Radio transmissions retrieved from deep space.”

“Yours is not an accurate statement.”

“Reserve priority time.”

“I’m a respected astro-physicist.”

“Many orbits around their sun.”

“Expect credible explanations.”

“No sense of mercy.”

“Barrels that entomb what were supposed to be dead aliens forced open from the inside!”

The Flash 5x09

Elseworlds, part 1
There is bad acting and Oliver is all mumbling numbing monotony. Tyler Hoechlin guest stars. Oliver and Barry have been body-swapped and Oliver looks like a twit in the Flash outfit. There is stupid comedy. Barry defends his secret prison. Oliver has a religious adherence to annoying. There’s an Earth 90? There is a ‘Smallville’ homage and Lois Lane shows up. There are no welfare concerns about people running off to alternate worlds.

There is no significant imminent risk. Kara needs to make the enormous commitment and reveal herself. Where’s Argo? There are no serious concerns. Kara cannot validly dispute sense. Barry is a jerk. There are red skies and Snow wears blue lipstick. New Wells shows up. There is a villain with a stupid name. Where did Barry get the motorbike? Oliver demands a toilet.

Oliver is an unnecessarily punitive aggrieved whiner. There is no grim beauty just portentous yawns. Some robot does not turn from nuisance to threat. This was all loud incoherence. Why does a robot have a cod piece? Batwoman lurks in Gotham,

Best Lines:
“Psychic interference.”

“Completely defined by anger, vengeance.”

“None of you can stop what’s been set into motion.”

“Don’t miss.”
“I won’t.”

“Remote control bows.”

“Sappy motivational speeches.”

Babylon 5 2x13

Hunter, Prey
Sheridan and Ivanova stare at Kosh’s ship via appallingly bad blue screen. The Earth Alliance President’s doctor is on the run. Bernie Casey, Jeff Conaway and Richard Moll guest star. The doctor knows Clark killed his predecessor. Where’s the big crime lord? People wander around like vagrants. There is bad acting and talk of organic technology.

Best Lines:
“They authorised extreme sanction against a civilian?”

Movie Review: The Magic Pill (2017)

This documentary is about the Ketogenic diet which can apparently improve your health. People switch from bad diets to the ketogenic diet and claim its high fat and low carb cures them. This is filmed in America and Australia. Why do people smear lard onto broccoli? Why is kale being cooked in inches of oil? Why are massive amounts of nuts being dropped into a blender? A kid tantrums about her changed diet. People talk conspiracy talk about the medical business. Is this true or hyper-selective fact picking? This was interesting.

Best Lines:
“Any animal unfortunate enough to be fed by us.”

“Only relevant skill I had.”

“Rescue inhaler.”

“Funeral fatigue.”

“We’re running out of those people.”

“Processed food is not natural.”


“Hard fat, solid fat.”

“Did it run on land? That’s food!”

“Typical Autism stuff.”

“Those are scrambled eggs on the floor.”

“Eating it with a fork.”

“Unshakeable faith in his own beliefs.”

“Fat bread.”

“Deeply inconvenient.”

“Insensate salads.”

“Ethical and moral meltdown.”

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ 4x10 promo
Tell the truth Kara!

‘The Flash’ 5x10 promo
Nora’s evil, like duh.

‘Arrow’ 7x10 promo
Dinah smugs.

‘Riverdale’ 3x09 promo
This was ridic with no down to earth realism.

‘Bird Box’ trailer
Something is out there, chaos, a safe haven and a river journey and this looks intense.

Best Lines:
“Real evil.”

“Brought us death.”

“No one’s coming for us.”

“Birds will warn you.”

‘Charmed’ promo
This looks mmmm.

‘Titans’ promo
Batman in peril, Gordon is dead, Robin is needed, Batman threw the Joker off a roof and has Batman gone bad? Will what happened to Dick Grayson in the comics happen to this Dick Grayson?

Best Line:
“This wasn’t justice.”

‘Star Trek Discovery’ season 2 promo
Spock, blue people, the Red Angel and Section 31! Where is the real Lorca? This looks good.

Best Line:
“End all sentient life in the galaxy.”

Godiva Masterpieces Milk Chocolate with smooth caramel filling - ok.

Who saw ‘Little Gloria...Happy At Last’, ’The Alamo’, ’Bottoms Up!’ (1959), ’French Fields’ , 'Ernest Saves Christmas’?


Jeffrey Dean Morgan is back on ‘Supernatural’!

In the ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ ep ‘The Bitter Suite’, Xena and Gabrielle heal their rift through singing and dancing. The Song Of Illusia is the best, others are bad like War & Peace which has lyrics like “Warriors For War, War, War” and “Villagers For Peace, Peace, Peace”. Why was Joxer in this ep?

‘Lords & Ladles’ Quote:
“Penetrating rain.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Got her removed from their lives.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
It is time for decent middle England to assert itself.”

“In a very different legal context.”

“Wise, solid governance.”

“Decisive action.”

“I will take you to the courts.”

“Gravely actionable.”

“No formal legal right to retain them in her own care.”

“Address compliance.”

“Existing ethos.”

“A superhero with the looks and attitude of a forgiving bouncer in a Venice Beach heavy metal bar.”

“Sub-Thor mythological stuff.”

“From the beginning hostile.”

“Disturbing of Western civilization.”

“They used to make cigarette commercials with these guys.”

“Sacrifices and their suffering went unrecognised.”

“Lived in a van for nine years.”

“They started to make fewer of a certain kind of movie.”

“Unique to herself.”

“Social declarations.”

“Social peace.”

“Non-industrial societies.”

“Retrospective recriminations.”

“That day will inevitably arrive,”

“It wasn’t very accepted,”

“Overcrowded, multi-generational.”

“Aware of their own marginalisation.”

‘Jezebel’ Quotes:
“It was said the most fatal error a woman can make is to appear sloven amongst her family because she’ll lose the respect of her husband.”

“Social duties.”

‘South Park’ Quote:
“Get back in the trash can where you belong!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Romeo tried to get Lily to leave her cancer stricken husband Prince. Lily’s just another cheating slut. Lily learns Romeo is a lying pervert. The new Liam is ridiculous and can’t act. Now Jessie wants to be a gangster. Liam’s pathetic and Jessie doesn’t have it in him to be a gangster, especially after Adam failed so badly at it. Where is Curtis? You could see people being afraid of Trevor but not Liam the rubbish gangster who’s like a creepy male stripper.

Sinead hangs around Hollyoaks High dressed like a hooker. How is she a nurse when she was expelled from school for bullying? Didn’t she want to be a vet? Ste and Brody annoy. Romeo flares his nostrils after Lily learns he manipulated her into sex.

Book Review: Feast aka Ritual

Feast aka Ritual by Graham Masterton
From the author of ‘Famine’ comes this 1988 novel which was reprinted in 2002. Charlie McLean is a sexist jackass and a bad father. He ignores his son, Martin, when he learns about a dining club called Le Reposoir, which won’t let him eat there.

Charlie becomes obsessed and angry and incapable of a responsible approach even when he learns just what La Reposoir serves and why. Le Reposoir have trenchant elitism that is faith fuelled in this not unduly impressive novel. Charlie is deliberately repugnant, has a violent propensity and is downright hectoring and prone to hostile behaviour. This is inherent ridiculousness that isn’t compelling or tense and the utterly unpleasant, dour, contentious Charlie causes bitter frustration in this farcical absolutely silly sexist pulp horror.

This could have been a better tale of a crazed cult, who think they are living a consecrated life. Kuru is mentioned as the cult validate their own personal decisions and foundation myth. The ending as the cult commits fully to their delusion is hilarious.

Best Lines:
“You’ve kidnapped my son, you’ve forced me to cut off and eat my own finger, and you have the gall to call me petulant!”

“All framed by ill-wishing associates.”

“Could never be persuaded that what they were doing was madness.”

“A certain concerted community effort.”

It's Not Been A Good Day

I'm Sad And Need Cheering Up 2


I'm Sad And Need Cheering Up


4 Movie Reviews

Jaws 2 (1978)

Another shark shows up, the sole highlight of this is when snotty teens are stranded at sea and one asks what is in a vague direction and another teen replies: Ireland. Ha ha ha ha.


The Crazies (1973)

Cheap cheap.

Trapped In Space (1994)


Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972)


Aloha KeKahi I Ke We Need Each Other

Ian Anthony Dale and Henry Ian Cusick and Nestor Serrano guest star. Adam broods. Steve is macho and irate and draconian and livid at an intrusion into 5-0 HQ. Sadly in the end Kono and Adam's relationship would be a clossal heartbreaking failure as she dumped him, namely Grace Park left the show. Danno has haughty arrogance. This was not endlessly interesting. Concerning things happen. Baddies have no values or decency. Danno looks like someone who should be drinking in the streets as a bum. What happened to the NLM? Steve has more dubious involement with wrong-doing. Nobody's affable.

For some reason the NLM sell Adam and Kono's location. Wo Fat and his Rice Crispies looking burn scar rants. Steve thinks Wo Fat is his brother. This is all absurdly impossible with no nuanced judgement. Kono and Adam live in a shack in the woods.

Best Line:

“This one's still breathing, I'm taking him in for questioning.”

A'ale ma'a wau Fish Out Of Water

Kono machine-guns baddies while crime lord Adam hides. WTF? Tim Daly overacts. Oddly 5-0 aren't flying out to rescue Kono and Adam, they only do that for Steve. Danno is crass, vapid and demanding. Kono's forgotten how she ascribed malice to Adam. Danno has a profound lack of humility. Adam worries about angry retaliation. Adam worries about ramifications. 5-0 is all fixed up after being shot up. There is no tangible narrative or moral status. How did Adam go from wealthy mob boss to people trying to kill him to erase the family shame? This was not immensely entertaining.

A la la aku From This Day Forward

Kono and Adam kidnap a guy and Adam goes crime lord on his ass. This ep was ill-judged. Danno is sexist and Chin Ho is an ass to Adam and is deliberately provocative. Danno hurls insulting epithets. Why is Kono venerated? This ep is unworthy of mention.

Best Line:

“Get out of Asia.”

Kupu'eu Fallen Hero

Joe shows up like a bad smell. Kono and Adam are in peril. Chin Ho doesn't care that Adam is in peril. I HATED this.


What happened to Henry in 2016? Shawshank are still covering up the kid. Henry seems unconcerned with the fate of the nice guard. There is a Juniper Hill mention. The kid speaks and Molly gives him a place to live. It's out!

Geordie Chance shows up. The kid and his sinister demeanour is not a constructive force but instead is distressingly malicious, he ruins Geordie's family in seriously horrifying fashion by just walking into their home. This was not overwhelming inventive. The characters are impossible to love. Henry has sanctimony. There are consequential misunderstandings and Henry is adversarial and visibly irritated.

This show got reverential hype. Why? Jackie lurks and the kid is naked. There are unsettled emotions. Alan has ingrained tenacity. The warden had the kid for 27 years and he hasn't aged. There is mumbling and no comfort or security. Henry's mother, Ruth, jumps off a bridge. Where is Molly's sister? This was absolute nonsence. Jackie and the kid get high in a van. Jackie is the niece of Jack. Alan mentions a dead wife, is that Polly?

Best Lines:

“Exploding casket syndrome.”

“He asked me to trust him. God help me I did.”

“Don't think I didn't wonder.”

“Tried to axe-murder his wife and kid in a fancy ski resort.”

“Serial killers and psychopathic dogs.”


This tale of bleak devestation is about a town with a decades long history making conspiracy. Why does Alan listen to the kid who has caused nothing but negative experiences? Henry hinders everything and inflames situations. There is no emotional impact. Henry's son shows up. Nobody has inherent benevolence. Nobody does profound reflection. Molly sees things. Ruth has anguished bewilderment. What does Ruth know? Why does Henry's dead father sound like Clancy Brown? A bird falls from the sky near the kid. Molly tells Henry she killed his father. Alan creeps around a wreckers yard. Juniper Hill burns down. Alan pulls a gun and steals the dead warden's car. The kid home invades. People have made a series of unfortunate mistakes. There are weirdoes in the woods. What has the kid done to Ruth? What savage degredations has he caused now? He's avenging his historic injustice. People act ill-advisedly and aren't stalwart or upright. There are no possibilities of narrative.

Best Line:

“Other nows.”

State Of Mine

George and co fuss over zombies at a mine. There is a cyborg zombie and George is in peril. Will TPTB stop shoving George down our throats? Nobody cares! This was horrible.


Star Trek Enterprise (2001-2005) 4x03&4x04


The Enterprise is welcomed home after the Xindi and there is a vomit inducing heroes welcome. The theme song is pepped up which makes it unbearable. Archer is always making horrible decisions. They're not reaching into the cosmos. Archer does polemics. T'Pol's mother T'Les (Joanna Cassidy) lurks. There is no emotional strength. Archer is called on his crap, as he is angry with the Vulcans. T'Les wants T'Pol to marry and T'Pol does. Archer has high schools named after him. There's a bar fight. T'Pol is angry and wears ho clothes. There are no nuances. This was a load of nonsence.

Best Lines:

“Another World War 3 epic, swept all the awards.”

“My home town doesn't exist anymore.”

Klingons get their asses kicked. Rick Berman and Brannon Braga diminish the value and importance of Star Trek some more. Augments do wire-fu and wear silly clothes. Arik Soong (Brent Spiner) shows up. Pro-wrestler Big Show plays an Orion and J.G. Hertzler plays a Klingon. Genetic engineering is banned due to Khan whose name is never uttered in this ep.

30 million people died in the Eugenics Wars which were unseen when the Voyager crew visited California in 1996. Starfleet keeps a stockpile of infectious diseases and augment embryos for some reason. Soong betrays the crew and legs it. What good is a compass in space? Orions abduct crewmembers. In ‘TOS’, Orion women were called Animal Women something never fully explained. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“Kept from the public for obvious reasons.”

“The first ships to colonise the solar system were nuclear powered.”

“Not quite.”

“To generally positive effect.”

“Break the rules and you will suffer! Follow the rules and you will suffer less!”

“Not even my last wife sold for that much!”

“Humanity is no longer relevant.”


The Hades Factor (2006)

Mira Sorvino, Stephen Dorff, Blair Underwood, Sophia Myles, Danny Huston, Colm Meany and Anjelica Huston star in this bio-terrorism miniseries which is so appalling, I have profound regret that I watched it. It's full of idiots, vagueness and reel bad Arabs.

Blindspot 4x05

Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree

I haven't watched this show in ages and I've no idea what is going on. Jane is evil now and Richdotcom works for the FBI now. This was not hugely emotive. People need to go and reflect on their behaviour. The unfearing Jane is committed to villainy. There is no ideological confrontation. Weller looks tubby. Wasn't Weller blonde? Nathan Darrow guest stars and closeups are not flattering to his skin. Who's the new guy Keaton? Jane wears evil eye make up. Jane's dying? Angry has gone bad. The abiding feeling is that this show has gone to the dogs.

Best Lines:

“This handsome man.”

“Lost devotion to the cause.”

“Foundational doctrine.”

“White phosphorus starts fires which can't be put out.”


“You've seen 'Cops', you know how this goes.”

“Your loyalty won't be forgotten.”


Babylon 5 2x11

All Alone In The Night

Delenn plays with crystals some more. Sheridan goes out in a starfury. Robert Foxworth guest stars. Sheridan is a reckless snot nosed punk. Delenn is kicked off a Minbari fish ship by someone smugger than her. There is terrible acting. Sheridan is carried off by aliens. Sadly he gets away. This was BAD.

Best Line:
“Voted to remove you from our presence.


Arrow 7x08


The new Green Arrow is a woman. Oliver isn't rushing to see William, he is too busy fawning over Felicity, who is deluded and calling Oliver a hero. Flashforwards show how serious intent failed again. Star City will end up a hellhole. Oliver indicates his displeasure and mentions Tommy. Felicity babytalks. Black Siren lurks.

Where’s Huntress? Oliver does an arrow-catch to show off and makes a concerted effort to annoy and court disaster. There is no dignity or honour or imperative to care. Oliver is highly hostile. People act in highly supportive functions to Oliver, who doesn’t listen. Dinah and her porno lips caused Star City to become a hellhole.

Oliver dictates how other people’s lives will be lived. Constant unhappiness and insecurity are standard. The grimmest and the stupider aspects of this show are played up. There is no pragmatic value in this. Oliver does unacceptable things and isn’t capable of being a mentor. Felicity snots. Oliver causes considerable anger and violence. Dinah hires Oliver to work in his leather for the SCPD and is smug about this.

Dinah and Oliver gloat over how they did this to spite the new mayor. Dinah and her porn star hair and porno lips needs to go. ARGUS works with Diaz. Oliver has a half-sister and she’s the new Green Arrow. Also she cannot act. The burnt wreckage of stately Queen mayor still hasn’t been demolished. This ep leaves one indifferent. Where’s the intense public debate over Oliver getting away with things?

Best Line:
“You don’t get to judge me.”

The Invaders 2x05

The Enemy
A nurse helps a dying alien (Richard Anderson) who is reverting to his real form. She’s stupid and deluded in this boring ep. This show has a propensity for gaffes.


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