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Hereditary (2018)
Toni Collette overacts wildly in this laughably silly, po-faced tale of grief and oscillating emotional temperaments and nefarious scheming and dire circumstances. There is an eerily insinuating stranger, bizarre nudity, ugly kids and a miserable looking Gabriel Byrne. There are toxic implications, black magic mumbling, fire, a truly stupid ending and no sustainable resolution. Aunt Lydia from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is in this mess of doom laden predictions.

Blazing Saddles
In this good spoof a black sheriff rides into town and a Teutonic titwillow sings via bad ADR.

Best Lines:
“Prairie punk.”

“Must have killed more men than Cecil B DeMille.”

“Daddy loves froggy.”

Stagecoach (1939)

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Nun’ trailer
Another ‘Conjuring’ knockoff. In Romania there is darkness, mumbling, indoor mist and no electricity. There are ghosts however. Pray for forgiveness.

Best Line:
“A long history, not all good.”

‘The Outpost’ promo
Another fantasy CW show in which people and clothes look clean. The heroine has her eyebrows done and there is fighting. No, this does not look even semi-satisfying.

Best Line:
“Nobody comes to the outpost to find work.”

Sicario 2’ trailer
Where’s Emily Blunt?

‘Hotel Artemis’ trailer

Dark chocolate with peppermint filling - lovely.
Wheat & gluten free chocolate filled cupcake - okay.
Unsweetened sparkling spring water with a hint of cucumber & mint - nice.
Gluten free chocolate sponge pudding - nice.

A ‘Hawkeye’ movie?

I’ve never had Opera Cake.

Who saw ‘54’ (1998) or ‘Wilde’ (1997) or ‘Dance With A Stranger’ (1985) or ‘Last Days Of Disco’ or ‘Heat‘ or ‘Windtalkers‘ or ‘Death Wish V: The Face Of Death‘ or 'Big Fish'?

Had to get a new TV and the TV people are coming tomorrow to fix TV/internet.

Who read ‘Hanging Out With Cici’ or ‘Primary Colors’?

There’s vegan fois gras?

What is tartare of oysters or marine sprouts?

I’ll review ‘All Of This Is True’, ‘The Tall Man’ and ‘The Room By The Lake’.

I won’t read ‘Tradition’ or ‘Time Shards’.

‘The Sentinel’ fanfic ‘Bayou’ from 1998 is not an insightful contribution to fandom. However ’The Sentinel’ fanfic ‘Unsleeping’ that sees Blair encounter a Cthulhu cult on campus is very good.

‘Jezebel’ Quote:
“The choices we make are unfortunately the choices we make forever.”

‘DenOfGeek’ Quote:
“These statements were threatening to me.”

‘Jurassic World’ Quote:
“If their genetic code was pure, many of them would look quite different.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Couldn’t imagine how this would end well for him.”

“Do not have a stake in society.”

“Higher quality products.”

“Defiance of educational orthodoxy.”

“Under security escort.”

“It might mean talking to a working-class person rather than about them.”

“I scare people at ATMs,”

“Limiting hours of human activity.”

“Can expect more animosity.”

“They talk about us, but they never talk with us.”

“Parent poorly.”

“Who was arguing with whom and about what depends very much on whose version of events you believe.”

“Sintta-level determination.”

“Embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to dignify you with my opinion.”

“Plucked his personal style from a low-rent mafia flick.”

“Unable to connect to fan’s idolisation.”

“A song that sounds like the kind of thing that gets played as a first dance at a footballer’s wedding.”

“Authentication committee.”

“Wanted to maintain scarcity.”

“Wasted middle age.”

“A remark he made in 2009, that will follow him to the grave.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Constructs credibility in a way that is impossible for women to attain.”

“Livelihoods and reputations can be snatched away on the strength of a whisper.”

“Not everyone has that opinion of you in life!”

“Their only experience of love is what they’ve seen on screen.”

“Screaming his response to some slight.”

“Ape our manners, affectations and values.”


“Intensity and persistence is not love.”

“Emotional deliveries of stories of great import.”

The Goldbergs’ Quotes:
“Hated change.”

“Park his pants at the door.”

“Evil food box.”

‘American Housewife’ Quotes:
“Your sweater’s a pox on this family!”

“On like Babylon.”


“Talk to your wife, she made my friend eat out of the garbage.”

“No. Go. Yell. Tell.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“In the woods walking around in circles.”

“Put calmness in everyone’s mind.”


“Evil hearted.”

“Jesus sheets.”

“My home is my prison.”

“Started trouble.”

“There’s a snake hanging out of your car.”

“Dark cloud of false allegations and gossip.”

“Your own mother had you arrested.”

“Pattern of conflict.”

“People in her life have turned against her.”

‘Let’s Get Physical’ Quote:
“Pretty isn’t free.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“I’m not popular enough to be different.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quote:
“Regarded as the nation made flesh.”

“Make or break a reputation.”

“Silence is complicity.”

‘Poirot’ Quotes:
“Don’t madam me!”

“I wish to complain.”

“Not in the newspapers I read.”
Dead Asleep by Jamie Frveletti
This 2012 novel is part of a series and is a badly written ill-considered mess that slowly grinds towards a conclusion. Various idiots run around the incoherent plot that has no intellectual heft and is just lumps of leaden prose blocks. This is vociferously terrible. It makes no sense and shouldn’t exist.

This is full of absurd fear mongering, hostile relations, nurtured grievances, social damage and leaves you with the unpleasant feeling you made a misjudgement by reading this.

Best Lines:
“With the air of someone completely unconcerned that at that very moment his beach house was burning to the ground not five hundred yards away.”

“A man with a machete just tried to attack me.”

Sword Of Destiny
This is a badly translated, sexist collection of clichéd fantasy stories that with sad slow inevitability bores. There is little of dramatic interest here as this tome barely rises to prominence. This has no poignantly ruined magnificence.

Best Lines:
“The gravedigger and the doughty idiot set off as scouts. Afterwards, we built them a small but pleasing, burial mound.”

“Sorceresses stayed in their towers, read learned books and stirred cauldrons.”
Smart Power
Offred whines. A new Eye shows up in the Waterford household. Serena Joy is traumatised but still has her eyebrows done. Serena Joy wants Offred out of the house as soon as the baby is born. The Waterfords travel to Canada as a trade delegation. Luke and Moira see the Waterfords on the TV and Moira recognises him.

Moira calls The Commander a war criminal and demands his arrest. Thinking is apparently an unfamiliar activity for Luke. Offred is a nexus for catastrophe. Why is Nick on the trade delegation with the Waterfords? Serena Joy seems tempted by life outside Gilead. The Commander speaks French and has puritan serenity.

The Canadians are snide. Serena Joy has a sense of being ignored and abandoned. Serena Joy is given a picture book schedule. The Canadians universal sneering toward Serena Joy isn’t helpful. The Commander is a rigid dogmatist. Serena Joy is sneered at by defiantly triumphant diplomats. Why is Serena Joy treated worse and more vilely denounced than her husband? Janine rants and gets a smack from the new Eye. The Commander has Christian certainty but Gilead doesn’t seem very Christian.

The fear culture of Gilead grows. As far as The Commander is concerned he is living the life that god desires that men should live. More choices are taken away from Offred. Serena Joy is a pariah because she’s part of a system that turns women’s wombs into clown cars. A reporter bothers Serena Joy. Progress has been made in the fertility crisis.

The Commander is a fastidious aesthete without a trace of sentimentality. Where did Luke get the giant blow-up photo of his family? Nick has penitential guilt and so speaks to Luke. As for Luke, he is drunk and belligerent and ungracious. Nick gives Luke the letters. Luke isn’t emotionally resourceful. The Commander and his remorseless watchfulness feels justly proud of himself. Offred fears The Commander would hurt the baby.

The letters cause the Waterfords to be thrown out of Canada. Women sneer at Serena Joy. Poor Serena Joy is treated with contempt and yet The Commander isn’t. Isaac the new Eye sucks. The letters leak will come back on someone I’m sure. Serena Joy looks at her teal wardrobe in despair. Who makes all these role-related uniforms? Offfred learns Luke and Moira are in Canada. Poor Serena Joy and her emotional blows. This was good; I worry about Nick’s safety.

Best Lines:
“I still have circumstances.”

“He needs to be arrested.”

“Blames the fertility crisis on women.”

“Which American government is that?”

“Shut your mouth unwoman!”

“They don’t baptise babies here.”

“All be over someday.”

“Strong Gilead wife.”

No Man’s Land, Part Two
Richard Schiff is Clare’s dad. Peter Quayle is injured and Clare 2 is unhurt. The shooting is covered up. Clare 2 terrifies Peter Quayle into submission. He covers for her. People know what type the shooters were. Narrow-minded idiots are cold and inhospitable. There is focus and seriousness and malign types. There is awful uncertainty and unflinching commitment to unreality.

This was irredeemably bad. This does not dramatically raise the emotional stakes. There is non-specific dread. Peter Quayle is unmeritorious; he’s heading for a bad end. This was mediocrity. Howard 2 play acts the tough guy. The malign influence Clare 2 is wholly contemptuous of her husband and tries to render him manageable.

Emily 1 is still a turnip. Howard is less sympathetic than TPTB would like. Weird tech is used. Who are management? WTF? Are they aliens or something? There is constructive dialogue. There are hostile parties and perceived threats. Peter Quayle is to hunt down sleepers. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The assassin’s fabrications and lies unravel. Howard 2 does not emit the air of menace he thinks he does. Grievances are nurtured and the two worlds are encouraged to hate each other.

Has irreparable damage been done to relations? There are unanticipated outcomes, the shooter dies of his injuries and Dimension 1 seals their side of the crossing. The Howards are stranded. Is the shooter’s body still rotting in the crossing? Howard 1 and Pope chat. There is no glorious moment of tragedy. Pope seems to hint that there is more than 1 crossing. Howard 1 of all people takes Pope out. Is Pope actually dead?

There are guns, death and no conciliatory gestures. Ian Shaw won’t listen to Howard 1’s babbling. Clare 2 cleans up blood after killing someone. What’ll become of Howard 1? Ian Shaw dislikes people who aren’t us. Howard 1 is going to feel more dislocation. There are moral choices and lingering resentments. Peter Quayle heads home to dinner and doesn’t take his mole hunt work home with him. Howard 1 is in a hole and Howard 2 had Howard 1’s life. I am kind of curious about season 2.

Best Lines:
“All for this.”

“Shut down all questions.”

“Idiot bastard.”

“What’s still going to happen.”

“Your other’s never coming back.”

“His life belongs to you.”

“Vile woman.”

“Sad little man.”
Things That Go Boom
A cannibal has sinister intentions in this misery drenched show. Gordon is Captain and Bullock is not seen or mentioned. Nobody is elegant in their speech or restrained in their conduct. Lee runs crime now? Riddler lurks, whining. This is not a glorious spectacle. Sofia’s ambitions go far beyond what is safe or wise. Penguin has a history of bad judgement but gets more vicious by the day.

Nobody is morally unimpeachable. The openly hostile Riddler is innately violent, stupid and a waste of space. Sofia lives in moral squalor. Ruinous decisions are made. Nobody acts thoughtfully. This ep was less than competent. Gordon is unimpressed by the unrelentingly dour roaring psychopath cannibal. There is no emotional intimacy or emotional vulnerability. The acting is less than totally convincing. Nothing incendiary happens. This is utterly dreadful and miserably uneventful. Sofia is bothered by the Gotham sirens. Barbara and her stupid haircut thinks she’s bad.

There are absurd impasses. People are ungracious. This is almost deliberately banal. This is not unremitting brilliance. There is bad VFX and philistinism. There are exaggerated feelings of anger and irritability. Penguin obsesses over a kid. People babble about promises, inducements and entitlements as they lambaste each other.

Gordon claims a patina of respectability. Why is Lee hanging out with Riddler? Sofia grew up with no boundaries. This show has never been sustained brilliance but at least Alfred and Bruce aren’t in this ep. So yay?

Best Lines:
“This is Gotham; you’re a second class psychopath compared to what we’ve got.”

“I remain a moron.”

The Bad Place
Who are all these people and what is going on? Castiel is not in this ep thankfully. People babble about dreamwalkers and some guy named Jack who is Lucifer’s son. Dean badmouths Jack. Dean is not pleasant. Characters fight for dignity. Jack is difficult and disruptive for vague motivation. There is bad acting and calculated violence and pain and anguish. There are no mysterious resonances.

Mary is alive and in an apocalypse world. How? Dean has total disregard or sense. People reckon with their past choices or something. This show’s fans celebrate mediocrity. The show pulls mythical constructs out of its ass. Dean is a toxic burden on this show; he is hostile to the very idea of sense. Dean wants co-dependent bliss with the boring Sam. The show’s early makeshift charm is gone.

Dean has ingrained hostility to sense. This ep was an unmitigated failure. People are ill-disposed. There is no moral storm. People have ill-defined expectations. Angels prance. TPTB continue making Dean look purposefully unflattering. People are quite prepared to believe the worst of Jack. Dean tries for curt steeliness but comes across as constipated. He kidnaps someone, violating a clear moral line.

Sam always thought he was the socially responsible brother, here he stands idly bye. Angels drive cars and engage in car chases and stalk Jack for no clear reason. They do unclear things for unclear reasons. This was not emotionally compelling. All Dean does is express irritation and suspicion and fail to arouse much sympathy. Where is Benny? Sam and Dan end up in a bad place, standing in a giant footstep. Why is there only 1 giant footstep?

Best Lines:
“Trying to make it in Trump’s America.”

“That door was triple-locked.”
“Was it?”

“Angel radio.”

“Cocaine boy.”

“I’m not the kind of girl folks come for.”

“Of course you don’t matter but they think you do.”

“Heaven’s running out of angels.”

“Something bad’s coming.”

No Man’s Land, Part One
There is a useless flashback and unpleasant feelings and the cultural chasm between worlds grows. Pope walks his fluffy dog and Ian Shaw tries to menace him and fails. Nobody has complete sincerity. The boring assassin bores. People are disconnected emotionally and reason is trumped. This is unrealistic to the point of being meaningless.

The assassin has avoidant attachment. This is not a compelling portrayal. I don’t care about the ambiguities of these character’s personal relationships or Howard 2’s abrasive self-assertion or Ian Shaw’s sense of exclusion. This is not dryly witty or winsomely imaginative. The characters are not consequential figures. Emily 2 is a hardass bitch. A dude is stabbed. Peter Quayle wallows in regret and does poorly judged things. There is a crisis of trust and discursive rambles. Nobody is nice, charitable or self-sacrificing. Howard 2 is exacting. This ep does not charm or interest.

Howard 2 is not brilliantly threatening. This ep isn’t gratifying. There is the sense of something amiss. Howard 1 learns what happened to Emily 1 was Pope’s doing. There are secrets and morality loosening goings on. How did Peter Quayle have handcuffs to restrain Clare 2? Peter Quayle and Clare 2 have tetchy relations. Does Clare care about her child? Howard 2 ropes in Emily 1’s lover. Clare 1’s dad orders his unloved son in law around. One of The School graduates is the father-in-law’s PA!

Clare 2 didn’t think much of Clare 1. If the crossing point is a tunnel. Then how do the interface rooms work? What are the interface rooms for? People loiter menacingly. This was incoherent, tedious, meandering and a waste of time. Peter Quayle decides to kill himself and Clare 2 in a car wreck. Has he succeeded? No one helps them. The 3 crossers from The School shoot up the place. Clare 1’s dad is not shot. Dimension 1 seems to use old computer tech.

The attack doesn’t go to plan. Or does it? One of the men and the PA are killed. The surviving injured man makes it to the border and is in a diplomatically neutral space. What is the plan? There is no fierce intellectual determination just unspeakably dreary collective misfortune. There is volatile masculinity and this isn’t decisively compelling. There is no sensationalist clarity or emotional revelations. What is the singular purpose of The School and its graduates?

Best Lines:
“Your wretched little life.”

“That’s how far his reach goes!”

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ 2x22 promo
Does Mon-El die? Yay!

Best Line:
“I don’t kill, not even her.”

‘GLOW’ season 2 trailer
Women with 8s hair and 80s clothes wrestle and swear and get fans and face adversity. Looks good.

Best Lines:
“My costume still smells like beer and racism.”
“Was I supposed to wash these?”

“Your weird friendship stuff.”

“Everyone’s offensive.”

‘Solo’ clip
How is Darth Maul alive and in once piece? How does he have his light sabre back?

Westworld‘’ 2x09 promo
Staring, water, walking, a gun, a kid and this looks FFS.

‘Marrowbone’ trailer
A house, teenagers, staring, oddness, broken glass and a kid with a gun. No.

‘The Exorcist’ season 2 teaser
John Cho v satan!

‘Elvira’s Movie Macabre’ clip ‘Don’t Look In The Basement’
“I’ve seen more competent health care behind a Tijuana poultry factory.”

‘Counterpart’ promo
Things go awry and versions of a life you don’t own.

Raspberry & Lime spritz - lovely.

An ‘Arachnophobia’ remake?

RIP Skye.

The ‘Watchmen’ TV show now interests me.

I am doing more work on LJ.

Alcoholic candyfloss is a thing?

I’ll read ‘Dead Asleep’.

The death of my PC (again, screw you Microsoft) took my ‘Urban Legend’ fanfic and my ‘The Sentinel’ fanfic which was better than the show. And a beloved ‘The Man In The Iron Mask(1998)’ music video. Thankfully I've relocated some of my beloved 'The Man In The Iron Mask(1998)' fanfic and one 'The Sentinel' fanfic.

Naff ‘VOY’ ep: ‘Parallax’.

I won’t read ‘The Iron Ship’.

Who saw the ‘Sliders’ ep ‘Prince Of Wails’?

‘Spider-Man 2’ (2004) was okay as Doc Ock ruled. ‘Serenity’ (2005) was poo. ‘Galaxy Quest’ (2008) was okay.

The Sea Of Galilee is shrinking?

Who saw ‘Wall-E’ (2008) or ‘Spirited Away’ or ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’ (2008) or ‘Sunshine’ or ‘The Devils’ or ‘Powder’ (1995) or ‘Jumper’ or ‘The Haunted Mansion’ (2003) or ‘The Golden Child’ (1986) or ‘Don’t Mess With The Zohan’ (2008) or ‘The Longest Yard’ (2005) or ‘Airheads’ (1994) or ‘Last Holiday’ (2006) or ‘Bull Durham‘?

‘Jezebel’ Quote:
“Someone who didn’t need to be listened to.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“The word is no.”

“With that he was gone.”

‘The Times’ Quote:
“This wretched country.”

“Always exporting its moral, ethical problems.”

“Louse-borne diseases.”

“Consequences likely to be disastrous.”

“Louse distribution.”

“Very much doubt that entire lives have been blighted by one bad biology exam at the age of 18.”

“A lot more to a person than their faults.”

“People destroy the good in their lives for a fantasy.”

“Affair partner.”

“Undermines and competes with the primary relationship.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Moral charter.”

“Bonkers beliefs.”

“Thinks of himself as embodying the majesty of the British state.”

“Feel personally safe.”

“Decades of hostility.”

“Shame and blame.”

“Its own fatal laws.”

“Media criticism of her motivation.”

“Failing to avail of opportunities to negotiate an exit strategy.”

“These acts of liberation are often their last,”

“Leaked impertinences.”

“Intimacy co-ordinator.”

“Beyond criticism, at least in public.”

‘SFX’ Quotes:
“Jared Leto’s Joker looks rubbish.”

“I don’t like this ship design. It looks like a technologically advanced hotel toilet.”

“Put her in charge down there.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Falls asunder.”

“Feel that they’re wanted.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Latest arrest drama.”

“Stabbed someone in the face.”

“Hard child from the womb.”

“That’s good thinking.”

“People with no morals.”

“Makes everything so much better.”

“Crawling up on my loft.”

“People don’t trust me.”

“Creates the drama.”

"Entices men.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Today he is a lot less reverenced than she.”

“Unscrupulous but idolised fathers.”

“Risk-adverse gesture.”

“Potentially recoverable.”

“Crap-education boxes.”

“Improbable and unpleasant assertions.”

“Left to their grief.”

“Campaign of persecution.”

“Sticking union jacks into godforsaken corners of the globe for Queen and country.”

“Women’s obligation to understand this need.”

Shadowman 2 Reviewed

There is voodoo, magic, bad people, plotting, dreadfully destructive choices, uncompromising stances, grandiosity and strange unease. I’m not entirely sure what is going on but it is bleakly hopeless as people are negatively affected by magic. This was interesting.

Best Lines:
“He’s waitin’ for you in the grave.”

“And your loyalty will be rewarded...”
“That’s gratifying to hear. When?”
“When Nicodemo Darque returns. As he always has, and will again.”

“You people can go through the door or the wall.”

“You wanna serve the Lord Of The Dead? Go tell him yourself!”


Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Serenity’ (2018) trailer
Anne Hathaway wants Matthew McConaughey to kill her husband. Odd.

Best Line:
“Do what’s right okay?”

‘Mission Impossible - Fallout’ trailer
Ethan has no personality and there are guns, stuff blowing up and a ranting loon. Ethan can’t show emotion. Mm.

‘Poldark’ opening credits
Very dramatic.

‘Counterpart’ promo
“They’re coming for you.”

‘The Happy Prince’ promo
HORRIBLE make-up

Soft & juicy caterpillar gums - yum.
Feta with oregano & Sicilian lemon - nice.
Rose - nice.

Pink-washing is a thing?

I’d try the blazer and miniskirt look and I’d also try a swim cardigan.

I want to see ‘Bird Box’.

They’ve remade ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’?

Who saw ‘Desperate Romantics’ or ‘What A Carve Up!’ (1961) or ‘The Conversation’ (1974) or ‘Field Of Dreams’ (1989) or ‘Bus Stop’ (1956) or ‘America Screams’ (1978) or ‘Blue Smoke’ or ‘Bodies Of Evidence’ or ‘John Doe’ or ‘Hamburger Hill’ (1987) or ‘The Brides In The Bath’ (2003) or ‘The Abyss’ (1989) or ‘Good Luck Chuck’ (2007) or ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ (2003) or ‘Aeon Flux’ (2005) or ‘Conan The Barbarian’ (1982)?

Who watches ‘Simply Painting’?

What are celestial mechanics?

Volcanic eruption = pyroclastic torrent of lava, gas and rock.

‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (2001) was too smug. ‘An American Werewolf In London’ (1981) was not so hot. ‘Carry On Teacher’ (1959) was okay.

What is anchovy butter? Butter lettuce? Baked Japanese cheesecake? Yuzu cream?

Naff ‘DS9’ eps: ‘Past Prologue’, ‘The Nagus’, ‘Vortex’, ‘Dax’, ‘Battle Lines’, ‘The Forsaken’, ‘Q-Less’, ‘The Way Of The Warrior’, ‘Progress’, ‘Field Of Fire’, ‘Second Sight’, ‘The Siege Of AR-558’, ‘Civil Defence’, ‘Fascination’, ‘Starship Down’, ‘Melora’, ‘Invasive Procedures’, ‘The House Of Quark’, ‘The Visitor’, ‘The Sword Of Kahless’, ‘Return To Grace’, ‘Sons Of Mogh’, ’Meridian’ and ‘Rules Of Engagement’.

Naff ‘TNG’ eps: ‘Chains Of Command’, ‘Unification’, ‘Time’s Arrow’, ‘Justice’, ‘The Neutral Zone’, ‘Frame Of Mind’, ’A Fistful of Datas’ and ‘Birthright’.

Naff ‘VOY’ eps: ‘The 37’s’, ‘Persistence Of Evidence’, ‘Innocence’ and ‘Flesh & Blood’.

Naff ‘ENT’ eps: ‘Broken Bow’, ‘Judgement’ and ‘Damage’.

In Japan, you can buy partially cooked eggs?

‘Poirot’ Quote:
“Out and out rot.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Unmoved by calls for compromise.”

“Chaos and upheaval wherever he goes.”

‘The Book Smugglers’ Quote:
“People define family based on exclusion and heredity.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Too golf club even for a golf club.”

“All I wanted back then was to be seen.”

“Twitter gets mean.”

“The hostility you’d feel.”

“Such is the perceived scale of the problem.”

“Drug use was prompting psychotic episodes.”

“Wasn’t as hard as he thought he was.”

“Who he wanted to be.”

“Must prove themselves to earn their place-”

“Are we on the road to achieving them?”

“Had his bollocks bitten by ants.”

“Creepy sheep who never stopped their plaintive moaning outside my window.”

“Tied Leo to a tree to calm him down.”

“The fat of an easy life.”

“Set the bartender the challenge of impressing you.”

“Big red buttons that look like the one you pray Donald Trump missed on his tour of the White House.”

“Cultural nationalists.”

“Regarded this body-based music as a sexual and cultural threat.”

“Would lead to bad morals.”

“Spent much of his childhood getting expelled from English boarding schools-”

“Trashy television has to be artificially elevated before it can be acceptably consumed.”

“No instinct or longing for democracy.”

“A dream of bygone days when traditional British values were unthreatened.”

“Because of the way he was living his life.”

“Releases music solely so he has something to pin his opinions around.”

“For women to eat very much, or indeed at all, was poor form.”

“Brawl his way into prison or the grave,”

“Very special shower of bastards.”

“Dive of Masonry.”

“Know nothing or care nothing about books and the people who write them.”

“Fall from social scene-setter to pariah.”

‘Lords & Ladles’ Quotes:
“Not a vegetable in sight.”

Kitchens of yesteryear.”

“Wrapping the venison in marshgrass.”

“Only sweet thing, we had no sugar.”

“Pay me in honey.”

‘Being Human’ Quotes:
“Keeping the mentals in here or what?”

“Run into some random bit of countryside.”

“Go like now.”

“Strangely unwelcoming.”

“Taken stupid pills.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Social mask.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Satisfy the whimsical emotional impulses that drive your bosses.”

“Unable to deal with basic queries.”

“Properly publicly shamed.”

“If Hilary had listened to Bill’s urgent warnings about addressing the alienation of white men in flyover country in 2016, she’s be president.”

“Cascading scandals.”


“Imagined facts.”

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Quote:
“Bless this house with peace.”

‘Friday Night Dinner’ Quotes:
“His rectum seized up.”

“Your arse blows up.”

“Get me a gin and tonic. With no tonic.”

“Dead mum in box.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“1990s rave aesthetic.”

“Very well, Alone.”

“Accountability of disclosure.”

“Fictional good is boring and flat, whole fictional evil is varied and intriguing, attractive, profound and full of charm.”

“Been sufficiently punished for offences real and perceived.”

“Really good at being on the run it seemed.”

“Excluded from a group that offers in inclusion.”


“Modernity in its myriad forms, is viewed as a menace.”

‘Prison Break’ Quotes:
“Looking for these?”
“Yeah, where did you find them?”
“Three feet that way.”

“You can’t kill. And that’s what it’s gonna take to stop me. ‘Cause I don’t have the same reservations.”

I Miss You

E - 4 Years Gone
The Theft Of The Royal Ruby
This has dated opening credits. What became of Poirot’s art deco flat and his friends in later eps? Why does he waddle like The Penguin? David Suchet minces. This is based on the story ‘The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding’. A prince's royal ruby is stolen. Poirot does showy manipulation, this is before he became a gloom merchant and the show developed a dark aesthetic. Poirot does smug smartass banter.

The Prince is Egyptian and the ruby has to be retrieved because of Suez. There is exposition dumping. This is before Poirot became an enemy of happiness who lacked empathy and guilt and acted without risk of consequences. Poirot is coruscatingly blunt; we see hints of the rooted nastiness that became more apparent later on. Still his mocking pomposity is emotionally taxing. There are no complex character dynamics. Poirot is needlessly prickly.

There is a Christmas gathering and Poirot must sniff out the ruby thief. Cue logic-defying desperately twee acts as Poirot goes blame-laying. Annoying kids are insouciant. People lounge picturesquely. Wouldn’t the cook have made the pudding months earlier? Who eats pudding on New Year’s Day? The maid is Irish, but of course. Poirot is snobbish with a vehemence. This is okay even as complexity is shunned.

People don’t know how to eat mangos. Dreegy baddies are unmasked. This has fleeting relevance. Annoying kids lurk. Someone writes an ungrammatical letter. TPTB never interrogated, subverted or challenged Poirot. Cold and troublesome people commit moral outrages. There is over-acting with hysterical intensity. This has only a thin veneer of credibility. This was a bit vapid.

Thieves are inept. Old cars are driven. Poirot has an unerring talent for self-dramatisation. Baddies face enduring indignities. There are colonial hints. Poirot does folksy homilies and casts moral judgement. Nobody shares information and there is classicism and no emotional authenticity. While deeply imperfect and insufficiently effective, it is watchable.

Best Lines:
“Some coffee for the woman.”

“The miscreant may try to run away!”

“Choices of men friends.”

“Is it vulgar enough yet?”

“Looking very furtive. Stop it.”




“Daughter of a licentious camel!”

“She wouldn’t listen to the likes of me.”

Not In Kansas
Lena wears very red lipstick. I see Reign has been doing her hair while locked up. Mon-El does his annoying cape tricks. Sam and Reign are separated. Supergirl asks Lena for a favour. Kara decides to abandon Earth for Argo City. She is selfish and a deeply unpleasant person. Alex exists only to want a child and fawn over Kara, quite a change from 1x01.

Kara more or less asks Mon-El to go to Argo for a dirty weekend. Lena is excluded from Kara’s leaving party. As the DEO send Kara off with a party, nobody points out her selfishnessness. Guardian lurks. Winn bores. Kara hangs out at boring Argo city. Nobody has motivation or purpose. J’onn and his mumbling father bore.

DEO weapons are on the street. Kara and Mon-El fawn over each other, ignoring Imra’s existence. This is an unsubtle gun control ep. Eve studied nuclear physics. So why is she James’ PA? Lena and James discuss gun control. Kara acts like a big bully in Argo. From gnashing her teeth about Lena’s every utterance and move, now she has distain for randoms. Her smug satisfaction and self serving pretexts allows her to treat people miserably.

She thinks she is on a moral mission. This ep is a boring, excruciating catastrophe. Mon-El and Kara fawn over each other and we are supposed to support these 2 homewreckers. Why do people fawn over Kara? There is bad acting. Selena is revealed as the big bad. J’onn says the DEO must give up their guns. WTF? Do they throw rocks at bad guys and worldkillers from now on? Sam just goes home after being Reign. Selena strands Kara and Mon-El on Argo. Mon-El looks like a shady Ferris wheel operator at a carnival. This sucked hard.

Kara is always making alarming threats and being deliberately incendiary and acting in an unappetising way. She seems to have forgotten her illogical resentment of Lena. Baddies maraud on Earth just after J’onn’s dumb no guns speech. The DEO will have to come up with something substantially more punitive than being smug libtards. Kara’s stopped caring about her solemn commitment to heroism and Earth being under persistent threat from people from Krypton. Kara’s forfeited her right to sympathy and this ep was dreary, monotonous and boring.

This was all done in deadly serious fashion. Who cares if Sam has emotional distress? Kara has to bang her married mancandy after insidiously withdrawing from Earth! This was not emotionally accurate.

Best Line:
“Concerning weaponry.”

Love The Lie
Pope warned The School to clear out. The School had wheelbarrows ready to transport documents to be burnt in metal bins, which they had standing by. The School is a potentially interesting and disturbing plot development after the mortifying mess of the early eps. The School defends itself with guns and suicide pills.

What was the final file burnt? This was badly lit. Some of The School get away and those left behind take suicide pills, even the students. There is no cataclysmic confrontation. The School’s toxic legacy goes on. Ian whines. Dimension 2 had no 9/11. Ian and Emily 2 have no authentic hardness. There is a pile up of predicaments.

This tries for profundity. Howard 2 trails emotional and physical destruction wherever he goes. Emily 1’s mother Charlotte shows up when Emily 1 wakes up. Peter Quayle can’t parent. Clare 2 is locked up by him. The boring assassin bores. Some in Dimension 2 have unquenchable, indiscriminate hatred of Dimension 1. Clare 2 lies about Clare 1’s fate to Peter Quayle. Charlotte isn’t considerate.

Peter Quayle’s torment violently escalates, via slow-burn ambiguity. Clare 2 talks about the flu and torments Peter Quayle for self-amusement. What will become of Clare 2’s child? A child, after all, born of 2 worlds. Clare 2 has a creative attitude towards the truth. The boring assassin kills someone and has an appetite for confrontation. Peter Quayle shrugs off Clare 2’s historical grudge; she has a long and bitter memory and a duty to her dimension that must override all other concerns.

A whispering dude casts a malign cloud. This was unsavoury and dull and one feels no enthusiasm whatsoever. There is escalating aggression and profoundly unsettling stuff happens. When will the Howards switch back? Peter Quayle does no moral searching and thinks about the totality of his doom. He has a conflicted attitude. Howard 1 and Howard 2 berate each other; Howard 1 is visibly horrified by his double.

Social cohesion is threatened or something. This is not a thought provoking plot. Howard 2 lies about Emily 1’s condition and contemptuously dismisses him. Howard 1 has wilful incuriosity about Emily 1. He knew about her secret life and multiple affairs. Emily 1 is a ho. This was unconstructive. There is no moral vision. Potentially bad things seem ready to happen. There is T&A.

Howard 1 still hasn’t learned Howard 2 isn’t factually reliable. The School wasn’t an oasis of learning for Clare 2. There is no ready excitement. Peter Quayle claims Howard is the mole. To protect himself? His child? He deliberately misleads people. One feels withering distain for Peter Quayle.

Best Lines:
“Our legacy only survives if we can protect this secret.”

“Their work is finished. Ours isn’t.”

“They’re comparing timelines between our worlds.”

“Teaching kids about life over there.”

“Just invited a homeless person over for a one night stand.”

“This place was already burning when we got here.”

“I didn’t say they were good ways.”

“Charade we call diplomacy.”

“A child born of 2 worlds.”

“Now you’re a spy hunter.”

“They hate you.”

“Can’t do that. It’s weird.”

Carrie (2002)


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