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Thinking Back To The 2008 Crash


Chapter Seven: Feast Of Feasts

Thanksgiving has come. Sabrina learns her family has been invited to a Feast in which someone will be ritually sacrificed. This show causes total and utter frustration, Sabrina never leads a life of any quality. Is Madam Satan the only teacher in school? Trouble is inexorably oncoming admid the narrative wobbles. Witches have moral bankruptcy and are morally dubious.

Harvey's grandfather (Michael Hogan) shows up. Harvey learns his family have a secret. This show is a morass of mediocrity. Madam satan has callous intentions. Witches do unspeakable hideousness. Roz's grandmother goes on about The Cunning. Prudence snots. The town is a grim urban landscape. A plan of Sabrina's implodes in ignominy. Sabrina has to be Prudence's handmaiden. Prudence has an orgy in the attic.

What happened to Sabrina's school club? Prudence snarls at Harvey. The dead witch boy is mentioned but not his poor familiar. A witch's familiar is shot. People are socially locked into the past. Prudence is morally and socially indefensible. Roz patronises. Lady Blackwood hates Prudence. There is no high moral standing or piety. Lady Blackwood is on about traditonal values and family lineage.

Lord Blackwood has a type. How many children does he have? Truth cake is eaten. Lord Blackwood is an abuser. Prudence sits on a throne of skulls. The witch boy's parents die. The weird sisters cause a mine accident.

Best Lines:

“Can anyone explain why it looks like 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' has been nailed to our door?”

“Return to our rituals.”

“The hillpeople scared the townsfolk.”

“And you believe that?”

“With absolute certainty.”

“Those hill people.”

“Your beau is a witch hunter.”

“I swear to satan.”

“Slut sisters.”

“Dark tidings.”

“Righteous messenger.”

Chapter Eight: The Burial

Salem is seen. Witches have a black friday. Harvey's brother died in the mine accident. Susie goes into the mine. Harvey's dad is always fuming and incandescent. This causes no investment of character. Harvey feels growing unease and concern. Harvey's dad only wants Tommy's life insurance.

There are ethical challenges. There's a plot of soil in the Spellman graveyard that can raise the dead, like 'Pet Semetary'. Cain's garden is mentioned. Sabrina gets a bad idea. Ambrose has his boyfriend Luke who Hilda roofied into showing up. Why is Harvey a high school student allowed to work in the mine? Where is Harvey's grandfather? Harvey's dad is an opportunist. Harvey and his dad have a fight at the funeral and knock the casket over.

Nobody's too concerned about the dead witch boy and his dead parents. Tommy got into Notre Dame but didn't go to protect his brother. Madam satan has big hair. Ambrose knows Crowley? Zelda wails and gets shagged by Lord Blackwood. Susie's haunted. Black lipstick is popular at witch school. I do not like Nick Scratch. Sabrina sacrifices someone to bring Tommy back.

Sabrina is all evil tastes good. Ambrose rants. Sabrina messes with potent wicked forces. She brings her sacrifice back. Shame Agatha didn't stay dead. There are thigh gaps all aorund. A creepy snail is seen. Lord Blackwood goes all '50 Shades Of Grey' on Zelda. Things get 'Monkey's Paw' with Tommy.

Best Lines:

“By and large a no no.”

“No limits.”

“Compsoe ourselves.”

“Halfway house for wayward witches!”

“Your venomous sisters.”

“Blood atonement.”

“Pay the debts she owes.”

“Invoke the hounds.”

“The hounds invoked, the door opened, the price paid in blood.”


“Bulldozer of a father.”

“Necromancy is the darkest and most dangerous of the sacred magics.”

Sherlock Holmes: The Boscombe Valley Mystery

A man is charged with murdering his dad. This was badly thought out and I felt out and out derison and scorn for it. It did however feature a young James Purefoy of 'The Following' as the murder suspect.

A Show Of Unity

The Fenians protest. Victoria is wilfully ignorant of the Irish desire for independence. She was wilfully ignorant of the horrifying consequences of the famine. Whenever Albert shows up, it is tension tightening. He has hired a tutor for Bertie without consulting Victoria. Albert is coldly unpleasant.

Victoria has no concept of duty and responsibility. Albert has selfish behaviour and is a vibe kill. This show has long term mediocrity. Victoria's half sister stirs the pot. Victoria faces populist hatred on a visit to Ireland. Albert has barely disguised and completely unwarrented passive aggressive fury for his wife and others. The Duchess is sad.

Victoria wants affirmation from the community. The Duke mocks his wife in public. Albert sees immorality everywhere. There is no contented atmosphere. This was ludicrously untimely. There is talk of an open marriage. Albert makes malicious implications. Victoria is pregnant again. The Duchess and the footman have it off in the dunes. A man sits in a wicker chair. Albert screams at a poacher.

Albert is a tool. Victoria wears a shamrock dress. Albert always has boyband hair. Victoria visits Dublin. Albert berates his wife. The Duke screams about retribution. The half sister plots. Victoria is consumed by fury when Bertie's seemingly kindly tutor beats him up.

Best Lines:

“No British monarch has set foot in Ireland since the Middle Ages.”

“You are ungallent.”

“Step away sir.”

“The household is concerned.”


“I have not.”

Shadowhunters 3x19

Aku Cinta Kamu

Bane and his dad chat in a flurry of bad acting. Simon whines. FFS nobody cares about those characters! Jonathan manipulates and coerces. There is incompetence. Bane tantrums like a child. Poor Maia gets too much plot focus. Bane shrieks in rage. The now human vampire shows up. Maia learns how selfish Simon is. Bane has simmering resentment. Evil Clary is smug. Jonathan is fractious and agitated.

We get endless Bane and Alec flashbacks. NOBODY CARES! This causes irritability. There's a kill order on Jonathan and Clary. Jonathan is taunting and antagonistic. Bane is stupid. This was horrendous. Why is Maia allowed to stomp around the Institute? How do you make a serum into a sword?

Jace, Clary and Jonathan hang out in a club where the chandelier is made out of Sahdowhunter bones. People act in ridiculous and indecorous ways. Jace gets high. Jonathan has contempt and indifference. When did Izzy become a blacksmith and why is she doing blacksmith work in a sleeveless top with her massive hair extensions everywhere?!? Heavenly fire is seen. Izzy makes a plastic looking sword. Jonathan is undignifed and callous. There is no raw truth.

Clary gets all 'Flowers In The Attic' over her brother. Clary does callous treatment of Jace. Bane tantrums over losing his twink. Stupidity is downright inconvenient and it causes negativity and resentment. Bane hugs his demon dad. This was better than most recent season 3 eps.

Best Lines:

“Did daddy not teach you that?”

“Don't pretend to care about me.”

The Americans 6x04

Mr And Mrs Teacup

Oleg and Philip chat and Oleg passes on ominious news from home. Stuff happens in murky scenes where I've no idea what is happening. Philip talks to Kimmy. Paige and her mother bond. Elizabeth wants Paige to work into the State Department or the CIA or the Defence Department. Stan has married his woman. Claudia wants an ice hockey player who defected dead.

Philip tells Henry he can't pay for his fancy school. I thought Henry got a scholarship? How has the travel agency lost money? Elizbeth doesn't seem to care for Henry at all. TPTB have stopped with the nudity and OTT sex scenes. Elizabeth seizes a chance. Wouldn't she be vetted? Paige sleeps with a man to get info. Philip bugs a woman and Elizabeth's 'patient' pukes everywhere. These are terrible people. Where do they keep all their wigs?

Best Line:

“Talking about how terrible we are.”

Supergirl 4x17

All About Eve

Kara breaks into the DEO. J'onn has issues. Mrs Luthor learns her adored son Lex planned to kill her. Oddly Lex isn't rampaging. Ben Lockwood is frustrated. James bored. Kara tantrums at Lena and has to back down. Kara whines and is dumb. Red Daughter attacks the White House. This was boring. The POTUS declares martial law and declares Kara public enemy number 1. I'm sure this gag casting is a callback to 'Babylon 5'.

Timeless: The Miracle Of Christmas Part 1

This miniseries wraps up the show. Will TPTB stop forcing Wyatt and Lucy on us? Seasons 1&2 are summed up. Future Lucy hands over the infamous journal. Stupid Wyatt is told by future Wyatt that there is no baby. Like duh. Time machine are swapped. Jessica and Emma plot. Flynn says Lucy set him off on his rampage in season 1.

Flynn doesn't do much. He and Lucy had a thing?!? The gang meet Zorro. Wyatt decides to kill his wife. Flynn is sad over his life choices. Wyatt was a drunk who idealised his slut wife. Flynn kills Jessica. Ha! Rufus shows up. TPTB do Flynn dirty. Emma does stuff in 1950. Time changes and Rufus is still a moron. Emma plans to kill Korean war refugees or something. Things don't bode well. Oh WHO CARES?!?

Best Line:

“Time travel happened.”

Arrow 5x17


More bad guy beating. Mr Queen walked out on Emiko. Even though he raised Merlyn's bastard daughter as his own. Oliver lectures Emiko on marital arts. Piss off Oliver! Felicity continues to ignore William. Some bimbo shows up. I hate Felicity. Oliver is stupid. There are flashabcks to kid Emiko. There is a fight. Dante plans a murder party or something. Laurel 2.0 is sick of Dinah. Spartan puts on his stupid helmet. Emiko outs Laurel 2.0. Felicity babytalks. Emiko is Dante's BOSS and she sank the Queen's Gambit?!? I thought Merlyn did that?!? This sucked.

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Victoria' 3x06 promo

Carry on!

'Arrow' 7x20 promo

Oliver's murdering people again.

'Supergirl' 4x19 promo

Oh no.

Sugar free and gluten free dark chocolate with mint & with sweetner – yum.

My ex has taken no responsibility for his mad cruelty. I cannot accept he suddenly felt a total obliteration of love for me. He does not want me no more. I never knew he had such a spiteful edge. I feel a sense of abandonment. My ex has formed a lasting rupture between us and does not care.

Am doing work on LJ.

Learnt about select sound sensitivity.

I can recall a long gone newsagent.

There will be more 'Chronicles Of The Necromancer' books!

A 'Salem's Lot' movie?

There are otters crossing signs.

I won't read 'The Red Word', 'The Swap', 'The Better Sister' or 'The River'.

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Taking a nap in a flowerbed.”

“Family system struggles.”

“Emotional distress.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Ways of creating power in situations where there is none,”

“Society doesn't give you the respect of grieving.”

“Deliberate denial.”

“Poor public support and high public frustration.”

“Provoked the crowd.”

“Palpable change in community sentiment.”

“Shadow flicker.”

'Upstart Crow' Quotes:

“Bog with patches of swamp.”

“Common little hovel.”

“In permament occupation of the moral high ground.”

“The authority of 3 homeless derelicts with clear mental health issues.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Factually wrong.”

'Tales From The Darkside' Quotes:

“As soon as I get a figure worthy of national television.”

“Mother was right! I should have been a truck driver!”

“Temple of deception.”

'The Royal House Of Windsor' Quotes:

“Amazed by her ignorance.”

“Utterly unblemished by edudation.”

'Psychobitches' Quotes:

“Nina what do you have?”


“What's your greatest regret?”

“Not doing it with that randy gypsy who came to the door selling baskets.”

“Beat up her own dog.”

The Spirit Of The Place & Other Strange Tales: The Complete Short Stories Of Elizabeth Walter edited and with an Introduction by Dave Brzeski, part 2

The Island Of Regrets

This was a dated tale of a couple who go to a taboo island and regret it. This causes controlled frustration. Walter takes malicious satisfaction in the making the female character the worst. The couple will have to do more than face the community's anger for making all the wrong choices. The harm the couple have done is unrepairable. No retification is possible.

Best Lines:

“How stupid they are,”

“A virus disease.”

“A young English couple of more than usual stupidity.”

The Drum

A Colonel and his wife have issues. This causes no terrible disquiet and has no distinction.

Best Lines:

“A wife was a possession, not an entity. Her fate would be decided between her husband and lover, but she need not be consulted or approached.”

“Refused him his due.”

“I've never been really necessary.”

The Sin-Eater

There are ominious disclosures, racism and gratutious ambiguity in this.

Best Lines:

“A pig could be smelt.”

“Latest offence agaisnt decency.”

Dearest Clarissa

This okay tale was told in a series of letters. A woman has been put in a facility and writes to her sister and so unfolds a tale with a not unexpected twist.

Scientific Impossibility

This was tosh.

A Question Of Time

This too was tosh.

The Spider

A man kills a spider leaidng to tragic devastation. Walter seemed to have rage and contempt for women.


A murderer is haunted by his victim. This was okay comedy.

Best Line:

“Foully done to death.”

Davy Jones's Tale

A man desires his cousin's wife in this idiot tale that ends dissatisfedly.

Best Line:

“Gull-loud air.”

The Hare

I've no idea what this was about.

In The Mist

An oppressively familiar ghost story.

The Lift

I've no idea what this was about.

The Street Of The Jews

This was a bad tale of societal anxieties, moral attacks and moral unease.

Hushabye, Baby

A woman is sure another woman stole her baby. There is wife beating, sexism and terrible consequences to extreme paranoia.

Come And Get Me

One has to work hard to decipher the ideas and themes of this ghost story.

The Concerte Captain

An ultimately pathetic tale.

The Thing

Not an innovation.

The Travelling Companion

No nuances.

The Spirit Of The Place

Culturally bereft.


A queasy tale of a vampire.

Grandfather Clock

A tale of greed and emotional abuse. Nobody has high moral principles.

Dead Woman

A newcomer in a village is accused of being a witch who ill-wishes people. This was okay.

The Hollies And The Ivy

A couple buy a house covered in ivy. Evil ivy. This was okay.

A Monstrous Tale


The Little House

A Wendy house hides a dark secret. This was okay.

Dual Control

A bickering couple learn a harsh truth. Yawn.

Telling The Bees

This was dull family disunity.

Christmas Night

Cliche ridden.

Bad Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Power Of Persuasion and Return To Chaos.

Pilgrimage (2016)

Richard Armitage, Jon Bernthal and Tom Holland star in this this Irish film. It is 1209 AD and this has a relic, Norman knights with threatening natures, subtitles, stone huts and plain song. The relic is ordered to Rome for an upcoming Crusade. The monks hid the relic in a hole. Armitage broods as a nasty Norman knight. A mute (Bernthal) lurks. There are storms and people talk about Norsemen.

Where did the fine gold box come from that the relic was kept in? There is a mention of the shee. There is fighting, death, pagans, drool, betrayal and Armitage hacking up a bush. There are also uneasy secrets and layers of tension. The Mute and Armitage have a brawl on a beach. Armitage waves a plastic looking mace and the Mute speaks and bites out Armitage's throat. A monk has plans and the relic heads into the briney deep. This was okay and the ending is open.

Best Lines:

“It is not our place to ask why.”

“You do not know what you ask.”

“Dark days for the faithful.”

“Jerusalem has been lost for 20 years.”

“The lucky ones would have died in their bed.”

“Their souls would know no rest.”

“You are damned.”

“The doors of salvation will be forever closed to you.”

“This accursed country!”

“Save us!”

Sherlock Holmes: The Hound Of The Baskervilles (1983)

Ian Richardson, Denholm Elliot, Glynnis Barber, Brian Blessed, Martin Shaw and Connie Booth star. Oddly Shaw is dubbed by a Yank. There is bad ADR, hysterical maids, idiocy and Blessed shouting all his lines. Watson is a fool and it's all resolved. This bored.

Best Lines:

“Evil goddless men.”

“Ghosts do not send letters.”

“Seen things no sober man has.”

“Leave this dreadful place.”

“Rot! Rot!”

“I don't like anything about you sir.”

“That butterfly catcher!”

Fallen (2016)

This okay movie was based on a crap YA novel. A girl is sent to a special school where various awful boys bother and gaslight her. There is exposition and Joely Richardson is the only name star though Lola Kirke of 'Gone Girl' does play the heroine's friend Penn.

The school is called Sword And Cross and is full of weirdoes. There is divine cruelty. Various scumbros bother Luce the heroine. People lie. Appealingly loopy mythology is spewed. There is more exposition and deliberate efforts are being made to hide the truth.

Angels fly and there is sap. Luce has no agency. Penn dies. Luce causes violent disorder. There is emotional coercion and this was OTT yet cheap looking. The love interest gets impunity for his lies and deception.

Best Lines:

“Gang related items or clothing.”

“Search for vidoes of sneezing hedgehogs.”

“I won't let you take her to Lucifer!”

“You are the real curse!”

“Life that was supposed to be mine.”

Such Sweet Sorrow, part 1

Michael builds a time suit. Tilly became Jar Jar Binks this season. There is split screen and then there isn't. The Section 31 ships are drones. Saru makes a speech and calls the ex-emperor a Terran on the bridge in front of everyone. MULorca was scorned as a Terran and yet the ex-emperor is embraced. There is slack jawed gaping.

Control is discourteous. Was this ep necessitous? There are talks of betrayal, disgraceful marks of ingratitude and not so unexpected apperances from malign presences. Michael is famously unquiet. Stuff blows up. Paul is all bloody. The Admiral is useless. Where were all those other doctors during the season 2 run?

This ep looks like a paintboook explosion. Doesn't Discovery have security? How did Control get on board and slap people around and rampage for so long? Enterprise is struck by a torpedo. Enterprise has repair drones? Blast shields get jammed which means someone will die. Why are phasers blue? A great big Klingon ship shows up along with the Kelpains. D7s attack Control. How did the Kelpians go from pre-warp non-tech individuals to fighter pilots?

Michael must be the centre of interest. She set all this in motion. Motivation is deliberately vague. There are rolling concerns and Hugh fusses over Paul. How did Ash get to the Klingons? What is Michael standing on? Why is she always posing? There is a wormhole. Spock is prophetically opining. How does Michael make the signals? Is the future where all life is destoryed by Control an irrevocably fixed future?

'Star Trek' is immortalised in popular culture. Yet season 2 did not do it for me. There are moments of disorder. Why are they punching Control? People are sucked into space. There is a zero g fight in which 'Inception' is ripped off. Control has intensified hostility and does vindictive treatment. There were overwhelming expectations for this season which were not met.

Why do the Admiral and Number One do that arm clasp? The Klingon phasers are green. L'Rell bleeds red not pink. Michael sets it all in motion. Why does the time suit have wings? Michael and Discovery head 930 years into the future. Why do they need to go to the future if Control has been defeated? The Admiral is ready and willing to do a self-sacrifice.

Why is the blast door manuel override on the inside? The Admiral dies. She never saw her Gabriel again. Is the real Gabriel Lorca still stuck in the MU? Does anyone care? Spock's left behind. He lickarses Michael. Stop talking Michael and go into the damn future! She makes a wry prophecy about Kirk.

Discovery goes to the future. Spock says the ship, her crew and spore drive must never be spoken off again to preserve the timeline. Where's the security chief? Who was the guy debriefing people? Spock speaks Vulcan. There is sap. Ash a Klingon who was stripped to the bones and had a dead human grafted to his bones is made Section 31 chief. Didn't L'Rell claim to have killed Ash? How was he able to walk around on the bridge of a Klingon warship? This was the season finale. We'll see how season 3 turns out.

Control screamed as it 'died' which makes no sense. The ex-emperor laughed at its screams as it fell apart. L'Rell's wound vanished. Number One wears lipgloss. Enterprise has a huge chunk missing. The Golden Gate bridge is seen and it looks different. Discovery's fate was lied about. Where are the DTI? So Spock never spoke to Kirk of Michael to preserve the timeline? Spock shaves and puts on his uniform shirt. He looks WEIRD with no beard. When this show began I was in a happy relationship, now I'm not.

Best Lines:

“Die for it.”

“Section 31 is in our way.”

“I choose to believe it.”

“This is Starfleet. Get it done.”

“Everybody hates you. Congratulations.”

“Get off my ass sir!”

“Women! Stop talking!”

“Stuffed in a meat sack.”

“How are things on your end?”


“Hold the line.”

“Join me in making Leland scream?”

“Rip a hole 4 decks wide in our saucer section.”

“Unify our efforts.”

“Always fight to preserve our future.”

“Today is a good day to die!”

“Identify safe harbour.”

“I hate boring!”

“Not hard is boring!”

“This story isn't where your story ends.”

“Enough with the tantrum already.”

“I will watch the stars for it.”

“This does not end here.”

“Indirectly responsible for this catastrophe.”

“They're all gone.”

“I will not be returning to Discovery.”

“Goodbye my friends.”


Time Bomb

Nora whines to Thawne about the timeline being wrong. Star Labs has a storage unit? This is really really not good. Doesn't Iris have a job? Why is she at Star Labs, acting like she is the boss? A woman who killed 2 people gets away with it. Barry gives moral lectures. FFS. Ralph annoys. Will Joe just leave? He seems bored. Cisco doesn't want his woman to know he's Vibe. There are boring baddies. New Wells exposes Nora as being Thawne's sidekick. Barry locks Nora up.

Best Line:

“I was very wrong.”

Line Of Duty 5x04

Does Hastings have moral rectitude? Corbett did vile things to Hastings' wife. Corbett dies. Does this all have to do with Hastings' past? Hastings' cheating wife whines. Corbett whines and shrieks and acts crazy in the OCG. Ted Hastings cracks up. There's a body in a freezer. Steve lets Corbett away with his attack on Hastings wife. Steve and Kate suspect Ted Hastings. Corbett's wife lies. Steve refuses to arrest Corbett. Steve snots at Hastings. People do stupid things. Corbett sees women being sex trafficked. People are inherently immoral. Corbett trusted Lisa and paid the price. Lisa refers to trafficked women as livestock.

Best Line:

“Not from people like this.”

Chapter Six: An Exorcism In Greendale

Sabrina is petulant. This is not uniquely potent. Madam Satan has sheer malignancy. There is ambient moral rottenness and histrionic drama. There is social horror and people see things. A witch pregnancy lasts 13 months. Harvey bores. Will Sabrina stop lying? The aunts are useless. There is bad acting. A demon lurks. Sabrina visits a mine. What's a trapping stone? There are tunnels to hell and red light. Susie screeches and Nick Scratch lurks.

Alessandro Juliani guest starred. Sabrina wonders about an exorcisim. Father Blackwood could care less. I did not like this. Madam Satan murdered the man who was possessed after Sabrina exorcised him. Anne Boleyn was a witch? The demon is chucked down a well. Yawn.

Best Lines:

“You are godless!”

“False Church.”

“Word travels fast amongst the damned.”

“Connotations of malevolence.”

“Devouring worm.”

“Not so much demand for horror hosts.”

“Called home by the Dark Lord.”

“Save us from the melodramatics of a teenage witch.”

“The False God and his propaganda machine.”

“I'm sure they'll stop talking about anything.”

“Things get bad for you.”

“A map? To what? This isn't 'The Goonies'!”

Sherlock Holmes (1984-1994)

The Illustrious Client

Anthony Valentine of 'Raffles' guest stars. The duo visit a Turkish bath. A wife killer (Valentine) plans to wed a new wife despite being bald and old. The wife to be is a bimbo. There is overacting and luvvies and this was not good. The bounder boasts of his wit and violence. Boredom ensues.

Best Line:
"I beg of you, not to press that question."

Movie Review: Life Of Brian (1979)

This was wilfully provocative and how did this enthral a generation? It's worse than unsatisfactory. This was torrents of twaddle and monumental idiocy. People luxuriate in Brain's distress and this was designed to antagonise. Mmmmm.

Best Lines:

“I'll get you, you bastard!”

“You're weird!”

“Cast it away!”

“Persecute! Kill the herectic!”

“I like orders.”


Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Cardinal' promo


'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' promo


'Years and Years' promo


'The Fix' 1x06 promo


Pickled Gherkins – yum.

76% Dark single origin Irish sea salt & cocoa nibs – nice.

Orange flavoured dark chocolate rice cakes – okay.

Dark chocolate and milk chocolate with crunchy caramelized hazelnut pieces – okay.

Hazelnut soft nougat with hazelnut pieces – nice.

Orange caramel filling in a dark chocolate heart – okay.

Almond & Hazelnut soft nougat – nice.

Dark chocoalte with caramel cream and Almond taste – okay.

Marc De Champagne truffle - okay.

Icebreakers Sours mixed berry strawberry cherry – yum.

Gluten free soda bread – nice.

Salted caramel charm - okay.

Who saw 'Wilde'?

Colin Donnell is leaving 'Chicago Med'?

I'd try Greek doughnuts and a beetroot rose and pine chocolate and rosemary and pear truffles as well as salted caramel and cardamon orange truffles and walnut infused croutons.

Stupid Domino's.

What is an airfryer?

What's a forest giraffe?

I'm grieving the loss of a future I had imagined. Good memories of my ex are tainted and I feel like a fool and that our relationship was a lie. He gave me misplaced hope. It's Easter and my ex has still not been in touch. He's utterly abandoned me. How little I meant to him. Nothing relationship threatening happened to us, until my ex abandoned me and was was hostile and indifferent to me. I have frustration at my ex's behaviour toward me. I am sitting here, unloved. And completely abandoned.

'Sky News' Quotes:

“A format which is viewable.”

“Reformat old footage before the machines they play on, no longer work.”

'RT' Quote:

“Face a stern response.”

'Woody Guthrie' Quotes:

“We ain't living right.”

“Hobo hunters.”

“Bum blockade.”

“Largest internal migration.”


“Bardic spokesman.”

“Street level music.”

'The Simpsons' Quote:

“The only children allowed in my factory are the ones that work there!”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“The house is a more pleasurable place without him.”

“Family exclusion tendencies.”

“Once prized achievements.”

“Privilege hoarders.”


“Themes in contemporary culture that concern him.”

“Triggering divisions.”

“Taking offence at everything on Twitter.”

“I did not know a single person growing up who was afflicted with 20 different allergies and needed to carry a badger onto a plane as a security animal.”

“Preserved by law for the whole of humanity.”

“In trust for the future.”

'Fawlty Towers' Quotes:

“Are you alright?”

“No! I'm dying! But don't get out of bed.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“The people who always seem very angry about something.”

“You are the target of their fury.”

“The hope of democracy is all but forgotten.”

“Purposefully controversial.”

“She never swears at the children. That's usually my job.”

“Willingness of her fan base to follow her wherever she goes.”

“Flavour profiles.”

“I thought we were going to get married.”

“Breakdown of a social contract.”

“The community structures are against them.”

“Language of the future,”

“The language that is a part of her generation.”

“Less willing to mix, or engage with the outside, some families are very insular; stick to what they know. Creating change there can be very challenging.”

“So far away from the work economy.”

“Eggs already have a house. It's called a shell.”

“Showed VCRs the door.”

“That most dreaded thing, the thing his father taught him to scorn, a loser.”

“Hostile in their values.”

“The likes of us didn't go to college.”

“Lack of ambtion that schools and the wider society had for them.”

'Aertel' Quote:

“Consequential decision.”

'Lunatics' Quotes:

“Youth dollar.”

“I can smell him!”

“Punish my dick with an ugly chick.”

“He's okay, I suppose.”

“Purchase mind set.”

“Jar of memories.”

“When you went outside at night and accidently picked up a Brushtail Possum thinking it was the cat.”

“Power huddle.”

“Have sex with each other and I'll come back and shoot your babies.”


“I love you and I hope you don't die soon.”

“Acting like a slut!

“Get away from my sister you drug addict!”

“Please never speak to me ever again!”

“Show me your hermit crab.”

“A actual friend. Not you.”

“Stick your beaks up your bird arseholes!”

“That's not how you pet a male dog!”

“Too much friction in your tone.”

“The devil is inside your dog."

On 'Hollyoaks': Nancy mocks Sienna being sexually harassed in front of the entire village in the Easter ball pit. Nancy really is vile. Ste is racist. Sylver whines that he needs the crusts cut off his bread. Somehow he can't do it himself. What is he, 5? Mercedes is a useless twerp in leather trousers. Is she baking bread in there? Laurie's pervy ways are out.

Why does Sinead always have full make up and fake eyelashes on? Why is nobody ever at work? Ollie made Darren think he is DJ's father. Luke is really DJ's father. Why are Ste and his racist mates allowed to stomp around Peri's house? Where is Peri's daughter? Ste is thick as mince. He kicks off intended negative consequences with vehemence.

Laurie lies. He's ruinous. The increasingly frustrated Sinead screams. Laurie wants to quell the disquiet. Luke has a meltdown over Mandy and Darren flaunting their adultery. Ollie claims Mandy and Darren have stability. A big Easter fete is set up between scenes. Why does Ollie suddenly accept Darren? Ollie got molested because his father was drinking and Mandy was too busy shagging Darren to notice his pain.

Ste and his pals are racist in the middle of Tony's restarant. The idea of veganism seems unknown in Chester. Tony stands by whilst Ste is racist. Tony is laid back to the point of fecklessness whilst Ste is smugly oblivious.

Best Lines:

“What did you hit me?”

“Love to be offended.”

Book Reviews: The Colony + Childgrave

The Colony by F.G. Cottam

Is this self published? It seems so. One expected a scary story, reading this leaves you brutally disabused of that notion. This hopeless crap has sequels. How? This was incoherent and it is difficult to comprehend how bad this is. An isolated community on New Hope Island vanished without a trace over a century ago. Now an expedition goes looking for evidence as to what happened to them.

This is not a sojurn in the abyss. A rich nutter believes in aliens – that would have been better than the racist plot that unfolds on the bleak landscape of New Hope. It's truly shocking how bad this was. This has no dramatic benefits and leaves you with significant unmet needs. Also the layout, writing and spelling mistakes (Maria Carey?) needed severe editing.

Best Lines:

“Spite made flesh.”

“Basic hostility to other people.”

Childgrave by Ken Greenhall

This 1982 novel has been reprinted. It is dated, racist, sexist and has an unfortuante WTC mention. I can't believe this is from the author of the divine gloriously creepy 'Elizabeth'. This leaves you faintly bored. A morally iffy weirdo man full of trivial self pity faces the consequences of his dreadful decisions in this woefully inadequate novel.

His weirdo daughter does worrying behaviour, which he ignores and he hooks up with a weirdo woman who lives in a town that does child sacrifice. This was woefully misjudged imbecility that is throughly vile and inept and offensive.

A Thouand Heroes (1992)

A DC-10 has an emergency. This is based on a true story. Charlton Heston, Richard Thomas, James Coburn and Bruce McGill star in this tale of the plane that crashed into a cornfield. This sausage fest has a repellent insistence on Americana and it's broing. This was dated. People have sunk so far in their cirumstances this does not deliver enjoyment.

The Nest (1988)

Terri Treas features in this horror based on the recently reprinted Eli Cantor novel. This is nothing like the book. There is bad acting and rubbish dialogue. There is dumb comedy and this was super horrible.

Best Lines:

“Cockroach crap.”

“We'll never stop it.”

“This is Jung's basic theory!”

The Happy Prince (2018)

Colin Firth co-stars in this bio-pic of Wilde after his release from jail. Very well fed looking starving children beg. Wilde is a broken man and grubs money off friends and former fans. He's exiled and in murky circumstances and has desperate longing and has emotional discomfort.

Wilde gurns and puts on makeup. He had over 700 days of hard labour in jail. He overlooks his wife and sons. Why can't he stay away from the life ruining dreadful Bosie? Everyone hates Bosie except Wilde. Moral issues are ignored. Wilde has emotional isolation and faces ruthless exclusion and maligning of his character. French is spoken. This was not epochal.

Wilde is mocked by louts who turn into a mob. Wilde was once an idol, that time is long since gone. He does not find any allies. Wilde is incapable of sense. The scenery is nice. Wilde has a degree of volatility and knew the consequences of reuniting with Bosie. Wilde does not care about his wife's harsh reality and inestimable loss. Wilde lists the scale and gravity of the vitriol he faced due to his ill-judged acts.

Bosie is demonstrably false. There is no future enjoyment for Wilde who is no moral exemplar. This is an unflattering insight into Wilde and his unwholesome goings on. Bosie goes hysterical constantly and screams abuse at Wilde. He's an appalling egomaniac. Bosie and Wilde have no money. Wilde looks terrible. Is that all Rupert Everett or is it makeup?

This was written and directed by Everett. Wilde does no work and mooches off everyone. Bosie gets angry at being blamed for Wilde ruining his life. Anna Chancellor, Beatrice Dalle, Emily Watson and Colin Morgan also star. It is hinted that Wilde and his wife Constance died of syphillis. Wilde pukes on himself, Firth has a huge tache and a priest is called for when Wilde is dying. Wilde dies. Bosie is given a good slap at the burial, he has a very grim future ahead of him.

Best Lines:

“Growing and spellbound audience.”

“End of all peace.”

“My public had not forgotten me.”

“Likely to set fire to the hotel.”

“Nothing in me, not even fear.”

“The natural habitat of the hypocrite is England!”

“How kind of you to speak to me.”

“Welcome you into exile.”

“Dined on shame.”

“Result: lunacy.”

“Lepers dying under a full moon in a foreign hotel.”

“Written me a revolting letter.”

“Dependent upon Bosie's absence from your life.”

“What plans can I have?”

“Am a ruined man.”

“Been against me.”

“I forbid him to live with that infernal man!”

“Drunken groper.”

“Punitive silence.”

“You disgust me Bosie!”

“Scribble beautiful thoughts.”

“The hell in which i live.”

“Useful bore.”

“When history looks back it won't be at you! It'll be at him and me!”

“This little bird shall sing forevermore,”

Willow Creek (2014)

This found footage movie has a couple looking for Bigfoot. He's a tool and she's a harpy. They're in Bigfoot country and bad stuff happens, eventually. This bored.


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